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I have enjoyed writing with every one I have met so far in game! I thought I would share some of my interactions that I remembered to save, and to save how Kjell has grown over time!


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    Kjell meets a bird that is a God
    A large, black raven hops all around you, pondering you up and down.

    You have emoted: Kjell looks at the raven warily. He is not used to being so observed by animals. "Hello!" He says but tries to curb his enthusiasm to not startle it.

    You have emoted: Kjell fishes a cloudberry out of his pocket and tucks his axe into his belt. He carefully offers the berry to the raven. He has no idea what ravens eat.

    H:5500 M:4200 E:100% W:100% F:0% XP:62% [sdb eb] [none]give cloudberry to raven
    You give a succulent cloudberry to a large, black raven.
    A large, black raven opens its beak and guzzles down a succulent cloudberry.

    A large, black raven flies over to rest atop Raest, Hunter of the Heartwood staff, its green-glowing eyes staring back at you. "Well met, lad. How's yer hunt?"

    You have emoted: Kjell yelps loudly and jumps when the bird starts to talk. He stares for several minutes and slaps his own cheek a little. "Um." He tries harder to have actual thoughts. "It is okay. I am stronger than I was. I still have a lot to learn."

    Raest instinctively tilts his staff towards you, and a large, black raven opens its beak once more, "Fear not, it is Me. I took this form as you were in yer apartment, but moved around as I was mid- flight, hrmph."

    You have emoted: Kjell looks awkwardly the raven-God. He tries to stand a little straighter but wonders if that berry he ate earlier was not the kind he thought it was. "I had more planthoppers to hunt." He explains.

    You say, "I do not mean to be rude but are you in there? Is that you or are you riding inside its head?"

    You have emoted: Kjell he asks quietly, and tries to imagine the large God now as a much smaller bird. It is a math that does not work well.

    A large, black raven's attention drifts, returning to their usual tasks.

    Vines descend upon a large, black raven, surrounding it and dragging it away to somewhere else.

    You crease your brow in a frown.

    You say, "I am sorry to offend you!"

    As swiftly as the raven disappears, a burst of bright verdant light swallows the vicinity, revealing Haern.

    Your breath catches in a gasp of surprise.

    You have emoted: Kjell straightens up even more and tells himself to breathe. He forgets how to hold his shield as a shield for a minute but he fixes it in the right direction at the end.

    Haern takes a chug from His precious keg, as His eyes look upon you. "Hrng. Better this way with My keg." His spear pierces the ground, ans He continues, "There's no offense, lad. Sometimes forget the little folks aren't used to My methods." He grins, returning His lips to the keg.

    You have emoted: Kjell nods wide-eyed. "When I was a boy, we were told it was better to stay out of your way. Not YOUR way. The Gods way." Which is ironic because he essentially still is one. He turns a little red but he holds his posture.

    You have emoted: Kjell speaks very quietly when he says, "I never thought I would see You in person and I feel very small." It is a voice of wonder and a little anxiety.

    A loud burp resonates through the trees. Haern hunches forward slightly towards you. "Often My Hunt takes much of My time. Decades sometimes. It is good to visit My beloved council an' its folks, aye?"

    You have emoted: Kjell nods a lot like a loose hinge. "Yes it is good to see people." He agrees. "Is Your Hunt alone or do You have company?" He asks. He thinks it would be very lonely and so it is good to come back and see people.

    Haern's large hand grasps the middle of His spear as He returns to His natural posture. "I hunt alone, boy. Mortals would get swallowed in a bite from My prey, grmph." He lowers His keg-holding hand for a moment, His verdant eyes upon you. "So, lad. Been approached 'bout joining My order?"

    You have emoted: Kjell eyes widen but he does not doubt the truth of his statement. "Do you have no one like you to hunt with?" He asks. It is a very innocent but sincere question. He seems to feel like it is important to not be in such solitude. His face becomes more pink at the direct attention again. Kjell shakes his head and wipes his sweaty hands off on the back of his vest. "No sir. Stigandr talks to us some times and Xavin helps me with my tattoos and things and Vinio and I some times hunt together."

    Haern takes another swig from His keg, His gaze elsewhere for a long instant. "Gone are the days of hunting alongside My Siblings, boy." He looks upon you further, silently. "Loneliness' not a concern of Mine. Simply is good ta see the council furthering its calling. As it is good to hear of My followers working as one."

