Carnifex Knighting Ceremony: Ser Elene Arcan

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I've been trawling through this section of late and I realise that there's rarely any logs that delves into the deeper aspects of service in the Carnifex, and that's the accomplishment of rising out of the Squire mire and qualifying for Knighthood.

This was a while back (when Sryaen was still in the guild, lol), but it's never too late to share these little snippets of roleplay. Although this log may not quite convey it, the atmosphere in the Carnifex guild is pretty great when it comes to these! It is worth noting that there are many variations of a Knighting ceremony, but here's my short version.


Ahlysaaria, Savas, Sryaen, and Taj follow you to the up.
An imposing, torch-lit hall.
A shadowy haze absorbs light here, emanating through and around a singularity. Standing here firmly is a ceremonial weapon stand. A silver cabinet hangs here, proudly displaying Carnifex trinkets and trophies. A sigil in the shape of a small, rectangular monolith is on the ground. There are 3 reishis in a stack here. A small antipsychotic pill lies here. Impish in size but lacking in any shades but black, an inky shadeling bounces about here. A ghostly white warhound stands here, silently watching. There are 2 white warhounds here. Commander "Foehammer" Mjoll Seirath is here. Grand Duke Menelaus Nehekhara is here. He wields a tower shield in his left hand and a jewel-encrusted sacrificial dagger in his right. Ser Aren Ratek Yaslana is here, hidden. Ser Kanivara Sor'Tirivan, Surgeon General is here. She is riding on a hulking, black-haired boar. Lieutenant Rijetta Alhazrad, Vafot wo Feyja is here. She is riding on a ferocious icewyrm. She wields a jewel-encrusted buckler in her left hand and a blackened, runed staff in her right. She is orbited by an eye sigil, an eye sigil, and an eye sigil. Conservator Ardent Riahl is here. He is riding on a giant, black-furred wolf. A supermassive singularity warps reality around itself. A murky darkness has settled in here.
You see exits leading east, south (open pine door), and down (open pine door).

Dark wings lazily follow Chakrasul as She wanders in on whispered steps.

Rijetta dips her head in praise to Chakrasul.

Mjoll clears her throat.

Commander "Foehammer" Mjoll Seirath says, "FALL IN."

Fixing herself in a disciplined position, Kanivara stands sharply at attention.

Sryaen gracefully hops off of a giant, black-furred wolf.

Kanivara gracefully hops off of a hulking, black-haired boar.

Kanivara slaps a hulking, black-haired boar on the rump and sends it trotting off.

Fixing herself in a disciplined position, Rijetta stands sharply at attention.

Fixing himself in a disciplined position, Menelaus stands sharply at attention.

Fixing himself in a disciplined position, Sryaen stands sharply at attention.

Lacking boots, Elene strides in upon bare feet. Dressed in formal Carnifex uniform, she is followed by a flanking of Sryaen, Taj, Ahlysaaria and Savas. With a tilted head to indicate the side, a pale hand sweeps out, indicating the viewing wall for Ahlysaaria and Savas.

Savas nods his head and makes his way toward the gestured-to area politely, coming to stand there and watching onward quietly.

Aren clears his throat.

Menelaus makes his way over towards Savas.

Scarred hands lower to her sides, before being swept to her back, where her fingers find wrists and curls. Elene continues her way down the walkway flanked by two rows of armour, until finally she arrives before the front of the hall, before Mjoll, and before Rijetta.

"Lieutenant!" Mjoll bellows, "Carnifex present and accounted for, the formation is yours." With that a crisp, slow salute, a half-step backwards, a right face and a quick paced march sends the Troll to fall in at the back of the formation of Carnifex.

For now, Chakrasul's eyes remain fixed on you as if pressing some goading challenge. A manic smile plays along the lips of the demure Immortal, the roiling smirk revealing the tips of Her fangs and as She folds Her hands together on the haft of Her weapon, She rolls onto the balls of Her feet.

'You will be broken under the wheel of Jherza,' come the dual voices of a darkened figure from the fragments of your memory, 'And we will rebuild you into a stronger vessel for Yi.'

You lick your lips.

Shadows momentarily variegate the jade hue of Corruption's eyes.

