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The previous thread was closed since it was getting older and more recent threads had come out on this subject. In an effort to allow fellow players to rightfully continue discussions on this subject, as we should, I've decided to make a post here. A month later, this is where the changes seem to stand:

o The celerity changes were reverted, having probably been the most unpopular of the changes.

o Keroc has stepped down from his position as Combat Head, and classleads changed to a 6-month schedule rather than seasonal.

o Lifevision change has been reverted and can see illusions again.

o Heatsight remains the way it is, but this has left a void for a useful goggle power on the antiquated goggles.

o Hidden remains the way it is.

o Syssin Backstab was changed to be a lengthy cooldown instead of requiring hidden like before.

o Elixir changes remain in effect, sharing the same balance with elixirs like Immunity.

So, after a month and having competed in Sect, I'm going to retain my original point that these changes were not worth it, and especially not worth losing Keroc over. I'm glad to see that most of them got reverted. I don't particularly mind the Hidden change, but I think Backstab's CD is still incredibly lengthy. My suggestion for it as is thus:

Backstab's CD is shorter based on how afflicted currently is and how many suggestions they have sealed on them. Afflictions will count more towards reducing the cooldown, and suggestions will count less towards it. This leads to a fairly more interesting and forgiving version of cooldown that will still allow a Syssin to use it defensively, but rewards the Syssin for using it more as an offensive tool. More over, it allows the Syssin to more reliably use it to prevent opponents from running when they're in the throes of being potentially locked from hypno chains.

Regarding Hidden and Heatsight. I can live with these changes, but I think it's fair to the playerbase that we get a comparatively good power on the goggles to compensate for the change. No offense, but it still feels like a "bait and switch" when these goggles were offered on promotion very recently. I don't really have any recommendations on what powers would thematically fit here.

Regarding the elixir changes, I'm still not a fan. I don't really think they've achieved what the original goal was in terms of making whether to sip health, a def elixir, or immunity a competitive choice. Rather, they've made high level bashing areas that give voyria (like Luzith's) even more unforgiving to those without artifacts. Additionally, there's no real "choice" here. Defense elixirs are just now more set and forget, so abilities that can strip defenses were made inadvertently stronger. Pit remains in a state of "not worth it" in terms of usage. There is no situation where anyone would choose to sip levitation over health in group combat.

Celerity and Shock changes remain a good idea when in a state of aggression versus other players, thus subject to an aggression timer. Just not something that should be in effect at all times. I'm all for reducing how easy it is to avoid consequences and how easy it is to speedwalk away from all of your problems, especially if your character has managed to run afoul of another player. I'm 100% in favor of these in regards to a player aggression timer, as it reduces how effective resetting fights can be and reduces the ability for someone to simply just run around all day.

In any event, let's continue discussion here, as this is what the Sparring Grounds thread is for. Naturally, all opinions are welcome regardless of whether or not you're an active combatant, because these changes impact everyone.



  • Shadowslip is still broken and useless due to the hide change. In regard to the bait and switch mentioned, this is the biggest topic of frustration for me. Coldblood, a previously extremely rare relic and one of the most sought after ones for a syssin (which was made available in the promo) has been made worthless. Lifevision and the goggles by extension are also now worth much less because let's be real.. outside of phase a syssin isn't bothering to hide anymore. 

    So here are the facts. The outcry to the recent changes were nearly unanimous. Several of us asked for a rollback due to the changes negatively impacting some of the best items obtained in what was admittedly Aetolia's most successful promo ever. Our questions and concerns were met by the deafening sound of crickets, inaction and locked threads. It just doesn't make any sense to respond to customers in this way when it's such a simple thing to undo, especially when you're planning to go to a six month gap between classleads after.

    As poor form as it was to release a slough of nerfs to the items that were in this promo, it was only made uglier since it was done carelessly while all of us are dealing as best we can in the middle of a pandemic. It all just gives IRE the appearance of having less integrity than a used car salesman. 

    Personally, my patience has run out. I'm going to go ahead and cancel my membership and I won't be participating in any future promotions. As players, that's the only real voice we have once verbal communication fails.
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