Since joining the Aetolia community two weeks ago, I've so enjoyed interacting with everyone I've had the chance to.

For those of you who have met Annika, please let me know what you think. Thank you!


  • @Annika What can I say?

    I've loved -all- interactions with Annika. Between Stigandr and Annika being cut from two different kinds of cloth, I find the dynamic between the two to be enriching, as well as a nice clash of personalities.

    Annika has a character background that's sheltered, domestically secure, and family oriented. Her manners and cues are cheerful and pleasant.

    Compare to Stigandr, who smokes way to much, likes his beer, likes his mushrooms even more, and is actively trying to bed a Dryad in the woods.

    I really like the humble, and secure backstory of Annika - Especially in a realm where nearly everyone is some sort of psychopath, or has a hard character gimmick/flaw that they revolve around. You role play the wide eyed wonder of someone new to the big bad world, and it's a lot of fun to interact with.

    Keep doing what your doing. I like it :3
  • Thanks for sticking with us, Annika. It's been really fun.

    Annika is amazing. What an absolute gem to interact with. The way that she comes across really makes me take half a second and think that there are still probably people out and about in the wide world of Aetolia that haven't seen nearly as much as Sryaen has, so the sheltered worldview Annika has is VERY believable and you execute it flawlessly as the player behind her. Each little interaction we have is fantastic, and randomly picking up on RP with Annika seems just so natural - like continuing on with a conversation with an old friend, you don't really skip a beat or fumble with pleasantries, you just get right back to it and that's what I love.

    I could really see a definite, rock-solid friendship forming between Annika and Sryaen and each time we interact has left me wanting more, so I can't wait to see what sort of trouble Annika gets herself into next!

    You're doing SO great, and I've been having a blast interacting with you.

    Tell me how I'm doing!
    (Web): Mileta says, "Okay... Sry is an edgelord..."

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  • Wonderful character, and very fun to interact with as Selitore. The way he thinks compared to how she does makes tings very interesting, and having a kind of fun, happy go lucky character is good in this sort of game.
  • Every interaction I've had with Annika has been an absolute delight. I'm often blown away with how much detail you put into everything, especially your letters! I'm curious to see how, or if, Annika changes over time. Hope we have plenty of more interactions in the future.
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  • Certainly a foundational catalyst for Straid as a character. Annika's bearing and presence is responsible for helping to cultivate what Straid has eventually become. A well thought out and well executed character who feels authentic and unafraid to be flawed in fascinating ways. I wish her a great journey in Aetolia.
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