A soft breath of exhalation is issued from Elene as she lifts her chin and levels her gaze before Rijetta. Though by some measure of a slight head tilt, she is able to witness the expressions of Chakrasul as it shifts from a manic smile to a roiling smirk. These, however, do nothing to break her impassive mask, as she stands at attention in silence.

-- I might have deleted the GT, but uh. Before this bit, Naos was going on about how he shouldn't be walking in to join the ceremony, because he can't find his pants. --

(Carnifex): You say, "Come without trousers. See if I care."

(Carnifex): Swara says, "There are short skirt uniforms still in the shop."

(Chosen): Chakrasul says, "I can oblige, My Hound."

(Carnifex): Kanivara says, "Most of them got an eyeful of me already."

(Carnifex): Aren says, "Dear."

Rijetta withdraws the blade of the Carnifex from the stand, inhaling deeply as she grabs it. The soulstones gathered seem to react, casting fel red light around the room, letting the trapped souls of the damned dance upon the walls, screaming in silent agony. She turns, holding the blade vertically in her grip. "You and I share a faith, Squire, and so I knew I would see you here, eventually, in this hall. You have descended Her Spiral, and you have earned our respect through Slaughter, through Soul, and through Fealty." The woman strides forward, now directly in front of you, blade gripped tightly.

(Carnifex): Naos says, "Must have lost them in my celebrating. Last week. You know, when I got Knighted. Before you."

(Carnifex): Aren says, "WOW."

Chakrasul extends Her hand forward, fingers curled into Her palm. With one quick motion, She clenches Her fist and twists Her arm back, as if yanking on some unholy power to do Her bidding.
Naos has been slain by Chakrasul.

The dying screams of Naos can be heard as the last of his flesh sloughs off of his bones, his fate brought about by the acidic rain of Chakrasul.

(Carnifex): Aren says, "HAHAH."

Ahlysaaria just thought:
"Ah there it is."

Ahlysaaria hides a smile, looking away to focus on you.

As if nothing at all happened, Chakrasul's smile splits Her face impossibly further and Her hand flutters down to rejoin its twin. Her eyes never wavered from you.

Tension seethes on the edges of Elene's features - but it is lightened slightly as a smirk finds a home upon her lips. Her palid gaze gleams, but she does not react much more.

Kanivara stifles a snicker, remaining at attention.

Aren lets out a sharp cough of a laugh, covering it by needing to clear his throat.

(Carnifex): Naos says, "Ahem. Congratulations, Ser. I'll see you soon."

Menelaus watches the proceedings with obvious curiosity and interest evident on his facial features. He remains silent.

(Chosen): Chakrasul says, "Better."

(Carnifex): Mjoll says, "BAAHAHAHA."

(Carnifex): Kanivara says, "Yeah, She's here, maybe be nice hahahaha."

A faint smile catches at the corner of Swara's lips, eyes flitting to the Goddess before returning to you, posture remaining at attention.

Rijetta swings the blade of the Carnifex with a vicious arc, as if to behead you, but strikes her hard with the flat of the blade instead, the resounding THWAP echoing off the stone walls, scattering the damned souls nearest to the woman. "Then this is the last time you will be struck without striking back, Carnifex. Recite the oath, and let me welcome you as Ser Elene."

(Chosen): Naos says, "Always looking out for me, Lady. Appreciate it."

Elene's features are severe, the light in her eyes hardening as she stares straight ahead. Her shoulders roll back, further elevating her height as she takes the whack of the blade. The Azudim sways upon the position as she absorbs the blow, and her lips curve up into a full smirk now. Her withered tongue escapes from the confines of her mouth as it wets her ichored lips, before words carefully spoken, given weight, pass from them.

Sryaen slowly fades into view, returning to the realm of perception.

In a soft, sibilant voice, you say, "I, Elene Arcan, hereby swear absolute loyalty to the Carnifex and the Shadow Keep. I shall never allow anything to come before the Carnifex, and I shall ensure that my every action is for the good of the guild. I shall strive to make Fealty, Soul and Slaughter a permanent part of my life in everything I do."