    You have emoted: Kjell nods and falls silent. He seems sad to hear that but sorrow is not something that stays long with him. "You are very strong." He announces. Then he looks up again at him and turns a little pink again because that is an obvious statement. "It can be very quiet and confusing some times but people found me and kept me from getting lost. And I am trying to help." He says.

    A slight grin from His lips as Haern hears your words. He nods to you, continuing, "Are you familiar with My teachings, hm?"

    You say, "What you taught me and what I read, sir. Some times it is hard."

    You have emoted: Kjell takes a long breath. "I was taught to not be in the way and to not be a problem but I am doing better at keeping my voice." Defiance and Severity are a little hard for someone of his disposition. "But I will find my way. And I do not give up! But I think I am more like some thing growing between rocks."

    You have emoted: Kjell begins to fidget with some of the flowers stuck beneath his belt. They keep him focused while he talks. "But I know I need to fight for my self and this place. And that my place in the Rhythm can change and that I also need to define it on my own. It is a different kind of balance but it is balance. When to wait and when to strike and things."

    "Would be worthless if it were all easy," Haern grunts, nodding to Himself. "Seems like you know yer stuff, though. I will leave you to your hunt for now, boy. Am certain you will do well, an' it seems yer fellow councilors believe so too. Steward so young? Such good trust, aye."

    You say, "I am doing my best sir."

    You have emoted: Kjell straightens up a little under the praise, and smiles as he holds out what he had created in his anxiety. It is not much of a votive or offering but there is something sincere in the crown.

    Yvi arrives from the north.

    Yvi's breath catches in a gasp of surprise.

    Huntress Yvi says, "Hunter Lord!"

    Looking quite bashful, Yvi scratches the back of her neck and stares at her toes.

    Haern accepts the crown, His other, now keg-free hand lifts close to you and He deposits a white lily into your hands. His eyes turn to Yvi, with an acknowledging nod. "Well met, little hunter."

    You have emoted: Kjell very carefully accepts the lily. He smells it first and then very cradles it in his hands with the happiest smile on his face. He loves green and growing things.

    Yvi looks upon Haern bashfully and offers the God a little wave.

    Haern stretches as He lifts up the spear, His body turning towards the core slightly. "I must return to My Hunt for now, Sentinels. Hunt well, aye?"

    You say, "Yes sir. We will. Thank you. Um. Yes."

    You have emoted: Kjell cuts himself off before he can start rambling again.

    Perking up, Huntress Yvi says, "Always, Lord!"

    Haern steps into the core, dissolving into it.

    Yvi boggles.

    Quietly, Huntress Yvi asks, "He is so big and ... Gentle?"

    You say, "First he was a raven and I was really confused, and then he talked to me as a raven and I thought I ate a bad berry, and then he was himself and I felt very small but he was very nice and I glad I did not faint!"

    The soft sparkle of tittering laughter issues from Yvi as she covers her mouth, eyeing you and unable to hide her amusement.

    Amused, Huntress Yvi asks, "Do you have a habit of eating berries that look off?"

    You say to Yvi, "No but some times I am distracted because there is so much to see."
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    Kjell and the Hunter discuss vision
    (Order): Haern says, "Hm."

    (Order): Pilar says, "Hm?"

    (Order): You say, "Yessir?"

    (Order): Haern says, "Ah, Kjell. Come to My refuge."

    (Order): Haern says, "I've something to discuss with you."

    (Order): You say, "Um, is that, um, is that the old Temple mister Xavin-Granda-Sir took me to or the other one?"

    (Order): Haern says, "No, it is reached via the knife. Though, if you are available now, I can bring you here Myself."

    (Order): You say, "Iamsir!"

    You are transported by the power of the Divine.
    A gladed clearing.
    The sun sets, its dimming rays lancing across the sky and lighting the dim edges of cloud that hang there. This wide open clearing is almost completely covered above by a canopy made from the enormous trees ringing the entirety of the opening. Occasional beams of light shine through the boughs overhead, casting a light that bathes the area in near-perpetual dusk. On the northern side of the clearing, a large cabin is arranged, a pale column of smoke eddying slowly out of the chimney atop it. Centered directly in the middle of the clearing, an enormous white oak reaches up to just below the canopy celing, devoid of any greenery. Haern looms here, his hulking form dominating the area. He wields the colossal spear, "Rhythm's Spine" in His left hand.

