The Abomination and The Nocturn (Part 3 of 3)

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Ayuna hisses, drawing back on the lance in horror and disgust as foreign blood makes its way into her. Her soul lashes out through the connection to her fellow Tainted, even as her blood calls to her mate. Only able to watch, she tries to will her body from ingesting the foreign shadow and blood. Gripping at her arm in visible pain, she hisses, "I will be nobody's thrall."

Rhyot tilts his head to look at Elene, "When he dies, no one gets the corpse of the abomination. Education and learning is one thing, but we don't need another run in with something akin to Ati.."

Raynia says, "Yes, let's avoid having angry shadow people in existence."

Lilein lets out a sudden, soft giggle at the mention of the Shadow.

Raynia says, "Well... Angry shadow people, as in those not us? I'm going to stop talking before my foot starts causing me to actually choke."

Despite Ayuna's resistance, Zsarachnor's corruption overwhelms each barrier steadily, bringing her to her knees in overwhelming agony.

Lilein says, "Funny you should mention the Shadow, Keeper, because... I think we may see a small-scale repeat of its demise."

"Bloody abomination of scrap stolen energy and deficient mental capacity." Ardent offers before he looks back to Rhyot and offers, "I guess he needs to fix his cranial-rectal inversion before he pisses off all of Loch and Spines."

Raynia offers Ardent a quick grin.

A demonic spider strides in from the west, violet flame dancing in its eyes.

Kanivara punches Mjoll in the shoulder before lifting up her soulstone. The stone flares soul blue as she begins channelling her own strength to her fellow Tainted, Lady Vyktaire.

"I'm certain with the right help, a repeat... will not happen," Elene muses, waving a vague hand in the air as she stares at Zsarachnor, Reborn. "I trust in the whims of the Malevolent, for most part." The other hand travels to her shoulders, flicking
away her silvery hair.

The power from the soulstone clashes into the barrier and fizzles out. Seems this is Ayuna's fight alone.

Kanivara snarls as the soulstone's channeling fizzles out. She then grins wickedly and closes her eyes, focusing inward, aware of the connection between all Tainted.

Fury overtakes Mjoll's form as her hammer crashes ineffectually against the barrier in a flurry of blows as she roars, "GET OFF YOUR DAMNED KNEES!"

A lash of energy blows forth from the barrier, almost as if annoyed at another intruding on Ayuna's moment.

As Kanivara touches the barrier, it touches her back, consuming her utterly in its shadow embrace. Kanivara has been reduced to nothingness by a malignant barrier of shadow. With her last action, Kanivara sharply commands Alystriin, a sadistic, jade tainted warhound to return to the kennels and the beast swiftly obeys, dashing out of sight.

Lilein tilts her head to one side, watching Ayuna, "I'm not sure how you can be so certain, Belletrist... After all, the Shadow attempted to consume a Consanguine, yet..." She pauses for a moment, a gentle smile forming on her lips, "Found itself consumed instead."

Zsarachnor, Reborn pulls the blade out of his chest, claiming it from the General's broken grasp. He looks down at the gaping hole in his chest. "'tis but a flesh wound," he comments, before willing the wound closed. The seeming victor turns away from his soon-to-be thrall, returning to Llazuth. "A momentary distraction, but shall we resume, my dear?"

Qelres's chin lifts at Mjoll's bellowing voice. They echo the sentiment at a whisper, "Get off your damned knees, General."

Vaeth's eyes move to those interfering, and to Kanivara's slain husk. His eyebrow lightly raises, whether concern or amusement, his stoic expression half hidden behind his high collar guards it unclear.

Kanivara enters from the west, riding a hulking, black-haired boar.

"You know. As annoyed as the Commander is getting." Ardent starts before he leans back a bit and crosses his arms over his chest before offering, "I'm going to be a touch disappointed if the General is brought to her knees by this...child. That's the word I'm looking for. An immortal child is throwing a tantrum." His gaze falls on Ayuna at this point and he offers a very bland and flat, "If the petulant mewlings of that overgrown toddler can bring Power to bear over you...we need to have a chat later."