Ahlysaaria just thought:
"Something." Something indeed. Beyond your comprehension. "All are Hers."

The rustle of cloth resonates in the martial hall as Elene lends more gravity to her words. They boom, filling the surroundings as she finishes her oath before Rijetta, Chakrasul, and the gathered audience of Carnifex and acquaintances. "In Fealty I shall not wander, In Soul I shall not falter, and in Slaughter I shall not fail. I shall always follow the Commander and Officers, I shall always follow my fellow Carnifex. I vow to strike down the enemies of the Carnifex as if they were my own."

You say, "I shall uphold this oath until my last moment, else let me be cast out and hunted till the end of days."

Mjoll just thought:
And further still.

Chakrasul bounces, with suspicious innocence, on the balls of Her feet.

Taj swallows loudly, a bead of sweat rolling down his forehead as he silently rolls his thumb between the pads of his fingers.

Kanivara peers about herself suspiciously.

Ahlysaaria just thought:
"She's not done yet." Is She ever?

Taj just thought:
Don't look, don't look.

Rijetta flicks the blade of the Carnifex away from herself with a flourish, nodding to you. "Then welcome to the fold, Ser Elene Arcan, the Devout."

You will now be known as Ser Elene Arcan, by order of Lieutenant Rijetta Alhazrad, Vafot wo Feyja.

Elene's chest rises and falls with even breaths as the last words make their way from her lips. Then, the Azudim turns upon one bare heel to face the gathered audience. Her palid gaze flickers across face to face, acknowledging their presence and sealing away their attendance with but a dip of her head.

The jade patterns adorning Rijetta's cloak glow, pulsing fiercely against the black of the cloak.

Fluid and with an impossible amount of grace, Chakrasul's bare feet slide the demure Immortal forward and, just as one hand swings Her halberd back beautifully, the other plunges deep between your shoulder blades. "I need the pair." She whispers beside Her Knight's ear and Her fingers sink through flesh and bone like butter until they find a heart. "Mine."

Mjoll's voice rises up into a roar, "Hail! Ser Elene!"

Kanivara flicks an eartip before letting out a raucous cheer. "HAIL! SER ELENE!"

Raising a warhammer into the air as he beats against his plate with his free hand, Squire Taj, Initiate of Slaughter says, "HAIL! SER ELENE!"

Ahlysaaria watches the display of Chakrasul quietly, hands folded behind her back.

Aren begins to shout, but is caught up by the actions of the Goddess, too curious to continue.

Menelaus blurts out, "HAIL SER E-" before going back to curious supervision.

Sryaen shifts his gaze towards Chakrasul, but remains silent and at attention.

Kanivara's cry dies down very quickly as she cants her head in curiosity, staring at Chakrasul and you.

Swara stares blankly at Chakrasul and you before one eyebrow slowly quirks in confusion.

Ardent arches a brow slightly looking at Chakrasul with mild interest.

Rijetta just thought:
This is my favorite part.

A quiet gasp is all that is elicited from Elene as she is barely given any moment to react. With the blink of an eye, one of Chakrasul's hand has buried itself deep between her shoulder blades, creating a grisly wound that begins to trickle blood. As the limb begins to shift and search for its prize, the Azudim finally gives an unrepressed shudder. Her hands rise from her side, before fluttering over to the location where her heart lies beneath, throbbing slowly, purposefully within Her grasp.

In a hushed whisper, you say, "My heart has always been Yours, Dark Mother. Take from me that which has always belonged."

"For keeping your promise to Me, My heart swells, so in return, I take what is Mine. Its pair." Chakrasul croons darkly and She wrenches Her arm back, freeing the organ in a bloody mess. "My beautiful Devout. Ser. Ever downwards." The twisted little Immortal whispers huskily and She turns to leave the hall, cradling Her prize as if it is the most precious thing She has ever owned. "I await you at the bottom." And, with each parting step, the Goddess grows hazier until the jade essence drifts away into nothing.

You are loved. That is all you can think about as the darkness creeps in and claims you. Her's. Loved. Loved. Loved.
You have been slain by misadventure.

Claiming a paired heart, Elene's life has been taken by Corruption, for Corruption.
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