    He is an Immortal monstrous, hulking creature that looms high above the heads of even the tallest mortals. Horned protrusions fan out from His brow and into a short curve of yellowed ivory that reaches far past His head. A fell, green glow pours out from a pair of hollow sockets set deep within the swollen mutated flesh of the Hunter's face. Just below, a pair of nostrils flare periodically, lacking any nose to speak of. A pair of long, jagged tusks peel back His lower lip and reveal a row of worn, crooked teeth jutting out at odd angles. Bristling black hair erupts from His back and sweeps down the length of his massive arms to a pair of large, bear-like hands, tipped with an array of black claws. The rest of His hide seems to have been worked into a tapestry of horror, with scars and tattoos fighting with each other across a chaotic battlefield that extends across every inch of His flesh.
    (slung over a shoulder) : Whisper, Bow of the Hunt
    (cinched neatly) : an unornamented hide loincloth

    Haern stands in the center of the clearing as you appears before Him. "Well met, lad."

    You have emoted: Kjell stumbles a little but he spins around and stands very straight. The boy slaps his cheek one more time before he stares up at Haern. He opens his mouth but then shuts it twice. "Hello sir!" He manages to pace the two words apart.

    Haern holds His spear with both hands, His weight against it as He leans towards you. "As you know, I have been looking to fill some of My order representative positions once more. I believe, as do some of My followers, that one of these positions should go to someone young."

    You have emoted: Kjell looks down at his own hands and tries to not cut his belt off while he puts his axe away. He is nervous so he misses the first time.

    You have emoted: Kjell has to wet his tongue before he can speak again. The boy straightens his shoulders and nods. "I think that makes sense sir, to have new life and old life representing your Rhythm." He says.

    Tilting His head, Haern's verdant eyes turn directly to you. "Your name was given to Me by your fellow hunters. Do you believe yourself ready to represent My Ways?" The Hunter remains quiet for a moment, before continuing, "Though there are minor administrative responsibilities associated with this, being deeply familiar with My tenets is perhaps most important."

    You have emoted: Kjell begins to chew on his lip while he stares at Haern or may be through Him while he thinks. "Um." Is not a very good start. "Sir I never feel ready for any thing but I will do the best that I can." He says with brutal honesty. "I am learning every thing as I go. I deeply believe in Your Ways and I think more people would benefit from them. I try to teach them when I can and it makes sense."

    Haern reaches forward and a large keg appears, from which He takes a good, long sip. "What are your goals in Life, lad?" He asks simply, adding, "How do you feel about Defiance as it relates to you?"

    You have emoted: Kjell cringes a little with the question. "I want to be useful." He says. It is not a very grand ambition. "I want to grow some beautiful thing. I want to help my guild and the council. I want to hunt down dark things so that there are less of them where they should not be."

    You have emoted: Kjell sighs. "I do not know how I feel about what is part of life?" He says uncertainly. "I know I will fall and I will fight until I do. I will grow until I can not grow any more and become mulch. I am finding my way. I struggle with some things that others in the guild and the council do not but I am learning and I am continuing to try."

    You say, "I have trouble some times in using my voice and I am becoming better at this. Some times I have to be a trouble or in the way for a time because things are important and they need to be insisted on."

    Haern, the Hunter says, "Would you agree with Me if I were to say Defiance fits you better than Destruction?"

    You say, "Yes sir."

    You say, "I am not an aggressive person but I know that violence and destruction are necessary. I will act when it is needed. A scaling knife and a dhuriv will both cut but one is out of its element in war."

    You have emoted: Kjell begins to chew on his lip again. He knows he is a little out of place for a Hunter and Sentinel but he is finding his own way to live within it all.

    Haern takes a step closer to you as He puts away the keg. The spear lifts and lands alongside you. With a slight grin, the Hunter states: "Kjell, you will now be My eyes, and hereforth known as the Eye of the Raven. There is more to the hunt than bringing down prey, something which I believe you are well familiar with. Do also know, even if may doubt yourself, you have been chosen not only by Me, but by your peers. The previous Eye, Pilar, has also asked Me to give you her blessings."

    You have emoted: Kjell only flinches a little bit when the spear lands beside him. He still stands tall and he holds his breath for a long minute. He only looks like he is panicking for a second before he nods with a stiff jaw. "I will do the best that I can." He says, but he does seem a little overwhelmed by it all, but in a good way.

    You have emoted: Kjell finally releases the breath properly and he smiles at Haern. He thinks a little self doubt is important so long as he does not give in to it. "Thank You for Your trust sir."He quickly says in a speed that is much more typical of him.