Rhyot focuses his eyes upon Ayuna as he starts chanting in the ancient kalsu language, the runes visible upon his skin starting to glow even as the chaos energy builds in his hands. He takes a momentary pause in his chanting to comment to Zsarachnor, "She is not yours, Abomination. Nor will she ever be yours." He focuses on the bloodbond between himself and you. "Get up, Ayuna. You've been through worse than this. This blood is old and decrepit and nowhere near as potent as the blood you feed upon. Get up, push back on it, fight back and prove why you're a General."

"That's different, you see," Elene answers Lilein. "Shadow tried to consume the Progenitor, but severely underestimated the power of the Blood." She juts a thumb at the figures through an impassable barrier of shadow. "Hence why I want the pieces of this husk to understand what makes Zsarachnor function."

The life bleeding out of Llazuth, the Demon Spider Queen, the Spider Queen doesn't seem able to formulate a response, slumping further into the throne.

"Kick his unicorns Ayuna!" Desidora shouts again over the cacophony of others cheering her comrade on.

Swara remains fairly quiet and for the most part, still. Her gaze flits from one thing to another, resting briefly on each person before moving on, uncertainty flooding her expression.

The vague image of a platinum, milgrain wedding band appears in the air, before Tirria appears in a flash of magic.

Coldly, Kanivara says, "Carnifex come back harder and stronger. Strength in Soul."

Blood drips from Ayuna's gown, pooling in the room around her feet.

Ayuna crumples over as the shadows and blood start to consume her. The overwhelming pain blurs her thoughts and threatens to tear her body apart. Her screams can be heard to all but her as she is lost in the agony, clawed hands raising to her head. Her eyes dull to a bland rusty red, limbs falling to her sides. Slumping over, she gives in, letting go to the pain, shadow and blood consuming her. Her body stills, blood and soul silent for all connected to her. Easing into the pain, she barely hears the shouts, mere echoes in the back of her consciousness as the unfamiliar elements consume her further. She gives in to the pain, studying it intimately, understanding it, analyzing it's very essence. Ease overtakes her as the pain thrums within her, becoming a familiar home. Sensing the source, knowing it as her own, she lets it consume her, though the consumption takes on a new form as she embraces it all, taking it into her. Shadowy essence and blood absorb into her as a flutter of strength returns. Slowly, she flexes her muscles, her wings flaring, as she begins to stand. A haunting whisper emits from her lips, "Thrall, no, but thank you."

Rhyot says to Kanivara, "Not just soul, Carnifex. Blood as well."

It is now dusk on Kinsday, the 10th of Severin, year 491 of the Midnight Age.

Like an awakening star, the buds of a night-blooming cereus slowly open, pale and beautiful as the sun sets into darkness.

(Bloodloch): Ishmar says, "Any idea what's going on in Azdun?"

(Bloodloch): Mjoll says, "Ayuna's about to teach some old unicorns for blood a lesson in Strength."

The harsh, discordant tones of Iosyne's voice rattle across the firmament, "Behold Ayukazi, first of the Nocturn."

A black whip of shadow energy snakes into the room, slithering up into a corkscrew shape and falling away to reveal the form of Iosyne.

Its poison-tipped spear at the ready, a Chiav strider skitters in from the west on eight spindly legs.

A half frown creeping on his face, Vaeth kneels slowly at the emergence of Lady Iosyne, paying careful attention.

(Order): Axius says, "Mmph.. what a thing to awaken to. Congratulations, Ayukazi."

(Order): Axius says, "Greetings, Order, and especially you, Lady Malevolent."

Ishmar enters from the west, followed by Teotl.

Malcanthet turns abruptly and offers a respectful salute to Lady Iosyne.

Mjoll's furious face twists into a feral grin as the Tainted Knight finds her feet once more. "That's more like it," she remarks coolly, hoisting her hammer to rest on her shoulder casually.

(Order): Malcanthet says, "Greetings."

