Training an Inciter

Recently @Ayuna was appointed as Iosyne's general. I thought I'd share a log from when she was promoted to Inciter and first made a representative of Malevolence.

Hope you all enjoy!

(Tells): Agony wracks you for an instant as Iosyne's words bestow the gift of Pain upon you, "I
was approached by two of our Enforcers a few weeks ago."

(Tells): You tell Iosyne, "What did they wish to say?"

[Travel to Iosyne’s Layer]

Look Iosyne:
She is an Immortal of massive proportions, a half-woman, half-spider monstrosity of terrifying shape. The sharp, angular features of Her face are hardened into a cruel countenance, Her sightless gaze naught but narrowed white orbs lacking their pupil. A haze of creeping shadows partially swathes Her form, surrounding Her like a heavy fog, and partially melding with the wild mane of crimson-streaked black hair cascading from Her shoulders. Whipcord muscles beneath sleek ebony skin suit Her monstrous form well; where Her humanoid waist ends, an arachnid thorax begins and continues into a bulbous black abdomen splattered with red blots. Eight segmented, spindly legs carry this body aptly and swiftly, dexterous appendages capable of moving in any direction with frightening speed.

Look Xenia:
She is an athletic Idreth of Atavian heritage and Chiav form. A fusion of humanoid and enormous spider, she stands around ten feet in height, held aloft by eight black, spindly, segmented legs. While the lower, arachnid half of her body is the same shade of black as her legs, where the two halves meet, around where the hips would be on a human, thick black hair has sprouted like a mane. Above this, the black of the lower half gives way to the sun-bronzed coloured skin of the upper body of a woman. With broad shoulders, and strong arms, she has bright red hair that falls down past her shoulders, with stray strands that sweep stubbornly across her vision, escaped from where the mess of waves has been tucked behind her ears in an effort to contain the otherwise errant locks. In addition to her lower half, several arachnid-like features have found their way into her face, namely four black eyes, two found in the usual place and then a second two resting just above them, and the glimpse of fangs when her lips part to speak or smile. A vicious jagged scar mars her right set of eyes, crossing downwards from her brow to where it terminates at the top of her cheekbone. Streaks of crimson blood spatter her face. Translucent strands of spiderweb periodically weave around her form, empowering her with Iosyne's blessing.

(enveloping her form) : chitinous exoskeleton armour
(inked at the back of the neck) : a black-inked tattoo of a pair of crossed fists
(Hanging from around the neck) : a pulsing heart hanging by a brass chain
(wrapped around the wrist) : a grisly cultist trophy
(strung upon a chain around the neck) : a ring engraved with the Seirath crest
(red hair spilling out) : a Helm of Command

A phosphorescent lounge.
The warm tunnel terminates into a small chamber, dug out from the soft earth to resemble a womb in shape and form. The center of the chamber has been cleared away to make room for a large, circular seating area of curious construction. In the center of the ring of seats is a low to
the ground table, seemingly constructed from the earthy chamber itself. The entire area is
awash with a phosphorescent glow, due to the presence of hundreds of tiny bright glow-worms
slowly inching their way over the ceiling and walls. A macabre scrimshaw divan stands here. A
small earthen table sits within the center of the seating area. Jarva Ruek is here. A circular
seating area occupies the center of the room. There are 2 wrought-iron drink carts here. A tray
of unfinished volcanic glass hovers off of the ground, its base vanishing into a fog of shadow.
Dripping black ichor, a heaping skeleton of bone creates a construct from the earth here. The
monstrous half-woman, half-spider form of Iosyne, the Malevolent is here. A small sign
indicates that LIBRARY CATALOG will list the materials in this library.
You see exits leading northeast and west.

"What I'm sure many are thinking," Iosyne continues without missing a beat. "Concerns about the state of My presence, stagnation within Mine, that sort of thing."