    Haern, the Hunter says to you, "It will take Me time to make everything proper within the order, so that you may tend to your duties toward congregants. I will explain when the time has come."

    You have emoted: Kjell begins to nod like a loose hinge again. "Okay." He says to himself or to Haern or to both. "I will write it down when that time comes." He says. That way he will not forget.

    "You have earned this trust." Haern replies, His hand resting on your shoulder. "We are finished here, unless you've questions. Is there anywhere you would like to go?"

    You say, "Um. To the Bloodwood? I am trying to help Alia with my distressed kin."

    He moves.
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    Kjell meets the Dragon and stays on his feet
    You step through a fiery portal.
    A wide clearing of partially fallen trees.
    Sunset falls, casting the clouds above in a shadowy array of darks and silvers and lending the sky a purplish cast. Sprawling lupin grows here, blanketing the area in feathered purple. Lokhani dur Naya attempts to look busy here, hand-rolling a blunt. Of a pale and otherworldly form, a sylvan eland stands here in silence. A number of loose sticks are piled on the ground. Floating in the air is a fiery portal. Esrytesh Sibatti dur Naya is here. Arbre Aquila is here. Tanixalthas, the Sun Drinker, broods here, filling the entire area with Her colossal, star-gilded bulk.
    You see exits leading northeast and northwest.

    The fiery portal closes up without a sound.

    In a fluid motion, Tanixalthas' wings snap back against Her hide and the void-like Dragon returns to Her hunkered down, still state. Silver eyes land on you, an uncharacteristic patience clinging to the Immortal Dragon.

    You have emoted: Kjell trips on his foot through the portal but he straightens up very fast in a way that seems this happens often. There is a nervous smile as he straightens and makes some kind of salute with his axe.

    Sibatti greets you with a dip of her head in your direction. Calmly, she says, "The floor is yours, brother. There is no queue."

    On a slow drawl, Tanixalthas, the Sun Drinker says, "At least you have learned to compensate for it, little hunter."

    You have emoted: Kjell swallows very hard as he looks up at Tanixalthas and almost cuts himself while he tries to put his axe away, as he moves very slowly like prey does when in the sight of a predator.

    You cease to wield an axe engraved with brambles in your left hand, securing it conveniently on your weaponbelt.

    "You are welcome to ask all of the questions you have to Her," Arbre tells you, "So you are not hearing them secondhand from me. I do suggest you maintain your respect and manners, though."

    Arbre Aquila says, "And have strength of will."

    Arbre smiles wryly.

    The Air dances with Tanixalthas' amusement as sparks of blue lightning crackle across Her hide.

    You say, "Um. Yes. Okay!"

    Rows upon rows of teeth are revealed as Tanixalthas offers a Draconic grin. Or a sneer. It's difficult to differentiate.

    You have emoted: Kjell swallows again and makes a very strong effort to pace his words out so they do not collide all together. "Hello great Dragon! Um. I am Kjell. I wanted to know if You understand how important Dendara is to our world and plane? Many in Shadow do not seem to and do not seem to understand how bad things would be here if it continues to be damaged so. What are Your Followers supposed to do in the world or is it only to grow strong in them selves?" He begins. "What are Your Goals? And what is acceptable in the cost to reach them? Will the Heartwood become a meal for You to get Your desires if it may bring ruin to our plane?"

    Occasionally, you could notice Tanixalthas repeating the plethora of questions to Herself - or She grinds Her teeth together. "I will answer these one by one, little hunter." Begins the rumbled response of the Dragon. "First, the Sky greets you, Kjell of the Sentinels."

    You have emoted: Kjell nods his head a few too many times. His hands fidget to find some thing to do so he starts to just hold his shield and rotate it in a circle. It is not a good way to hide that he is nervous but at least he is not dropping any other things.

    Tanixalthas, the Sun Drinker says, "I understand the importance of Dendara and, I spoke this before, but I have no intention to harm it, nor intention to protect it. My understanding is that it is nature in, and of, itself, life. It will grow, or rot, as intended. The source of its grief is not from the Godlings, that seems to be a mistaken rumor. My following are to abide by My rules. The rules of the Dragon kin. No more, or less. I do not encroach on their freedom. My goals are the same. I existed before you, and the Gods of Sapience. My goal has always been the growth of Me, and Mine to ensure our dominance. For what purpose? Unknown, I am not seer or prophet, but being prepared means I have very few threats."