Zsarachnor, Reborn pauses in his gloating, turning suddenly alarmed eyes to Ayukazi. "Impossible," he breathes, jealously underpinning the word. No trace of his casual demeanour remaining, the vampire pushes forward, all business as he brings both blades to bear on her.

A Chiav strider leaves to the west at a steady, patrolling pace.

(Bloodloch): A humble bellman says, "The shadows shall soon embrace us."

Rhyot narrows his eyes as he watches his mate morph into a Nocturn, though a subtle facial tick can be seen behind his facemask. "You've learned it's power, Ayukazi. Now use it." The energies in his hand begin to dissipate as do the runes on his body begin to dim. "As we told you before, Abomination.... you are not even the strongest we've had to face before. Now suffer at the hands of an Ascended."

Head tilted to the side, Elene shifts upon bare feet, her gaze falling upon Ayukazi behind an impassable barrier of shadow. A dip in her head, an acknowledgement. Then a shift in gaze towards Iosyne, a lower dips of the head in respect. Then the gaze swivels, falling upon Zsarachnor, Reborn.

Iosyne skitters through the barrier of shadow, passing through without a hitch. The Goddess settles to one side, maintaining a distance between the combatants. Her arms cross, seemingly content to observe Her General in action.

Knelt, Vaeth props an elbow on his knee, raising his eyes slowly to regard the Goddess, shifting his eyes to Ayukazi and taking in her new form. In near disbelief, his brows crease and he continues to observe. "Impressive." he whispers to himself, almost just mouthing the words.

Nozerem utters a short incantation, his body slowly fading from sight. Only his laboured breathing warns you of his presence, and in seconds even this grows muffled and silent.

Ayukazi is an athletic Nocturn vampire of Human heritage with shadows seeping out of every pore, giving her the image of reaching almost seven feet in height despite being half a foot shorter. Veins among her flesh are visible, pulsing vibrantly with crimson hues. Her once-leathery wings and tail have been replaced with manifested Shadow, controlled masterfully without any expression of effort. Claws protrude from her, long and sharper than her fangs, ombre in tone from light grey to tips of onyx. Her hair, now released from her dreadlocks flows around her in wicked waves, pitch black as a contrast to her otherwise pallid complexion. Eyes glow an eerie crimson, never dulling as they resonate a deep hunger unsurpassed. Wrapped around the shoulder and secured with a copper band is a paired shoulder cord showing off colors of red and cyan. Streaks of crimson blood spatter her face. Translucent strands of spiderweb
periodically weave around her form, empowering her with Iosyne's blessing.

Ayukazi flexes her muscles, only now realizing that Shadow itself wafted around her. "Thank you for the reminder in embracing Pain." With only a thought, she stretches her wings, the leathery form disassembled to become that of Shadow itself, larger and stronger as her form begins to grow. "Thank you for the opportunity to prove we are all Equals, and all can bleed." Standing tall, her flexed muscles reveal glowing crimson veins overly visible to even those who could barely see. Her eyes gleam once more, crimson glowing brighter yet darker than her veins. "Thank you for the chance to show what one should do once they seek and attain Power." She tilts her head back, concentrating as she unleashes her power over blood. Crimson energy crackles throughout her form before a sanguine nova explodes in a rolling ring of destruction. "Let me offer you a gift of Strength in return," she hisses through the blast.

Zsarachnor, Reborn is powerless beneath the wash of sanguine power. The vampire is overwhelmed by the nova's destructive grasp, slamming once more against the wall. There is nothing staged about his next scream, full of impotent rage, envy, and pain. The shadow-wreathed spine falls from suddenly powerless fingers.

Bright embers spark and float lazily from the ends of Desidora's hair before they die and fade back into darkness.

Vaeth dips his head once, "So passes Zsarachnor, the again unborn. Hail, Ayukazi. Conqueror of shadow and blood." he utters in resignation.

A shallow rumbling from nearby travels in small echoes around you.

Rhyot just thought: Always amusing to see those who think they wield power be annihilated by the very same power from someone else. Well done, my love.