Xenia skitters through the lounge, standing on those eight legs, her upper body ever cloaked in that symbiotic blob that ripples and forms perfectly with her every bodily motion. Both hands rise, forming to cross at an angle before her face before dropping to her side. "Malevolent," she greets, head dipping low. "Their doubt is weak," the Voice retorts, "I leave them to take claim, mold and make their marks outside of my shadow and they complain?" There is nothing kind or understanding in the woman's face which twists with disgust. "What will you have me do, shall I hold their hands once again?"

Iosyne's lips tug upwards, Her clawed hand reaching forward to cup Xenia’s cheek fondly. "I am
ever reminded of My wisdom in choosing My Voice," She says, settling comfortably back upon Her arachnid haunches. "To be fair, your shadow is rather intimidating," the Goddess continues, Her smile widening. "I can at least admire the initiative. They sought to take responsibility and I have given some. A few have been removed as representatives, and I have raised Tatia and Ayuna. Mazzion has also been appointed as the Bloodletter."

From the west, a warbling hobgobbler flaps in unceremoniously.

A warbling hobgobbler snarls angrily at you and moves in for the kill.

A warbling hobgobbler suddenly seizes up as though struck by a jolt, then collapses to the
ground, dead.

Having slain a warbling hobgobbler, Iosyne retrieves the corpse.

Iosyne is suddenly surrounded by an aura of translucent divine fire.

Iosyne gruesomely devours the corpse of a warbling hobgobbler, tearing into it chunk by chunk.

Xenia's head dips to acknowledge Iosyne's words, the Goddess' touch inspiring a twist of lips in a malicious grin. "This--" and then some demon hell turkey has emerged and is attacking. The Voice stands in shock: how dare she be attacked here in the Malevolent's presence! Its death she leaves to the Goddess, pleased in the gruesome display of its demise, "I suppose a snack is always nice, Malevolent. Now then, more representatives, what have You tasked them with?"

Xenia says, "It is good that they have been promoted."

The following members of the Order of Iosyne are in the realm:
Member Rank Status
Iosyne Matron
Xenia Iosyne's Voice
Mazzion the Bloodletter
Ayuna an Inciter of Malice
Axius an Enforcer of Pain
Ansidia an Enforcer of Pain

Iosyne's tongue flicks out, casually licking the errant drops of blood off Her fingers before
retreating back among Her jagged fangs. "They propose to spread My Rules, recruit and train
Congregants - Tatia spoke of the effect you had on her when she was a Knight Templar, drawing
her to Me." The Goddess places a hand over Her heart and the organ - conveniently hanging from Xenia’s neck - burns hot momentarily with the contact. "A touching tale," She remarks dryly. "Games of pigeon - an apt name, I suppose - and a...ball," She continues dubiously. "I suppose Mine are uniquely equipped to dancing," She concludes, tapping each of Her eight legs in turn against the ground for effect.

Iosyne says, "Mazzion is, of course, going to continue to be Mazzion. I foresee nothing further
required there."

"A ball?" Xenia asks, she doesn't sound as impressed, though the mention of the murder sport does earn a nod of approval. "If there is to be a ball I hope it will be, at least, a gruesome affair." When Iosyne's hand leaves her own raises to rest upon the pulsing heart hanging by a brass chain, pressing it nearer to breast as though seeking out the pain and burn that had graced her own heart just moments before. "Mazzion is ever devout, ever motivated, he is true to his place in this world." The Voice's head cants aside and eyes lift up towards the ceiling, "If they are to have a dance, why not make it a competition of sorts, dance for your life perhaps?"

"Ball," Iosyne muses, opening Her left hand to look at Her palm. "Pigeon," She continues, now
opening Her right hand. She brings both together, clapping Her palms together with a sharp
thwack. "This is sounding more and more amenable," She states, Her hands rubbing together
gleefully. "I'm sure we can find some delightful union of the two." The Goddess allows Her
hands to come apart, falling back to Her sides as She adjusts Her seat. "It has been quite some
time. How are things with My Voice?"

Xenia's eyes lift to the ceiling, thinking for some time before responding. "I exist, my shadow has been cast, the shape my hands have made on the world evident in my gaze." She nods perpetually with her words, "and now I sit back and watch. I wait for my story to be echoed by those I have planted seeds in, to see them rise up and build upon the base I created. As Moirean did for me, I now sit and wait for these others to expand and grow."