    Tanixalthas, the Sun Drinker says, "As for the Heartwood becoming a meal, no. Trees are not awfully tasty and as I have pointed out previously, your Ascendril mages channel My element. I am not at odds with any of the young Gods, save for the Water One. That feud is born purely from It shoving a heart down My throat and causing Me, Personally, a great deal of pain."

    Tanixalthas, the Sun Drinker says, "Yet, My deal with the Shadowed One affords the Water God some protection in that, each of Them are important in what they offer Sapience. What exactly that is, is not My knowledge to trade."

    Arbre shifts her weight, her hand making a fist over a small Dragon hatchling's heart in her chest before she finally lowers it to her side. For perhaps the first time in her life, she is silent.

    You have emoted: Kjell chews on his lower lip and opens his mouth to ask some other question but he stops him self so he does not interrupt. His face is obviously troubled but he nods a few more times. Or he has been nodding the whole time, he does not know.

    Sudden inspiration appears to claim Sibatti's visage, her eyes widening and both ears lifting. She quietly raises her hand, a bit awkwardly, waiting for a clear chance to ask, "What is Your opinion on the others - the Gods of Albedos?"

    You say, "I know the harm in Dendara is not because of the Gods them selves but it is not good to overlook this. If You will not help protect it, what will You eat when there is no more game and only aberrations?"

    You have emoted: Kjell bites his tongue after the words come out and smiles apologetically. He keeps his straight posture even if it is a little stiff and forced, or a lot.

    The mantle of eerie, blue-green fire that warps across Tanixalthas' hide betrays Her movement as She shifts Her weight and rolls Her wings. "They allowed the cruelty against My kin to continue. The entrapment, the enslavement of My broodlings." The sparks of lightning across the Dragon's hide grow in magnitude to mimic the agitation of the Immortal. Silver eyes, all four, scan over Sibatti. "Created by faith, They are Monsters in Their own right."

    Tanixalthas, the Sun Drinker says to you, "If the threat causes inconvenience for Me, and Mine, or threatens My way of life, then I will get Myself involved. However, I am not foolish, little hunter. I refuse to make a promise I cannot keep, for the threat for now, remains unseen. There is nothing for Me to do. I cannot enter Dendara."

    Sibatti quirks an eyebrow, her lips twisting into an indiscernible expression.

    Tanixalthas, the Sun Drinker says, "Until there is a choice to be made, I will do as I do. Observe and continue to grow."

    You have emoted: Kjell face darkens with a frown at the mention of cruelty, which he very much does not like. It is an understanding frown and an empathetic one. It becomes a different frown as Tanixalthas continues. "I think You can promise that You will try." He says, full of sincerity if still naive with his youth and idealism. "We can never swear to results but we can swear we will do what we can if there is some thing we can do."

    Arbre's eyes flick swiftly from you to Tanixalthas, curious - and maybe a bit concerned - about Her answer.

    Tanixalthas, the Sun Drinker says, "That, I refuse, child of the hunt. Dragons make promises that are resolute. I gain nothing if I promise to try. Whether the Sentinels allow worship of Me, officially, or not, matters little in the grand scheme of My future. I do not make promises which garner Me nothing."

    Tanixalthas, the Sun Drinker says, "However, allowing worship of Me, does offer something to the Sentinels without a need for My promise. If My kin are within the Sentinels, then by proxy, there is a thread to pull on for My protection. Promised? No. But it leaves a... There is a mortal saying... A window, open...? No."

    You have emoted: Kjell nods his head again. "I understand. What we, and I, I think, are trying to understand...is if You are a threat to our work and what is necessary for Dendara and this plane. If You are a danger we need to be vigilant against. A threat can be in intention but also in inaction when it is action that is needed."

    You say, "Your Kin need food and grass also. Whether or not they are with the Pride does not change their mortal need of what Dendara provides."

    The shaking of Tanixalthas' head teases the wind and as the air swirls around you, She unfolds Her wings once more. "I am a threat if you make Me one, little mortal. I cannot make that decision for you." With that, the air practically vibrates with the coiling of the Dragon's muscles before they spring into action, sending Her into the sky above where Her wingspan opens to its fullest. "You go in circles, now. I have answered your questions. I have no desire to watch you go round, and round, and round. I can do that Myself in the sky." And She does just that. Powerful wings carry the Immortal higher into Her domain and She circles the forest once, or twice, before the hole in the sky that She creates vanishes on its journey towards the north.