The room darkens and cools as all the light and heat are drained into a corrupt phoenix, fueling its flames.

Ayukazi wills the shadows around her to turn into an appendage, doing her bidding for her as the hand retrieves the gifted blade once more, depositing it into her hands. With a satisfied grin, the shadows return to waft off of her body as she flaps her wings for more leverage, pulling back her arms, wielded with the added force of the willed shadows wrapping around her. With a malevolent grin, she lunges forward once more, bringing the lanced weapon directly into the eye of Zsarachnor, Reborn. "Anything else you want to add to entertain our onlookers, you outdated piece of dust?"

A demonic spider strides in from the west, violet flame dancing in its eyes.

The demonic spider departs to the west with a menacing click of its mandibles.

Zsarachnor, Reborn's entire body goes limp as the blade pierces his eye and explodes out the back in a shower of blood and pieces of skull. It does not seem like he has anything left to add.

A thorny rosebush of black ice begins to snake up Ardent's body, exploding into a wisps of smoke as the first bud forms.

Silvery fog wraps itself around Ehtias before pooling at his feet and slowly dispersing.

Grinning wickedly, Desidora says, "Head popped like a melon."

Rhyot looks at Ayukazi. "Disintegrate his body so that no one can grab any parts of him." He looks towards Vaeth and Elene before glancing back forward.

Malcanthet snickers quietly.

Savagely, Kanivara says, "Strength. In. Slaughter."

Savas leaves to the west.

Raynia nods her agreement with Rhyot. "That would likely be the best idea."

Ardent nods his head at Raynia, showing his acceptance.

Vaeth returns the glance Rhyot gives, and smirks lightly at the jest. He looks back at the mess Ayukazi has made of the ancient vampire and failed experiment.

"Love that sound," Mjoll muses, turning her back on the scene before craning her neck and shouting a challenge into the heavens.

Raynia says to Mjoll, "Crunchy bones."

Rhyot says, "That time, Commander?"

Elene watches as the head of Zsarachnor explodes without much fanfare. As blood spatters the floor along with shattered pieces of skull and brain matter, the woman shrugs her shoulders lightly. "I want a piece, Malevolent."

Iosyne finally stirs, eight spindly legs bringing the arachnid Goddess to the helpless vampire. "Oh yes. We are indeed going to have the fun you seek," She purrs, seizing the embedded blade. The Malevolent pulls it up before hefting it across a shoulder, Zsarachnor dangling in the air by his eyesocket. "I was not mistaken in My choice," Iosyne comments proudly to Her General, settling a fond hand against Ayukazi's cheek. The Goddess' movements disturb Her vampire kebab, sending the limp body sliding deeper onto the impalement. "See to My High Priestess."

Iosyne warps out of perception, Her monstrous form separating into inky threads of shadow which slither away in different directions.

Vaeth rises slowly from his kneeling position as Iosyne departs, glancing to Elene as he watches her address the Goddess.

A harrowing, mournful sigh whips past your ear and as the sound abates, Ayukazi notices her skin has raised with rails of goosebumps.

Rhyot says, "That works too."

Raynia says, "Agreed."

Stine leaves to the west, riding a sleek, golden horse.

Ayukazi sees Mjoll raise her voice and shout, "STRENGTH IN SLAUGHTER."

Ayukazi sees Tetchta raise his voice and shout, "STRENGTH."
Ardent tilts his head back, inhaling sharply several times.

(Tells): From afar, Malcanthet hisses harshly to Ayukazi, "Congratulations. He looked far better with a blade through his head."

Ardent stretches languidly. Ardent ceases to wield a throwing axe, securing it to his weaponbelt. Ardent ceases to wield a throwing axe, securing it to his weaponbelt. Ardent ponders Ayukazi's profile, deep in consideration.

Qelres stirs at last, their upheld dagger lowering back to a resting position at their hip. They look at their General for a long moment. Whatever it is they mean to say dies in their mouth. In the end, they only dip their chin in acknowledgement.