Iosyne nods. "Will you be present for a while longer?"

"In the scope of time do you mean today?" Xenia me wonders of Iosyne, "Or is this a question of my presence in the world, day to day?"

Iosyne says, "The next little bit. Ayuna has asked something of Me, and I would like for you to
make some expectations clear."

Xenia says, "Very well, will you elaborate on the nature of these expectations. My mind is ever
fluid, I wish to prepare its state."

Iosyne's lips peel back in a grin. "She has asked permission to give a task to Arahali," the
Goddess says slowly, Her fingers drumming a clicking beat against Her thigh. "She is newer, I
suppose, and just thrust into Her position. But new Inciter or not, some expectations have to
be set as far as...asking permission..."

Xenia's face scrunches, "I detest permission," she points out, "I believe in doing, and if it requires forgiveness, then ask for it." She waves a hand, "I've said this to Ayuna many times, but perhaps this expectation will sink in."

Iosyne's grin widens at the words, Her tongue trailing across Her lips in anticipation.
"Perhaps this time the lesson will stick."

Xenia's hand settle into a loose cross over her chest, "very well, I am ready for her whenever You are."

A large, writhing tentacle deposits Ayuna before retreating back underground.

A great weight seems to have been lifted from Ayuna.

"Voice," Iosyne directs Xenia, gesturing to Ayuna. "I have raised a new Inciter - she seems to be
embracing her role, asking permission to task a Congregant."

Ayuna bows lowly in front of Iosyne, showing respect before her attentions fall upon Xenia.
"Greetings, Voice."

Iosyne's grin widens, lips peeling back further to reveal countless rows of jagged, uneven
teeth. "She is new to the role. Educate her." Her finger curls lazily upwards in response to
the bow - a crushing force seizes Ayuna, forcing her upright before the prostration completes.
"I do not expect Mine to bow to any."

"Permission?" The word echoes out cool, sharpened with the bite of enunciation as Xenia's body shifts to rotate that spider half around and regard Ayuna within her distant, scrutinizing gaze. "Inciter," she doesn't bother with greetings, cutting right to it, "When one incites a riot, do they ask permission? When one incites malice, is their victim provided a party invitation asking to respond with a 'yes' or 'no'?"

Ayuna blinks, nodding. "Understood Malevolent." Her gaze returning to Xenia, she turns to
silence. After a few moments, she smiles. "Also understood. Perhaps guidance on what tasks one could offer, then?"

Xenia's hand comes to her chest, thrumming against a pulsing heart hanging by a brass chain in a steady, beating rhythm. "What inspires you about this congregant?"

While Xenia awaits an answer she takes study of the serving tray where canters and cups have been set. Oddly, there is also a scalpel and she opts to select this tool. The Voice's deep green eyes settle once more upon Ayuna while a finger tests the point before thumb is fanned across the razor edge blade.

Ayuna watches Xenia’s movements. "She shows inspiration and vigor. I had suggested she bring people into the Congregation whilst bringing in essence, and she has brought in two so far and I believe is working on a third." She contemplates for longer. "I have known her for a while,
and when she is taked to do something, she puts her full force into every action to make that
happen, even pushing herself every step to become stronger."

Ayuna coughs softly. "Tasked even."

Xenia nods a little, "Tell me, what is the third tenant, Inciter?" She holds that blade up ever higher, scrutinizing it in the foreground of Ayuna's face from where she stands just an arms reach away.

Ayuna smiles. "We must obtain power, and shape our world with it." She watches the blade
carefully, remembering a moment shared with you long ago. "If we do not have power, attain it.
If we do, to attain more."

Ayuna takes a drink from an amethyst vial.