    "Many new things to think about," Sibatti comments, perhaps to herself, as she watches the Dragon's ascent.

    With Tanixalthas' departure, Arbre releases a long, tired breath.

    You have emoted: Kjell looks like he wishes to argue maybe he is not the only one in circles, but he keeps him self silent and nods as the Dragon flies away.

    "So what do you think?" Arbre questions, finally turning to face you and Sibatti fully.

    Esrytesh Sibatti dur Naya says, "I think everything is unicorns and we're all terrible, heh."

    You have emoted: Kjell is quiet for some time while he thinks. "I think She is dangerous. She is not an immediate enemy but inaction and indifference are what allow rot to continue. This rot is not natural to Dendara. May be She can afford to have no stake in the world but we are mortal and we can not be so light about it. I think She can live in an environment that would be poison to us."

    "She probably could," Arbre agrees wearily, "But She did make a good point. Having Her followers within the Pride gives Her good reason to step in if they asked." She shrugs.

    You shake your head.

    You say, "I do not agree."

    You say, "What happens to our plane impacts every one regardless if they are in the Pride."

    You say, "The consequences of Dendara growing weak and corrupted by more shadow are not limited to the people of Duiran."

    You say, "I think it is negligent to think so."

    Esrytesh Sibatti dur Naya says, "I must retire for now... Kjell, will you be reporting on this to the Pride?"

    Arbre Aquila says, "She cannot even enter Dendara. What do you expect Her to do from the outside? Like I said, She would likely come if Her followers called."

    You nod your head at Sibatti.

    You say, "Yes ma'am."

    Esrytesh Sibatti dur Naya says, "I promise to add in my thoughts as well, as there were a few questions asked prior to your arrival."

    You say to Arbre, "She can help protect the core which is our life-line to Dendara."

    Esrytesh Sibatti dur Naya says to Arbre, "Our conversation will continue to evolve, I suppose. See you soon."

    You say, "So I think we must prioritize educating Her followers if that is what it will take."

    "Protect it against what? There is not threat right no--" Arbre sighs out, cutting herself off and
    shaking her head, "She will not promise to do -anything- if there is not a solid threat.
    Nevertheless, you have your answers, I hope. I have done everything I can. I need to go home a bit."

    You say to Arbre, "A time for a promise when the threat has come and gone is too late."

    You say, "I have been reading more of the histories. When Enorian was destroyed and the place the Nazetu are in."

    You say, "There are invasions and great Gods that wake and change the world around them."

    You say, "That is a time for action not for negotiating."

    Arbre Aquila says, "You have the opportunity to give Her reason to stand against threats to the Core. For us to say 'come' and Her to say 'yes, my Kin need me'. Banning Her negates any protection She could give. She would have no reason to act."

    You say, "It is too important to require that kind of barter."

    You say, "That is a very weak alliance if that is what it demands."

    Arbre Aquila says, "A weak alliance, as you call it, is better than no alliance at all. In any case, I need to go home. Be well, Mister Mulariad."

    You say, "The consequences of Dendara impact Her Kin no matter if they are with us or not."

    You say, "You are not immune in Spinesreach if the Core is damaged or Dendara withers more."

    You say, "There will be no food and no plants to heal our selves or animals to mix into elixirs."

    You nod your head emphatically.

    (Tells): The icy whisper of Someone powerful intrudes on your thoughts: "I do not need you, little hunter. But you need Me. You need all the strength and tools you can muster against that which rots your Dendara. Do not be foolish enough to think you have that much weight with Me. It is not negotiation."

    You say, "Thank you for helping with this ma'am."

    Arbre Aquila says, "Certainly."

    Arbre Aquila says, "Voltda."
    A sulfurous portal opens in the ground before Arbre and she quickly jumps into it before it snaps
    shut behind her.

    You say, "I am food for what grows next in this world, Great Dragon. But You and Your Kin need Dendara. That is not a negotiation also."

    (Tells): The icy whisper of Someone powerful intrudes on your thoughts: "We existed before Sapience, child of the forest."

    You say, "You did but we did not. We need what grows and what lives because of Dendara. Your Followers need Dendara."

    (Tells): The icy whisper of Someone powerful intrudes on your thoughts: "Do they?"

    You say, "Yes."

    (Tells): The icy whisper of Someone powerful intrudes on your thoughts: "Incorrect. But that is neither here, nor there."