Straightening into rigid, militant attention, Swara squares her shoulders and crisply salutes her fellow soldiers.


Bright embers spark and float lazily from the ends of Desidora's hair before they die and fade back into darkness.

Mjoll cackles hellishly.

Raynia says, "What's that?"

Raynia tilts her head curiously at Mjoll.

Ayukazi sees Swara raise her voice and shout, "Strength in soul!"

Kanivara says, "Ours."

Mjoll says, "That old sack of armour sure knows how to holler."

Ayukazi sees Rijetta raise her voice and shout, "STRENGTH!"

Ayukazi glides up to Llazuth, the Demon Spider Queen and aides in getting her off the impalements. Watching carefully, she analyzes the wounds, using her mastery of blood and shadow to start healing her wounds, keeping a careful eye on any movements.

Elene's withered tongue escapes from the confines of her mouth, wetting her ichored lips as she glances at the departing corkscrew of shadows where the Goddess once stood, where trickling blood comes to a standstill, vanishing into the aether where the corpse has been taken. With a final nod to Ayukazi at the achievement, the woman rakes a hand across her scalp, in thought.

Archelaus leaves to the west, riding a gentle pony. He is followed by a green slime.

Rijetta says, "His holler is a call for all Carnifex to support their sister Knight."

Rhyot says, "Strength in Blood."

Ayukazi sees Ehtias raise his voice and shout, "Strength, also who just got a Wraithlord tattoo?"

Rijetta nods her head at Rhyot.

Tina makes a lot of squeaking noises that sound suspiciously like profanity. Tina leaves to the ether, followed by Azarae and Tirria.

A wooden pyramid silently fades from view.

The stale smell of the still air touches your nose with its musky odor.

Elene glances briefly westwards and dashes off into the distance.

(Tells): In the back of her mind, Ayukazi hears Kanivara saying to her, "Inform me if she needs my expertise."

Rijetta beams broadly.

As Ayukazi's will turns on Llazuth, the Demon Spider Queen, the blood seeping from her wounds begins to mobilize. Under the Nocturn's manipulation, Llazuth's blood hisses as it the imperfections in her body. The blood then stretches into congealed strands, stitching together the wound from whence it came. The Spider Queen rises to her feet. "My thanks, General."

Vaeth turns to leave with a whirl of his cloak, his armor softly clinking with his movement. He stops parallel to Elene, lightly turning his head to regard her. "I admire your persistence, and curiosity." he offers, before continuing his steps to leave. He half turns to face the Nocturn General, he bows his head respectfully to her and her achievement, whether or not she takes notice.

Vaeth swiftly swings up onto a menacingly-armored stallion. Vaeth leaves to the west, riding a menacingly-armored stallion.

Raynia wrinkles her nose in distaste.

"Mmmm..." Rhyot softly utters.

Ehtias gives a cup emblazoned with a monocled serpent to Ayukazi.

The jade patterns adorning Rijetta's cloak glow, pulsing fiercely against the black of the cloak.

Llazuth, the Demon Spider Queen settles against the Spider Throne, shaken but apparently no worse for wear. "I would wager he does not escape -this- predicament."

Ayukazi looks over Llazuth, the Demon Spider Queen, checking over her once more. "Do you need more, Priestess?"

Malcanthet chuckles long and heartily.

Quietly, Raynia says, "I do hope you are correct."

Tetchta leaves to the west.

Mjoll nods her head at Ayukazi.

Malcanthet presses her hand against the ground, a look of deep concentration crossing her face.

Qelres smiles at Ayukazi.

Satisfied with her bearings, Malcanthet digs underground with alarming speed, disappearing from sight.

Ardent glances briefly westwards and dashes off into the distance.

Raynia waves goodbye.

Raynia holds forth a translocator, and the needle within spins rapidly before her. A murky fog arises from within the device to envelop Raynia and take her elsewhere. She is followed by Mortelle, a sable warhound, a sable warhound, and a sable warhound.

Swara leaves to the west.