"Shape it, mold it--" Xenia's lips pull to show teeth in a smile that doesn't look quite right on her very human features. Like a joker without face paint she looms in closer, bringing the point of that blade to rest gently against Ayuna's cheek. "Carve it, even, yes? Tell me, Inciter, if you have given her a task, if she has proven herself to you in this task, why have you not taken matters into your own hands? Why have you not brought her into our ranks? Do you ask because you still have your doubts?" These questions get listed out one after the other without much time to respond before a pause. A pregnant silence and then she asks one final: "Is this you asking me to remove your face and put my own in place of yours?"

Ayuna watches, unwaivering at the knife, never showing fear to damage. A slight smile creeps
over her face at the challenge. "Perhaps I feel that she has not fully met my standards for this yet," she whispers through her forked tongue. "I expect from her potential that who she has brought in is well and good, but she has not faced a challenge." As if almost on cue, she lets her eyes wander from the blade. "Never disappointing... she is trying at this very moment to lure in one that holds great presence on the field and influence over many. Perhaps it is best to see if she can sway another into our ranks from Another's congregation. A true challenge."

"You see her as a seed," Xenia reasons, leaning away, dropping her hand to let that scalpel dangle just a few short inches from Ayuna's throat. "What will you do with your seed once it's been allowed to sprout up and granted space for roots?"

Ayuna tilts her neck back, giving you more room to slice should Xenia desire so. "I will continue
to see to her growth, as well as fine tune her influence on those she draws to her through our
tenets. Teach her how to secure her power, and learn from her pains, and pass those lessons on. We have a force that is reawakening here, and I do not intend on letting that sharpness dull of one with so much untapped potential." Her fangs curl around her lips as she keeps her eyes
locked to Xenia. "Rather, give her the tools to sharpen her own."

That scalpel’s blade taps against Ayuna's skin, the flat metal edge a bounce against the vampire’s cold and pale flesh. "And while you do so, will you be asking permission?" Xenia’s eyes narrow, and again her face contorts with disgust. "Will you teach her to ask for permission, is that the shape you see, a bunch of sheep waiting and yearning for their Malevolent shepherd?"

Ayuna closes her eyes. "We are not sheep, nor do we follow the words of sheep," she utters as
if incited from long ago into her memories. "That was a mistake, in unfamiliar territory and
poorly spoken, and will not happen again. I do not lead the city with asking permission, even
of the Keeper. I do not ask permission of my Primus to act. So no, I never have taught people
to be weak and I never will."

"Good." Xenia's chin dips to nod and at last the scalpel is drawn away and with a few skittering backsteps, she is back to the serving tray to trade scalpel for cup and drink. "Because you are now one of the Malevolent's many faces. While I am Her Voice, you are my echo. Make sure Her words sound loud and clear."

Ayuna adjusts her posture subtly, dropping her head back down to eye level. "Of course, Voice.
Her words and tenets are in every step I take, and will never be dulled by my hand." She gazes
over to Iosyne now, taking in great detail. "They will be heard."

You take a slender glass from a wrought-iron drink cart.

As you pick up a slender glass, you lean forward to fill your glass from the slender decanter.

You start to wield a slender glass in your left hand.

You drink from a slender glass full of acidic "spider's bite" liquour, the smoky and caramel
-like dark tequila masked by the taste of a strangely sweet, dark red liquid.

Xenia drinks from her glass and then motions the cart to Ayuna, "This lounge, Her lair, it is Our domain. Own it as though it were your own. Make use of it, remind the world and Our order that this is Our home."

Ayuna nods, gazing over the cart. "I have made an order. Isia had been trying to find an escort
to walk her through our Lair. If she is caught in here, she will be enemied, and her blood will
shed. If anyone from the Order or Congregation lets her in, they will be handled as well. She
knows of this threat, as does the Congregation."

"What does she wish to gain by walking through Our path?" Xenia wonders, head tilting, and eyes sparking with interest. "We could close the door or, perhaps we can gain something from her desire to delve into the Malevolent's domain."

Ayuna smirks. "She desires to explore everywhere she can."

Xenia stares blankly at length at Ayuna with no trace of approval. "Think on this, we deny it and take her blood if she disobeys but what more does that give us? But, if we bargain with her, get something greater than her blood in exchange for entry." Those bronzed lips spread to grin, flashing fangs at the thought, "What could we leverage how can we gain from this?"

