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Hi all,

We have a couple notes of clarification regarding Roleplay Logs that are posted on the forums. The Pools and other players love to see your logs and we hope you will continue sharing your stories for the world to see! We have a few points of clarification regarding proper etiquette and best practices for sharing logs going forward:

If a character is a focus of a scene, you must obtain their permission to post any logs involving them. Of course, "focus" is hard to define concretely but as a general rule of thumb: if the scene involves heavy input/interaction with the character and would not otherwise be open to the public, please seek that player's permission. For large gatherings and/or events where the focus is more on the event itself, you are fine to post without seeking permission. When in doubt, ask!
Scenes run by members of the Pools (God RP, mob possession, official events, etc.) are implicitly open to being posted on the forums. While the Pools won't post them directly ourselves, by participating in a Pools-sanctioned scene you are open to having the log posted. There will be some exceptions to this in extreme situations, e.g. when the subject matter is very critical/sensitive to a particular character. We will make those situations clear. If you participate in a scene with multiple people as well as a member of the Pools but you aren't comfortable with having the log potentially shared, please let us know.

We are enacting these guidelines as we would like to foster a roleplay environment that everybody can participate and feel comfortable in. As much as we love to see everything you're all getting up to and the great stories you're all creating, people have varying levels of comfort in having their roleplay shared with the world; please be respectful of that. There may also be information that players potentially do not wish to reveal, even on an OOC level.

As a sidenote, this policy does not apply to combat logs. After some discussion, we feel that combat is much more objective as you are making use of the mechanics inherent in the game rather than the (almost) unlimited leeway to create subjective actions inherent in roleplay.

- Tiur


  • SaritaSarita Empress of Bahir'an The Pillars of the Earth
    I was wondering if we can get an update on this for the anonymous encounters, assuming the partner's identity is never revealed.
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