    You shake your head.

    (Tells): The icy whisper of Someone powerful intrudes on your thoughts: "Your knowledge of the world is young, yet. The fact still remains, you need Me. I do not need you. There is no word play, here. You seek a promise I cannot make."

    (Tells): The icy whisper of Someone powerful intrudes on your thoughts: "And due to being unable to make a blanket promise, you will close the door for a future opportunity."

    (Tells): The icy whisper of Someone powerful intrudes on your thoughts: "I hope your shoulders can carry that weight when the time comes, child of the forest."

    You have emoted: Kjell chews on his lip a little but shakes his head again. His conviction is not deterred in his understanding of the world. "My mind is not stone, Great Dragon. My beliefs grow as they are nurtured. My mind is not made while I seek more understanding."

    (Tells): The icy whisper of Someone powerful intrudes on your thoughts: "Then allow Me to gift you some understanding on this Dragon, first of Her kind, eldest amidst the kin - I do not revisit when a host closes a door."

    (Tells): The icy whisper of Someone powerful intrudes on your thoughts: "Ever polite, I respect My hosts, but never again do I accept their hospitality to open negotiation. That is what this choice is. To open the door and deepen the understanding between forest, and Dragon kin, or to close it."

    You say, "Thank You. I will consider this heavily as I prepare my report."

    (Tells): The icy whisper of Someone powerful intrudes on your thoughts: "May the wind bolster your wisdom when it comes to making that choice, creature of the forest."
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    Lin is disappointed there is no booze
    "Mmm," Lin answers without commitment, attention segueing gradually to you. "Still they only sell milk, here."

    Kjell shrugs a little. "I like milk." He helpfully says. "The Voice sells a lot of other things but I think those make you drunk." He wouldn't know.

    Tythos seems taken off guard by the forward stare, uncertainty sliding through his posture. The colors change as well, slighting into yellows and grey as he forces himself not to take a half step back. "Cookie?" he asks, holding up the offered treat between himself and Lin, as if it were a shield.

    "That is the point," Lin retorts at you, a little testily. Her tail flickers from side to side, and there is a pricklish sense from her, a tension, like a cat maintaining a keen awareness of something she isn't looking at. Turning heel, she extends a brace of claws, and tries to snatch the confection right from Tythos' hand.

    Tythos snatches his hand back almost as fast as Lin's snakes out to snare the sweet, the tall, lanky Yeleni seemingly on the verge of bolting from the room.

    Kjell frowns a little and mumbles, "Oh." He shrugs again. "Well they have a lot of flagons may be some thing there will be good?" He suggests. It is obvious in his face that he is purely operating on theory. "I hear them advertise a lot to the market with Desperate Measures and Mulariad's Mark or something. I think those are drinks."

    Lin never takes her eyes from Tythos, not even when she sniffs at the cookie like a woman feral, orslips it into her mouth, chewing perhaps once or twice with sharp teeth before swallowing it whole and dry. She lets her eyes linger for a few heartbeats longer, something questioning or demanding there, the occasional and rapid-fire flicker of her sights over his whole figure.

    Lin diverts her attention, her body language changing entirely - unguarded and easygoing. "You don't drink, young one?" she asks you.

    The second that Lin's eyes slide away from him, Tythos drops his gaze and bolts.

    Tythos leaves to the north, riding a medium-sized, grey taerilan.

    Lin almost turns and starts after Tythos, something instinctive kicking in. She's frozen in the doorway, tail raised and bristly.

    Kjell runs his stained fingers through his hair a little and shakes head. "No, I mean I had ale once but it did not taste very good. Some times the men would have something in a flask for when it was cold but Agnetha said that just made your blood thin so you would get colder faster. And one time Borl was drunk and cut off some toes because he did not catch his axe when he was showing off." He says it all very vast and with very little filter from memory to tongue.

    "You drank for the wrong reasons. It tastes best when you're forgetting things with it," Lin explains. Her commitment to the conversation cannot win out over whatever strange compulsions take her, and in an instant she's darting off, crashing through the boughs and mistletoe that had plagued her before, most likely to chase down the timid man.

    Kjell watches Lin go. He does not seem surprised by the quick departure this time. "I do not have any thing to forget yet." He says even if she can not hear.
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    I've really enjoyed the couple if small interactions I've had with Kjell over the past couple of weeks. He seems to be a really well realised character.
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