Ayuna considers, taking mere moments before responding. "Information. I am aware she is an
informant. Perhaps we can get a list of the linked shrines of her city in return for a guided

"Good, rather than shutting doors, isolating Us from the world," when Xenia speaks of the order her eyes flit briefly towards Iosyne, including Her in the reference, "think instead on how to control the ways in which We open our doors and proliferate Ourselves throughout Sapience."

Ayuna nods, clear understanding washing over her. "Yes, this could be profitable indeed."

"Remember, Inciter, it is always wise to come in with multiple things you would accept," Xenia continues on, listing out her advice and direction. "Consider the lowest price you will allow. Come in hard and offer first what you want, in this case linked shrines. Keep in your back pocket a counter offer that is more costly than what you desire. Give the facade of choice. Make them squirm."

Ayuna ponders, furrowing her brow before returning to expressionless. "I will have to consider

Xenia settles back, letting Ayuna's final words sink in with another long drink from her cup. Her head dips again forward, nodding one last time. "I will be watching, seeing how you carve this world and by proxy, Our face. Do not ask permission to make cuts again."

You drink from a slender glass of acidic "spider's bite" liquour, the smoky and caramel-like
dark tequila masked by the taste of a strangely sweet, dark red liquid.

You drink from a slender glass of acidic "spider's bite" liquour, the smoky and caramel-like
dark tequila masked by the taste of a strangely sweet, dark red liquid.

Ayuna nods. "Understood." She gazes at the Malevolent, nodding to Her with respect. "I have to
work on taking over Primus, since the contesting election is underway a week in. Is there
anything I can do for You before I return to my tasks?"

Having previously observed in the background, Iosyne rises from Her haunches, nodding to Xenia before turning Her white orbs to Ayuna. "I raised you for your initiative and action. Mine do not operate as My Siblings traditionally have Their followers; you are what you are,
unabashedly so, unashamedly so. You bend the world to your image, you do not acquiesce to the world. Remember that it is ultimately you who shape the Order, with or without My direct
instruction. More so now than ever, as a Representative."

A webbed nest spins into existence and Ayuna claws at the silken cocoon, shedding her webbing as she returns to Aetolia.

Ayuna smiles wickedly, brandishing her fangs. "It shall be done, Malevolent."

Iosyne says, "That is all. If you desire a way of greeting to replace the bow, our salute will
suffice. But it is neither required nor expected."

Iosyne slams Her crossed fists on Her chest, emulating the Malevolent's insignia.

Ayuna slams her crossed fists on her chest, emulating the Malevolent's insignia.

Iosyne says, "Or, I believe My Voice is rather more fond of the other gesture."

Iosyne laces Her thumbs together, fingers fully extended, to form the vague shape of a spider
with Her hands. Iosyne wriggles Her fingers, making the 'spider legs' dance. Spooky!

Ayuna laces her thumbs together, fingers fully extended, to form the vague shape of a spider
with her hands. Ayuna wriggles her fingers, making the 'spider legs' dance. Spooky!

You lace your thumbs together, fingers fully extended, to form the vague shape of a spider with
your hands. You wriggle your fingers, making the 'spider legs' dance. Spooky!

Ayuna says, "It is quite amusing!"

Iosyne says, "Ah, there was one more thing."

Iosyne gives a token of the Malevolent's esteem to Ayuna.

Xenia says, "It is a shadow web of sorts. The meek gravitate to its lack of levity and it provides
Us a position of power. Don’t be confused in its illusion to benevolents, that is for the sheep."

Iosyne says, "Think of what you desire for your personal keepsake from Me."

Ayuna looks at a token of the Malevolent's esteem curiously. "Interesting."

[Ayuna leaves. Iosyne and Xenia sit in silence drinking together.]



  • Maaan! I remember this. The burns were real, and gave Ayuna exactly what she needed for character development to absolutely never let anyone try to challenge her without a fight again. Definitely the best RP wake up call ever. Thanks for the much needed nostalgia!
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