Ehtias leaves to the west, riding a midnight black stallion. He is followed by a chestnut warhound, a chestnut warhound, and a mahogany warhound.

Sarita strides away to the west, her colossal form sending tremors through the ground. She is followed by an onyx golem with inlaid sanguinite.

Mjoll pokes at an impassable barrier of shadow pointedly.

Taj says to Mjoll, "Don't. Eat it."

Saerward squints as he gazes up at the heavens.

Mjoll whines, "But I'm so hungry."

With the stars as his guide, Saerward quickly departs.

The poke is apparently strong enough to blow the barrier into nothingness.

Mjoll says, "OH I WIN."

Desidora blinks.

Mjoll flexes her muscles in an attempted display of strength.

Mjoll preens, clearly impressed with her accomplishments.

Desidora says, "SHES TOO POWERFUL."

Throwing his hands up, Taj exclaims, "Truly a feat of strength!"

Mjoll struts around like she accomplished some great feat.

Qelres is surprised into laughter.

Desidora says, "Must've loosened it up with all them hammer blows."

Mjoll nods her head quickly and eagerly.

Bright embers spark and float lazily from the ends of Desidora's hair before they die and fade back into darkness.

Ayukazi turn back around to the gathered crowd, stretching her muscles as the blood pulses and glows upon her veins. Her wickedly glowing red eyes, unknown to be either hungry or content, gaze over each person left. "We don't give up. Ever. Do we?"

Aethir says, "Impressive long battle but well worth it, I suppose."

Straightening into rigid, militant attention, Taj squares his shoulders and crisply salutes Ayukazi.

Lilein just thought: ...I'm not sure how to respond to her question.

Straightening into rigid, militant attention, Ayukazi squares her shoulders and crisply salute her fellow soldiers.

Kanivara says to Ayukazi, "We don't, no. I don't know if I managed to help you but I tried anyways."

Lilein just thought: The battle was... Glorious.

"We do not," Qelres rasps on an exhale.

Straightening into rigid, militant attention, Mjoll squares her shoulders and crisply salutes Ayukazi.

Kanivara says, "It's what Carnifex -do-. We have the backs of our brethren. Period."

Resting his hammer against his shoulder, Taj says to Mjoll, "Two more swings we coulda got through if Lady Ayukazi needed us."

Lilein just thought: The form of a Nocturn is a wondrous one...

Mjoll nods her head affirmatively at Taj.

Lilein just thought: The knowledge gained vast...

Straightening into rigid, militant attention, Rijetta squares her shoulders and crisply salutes Ayukazi.

Lilein just thought: Yet...

Lilein just thought: No, not here.

Lilein just thought: Here, we celebrate the General's victory.

Rhyot listens to everyone and just watches his wife as she addresses the crowd in front of her.

(Tells): Rhyot tells Ayukazi, "Well done, love."

Rhyot appears to regain a little colour.

A Chiav strider leaves to the west at a steady, patrolling pace.

Reaching up and idly scratching at his cheek, Taj says, "If we are done here, I got some cards to doodle on."

Mjoll nods her head at Taj.

(Tells): Taj's psychic whisper trails through Ayukaz's mind, "It goes without saying, well fought Lady Ayukazi."

(Tells): On a soft, clicking whisper, Ayukazi hisses against Taj's mind, "It was not easy. Thank you."

"I remain at the General's leisure," Qelres says, only the faintest note of teasing in their voice. Despite that, the smile they wear is sincere.

The ancient, silver runes etched into Mjoll's flesh give off a sudden, sharp pulse of light before receding back into a slow, rhythmic beat.

Rijetta ponders the situation.

Ayukazi nods at Qelres. "I will likely be recovering and learning of these new," she twists her hand, pulling the shadows to her from Rhyot's feet, "and fascinating abilities."

Laying out some tools, Mjoll goes about crafting a medal.

Sighing softly, Desidora mutters, "I should get goin' too...but I knew you'd kick his old dusty unicorns," she grins over towards Ayukazi, then offers a respectable salute. "See y'all around."
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