Freeing the Blood Slaves

Twilight has overtaken the light in Aetolia. (21:03:06)

(Tells): @Rebra's psychic whisper trails through your mind, "It is done, Sire. Anything else I might help you with?"

You feel something stirring deep beneath your thoughts, cold and vast, but the sensation swiftly fades.

(Dominion): Caretaker Vinessa Nehekhara says, "Primus, I have brought those that you requested into the throne room. We await your company."

(Dominion): You say, "Thank you, Vinessa. I shall be there momentarily."

(Dominion): You say, "Dominion. My progeny. You may also be present for this."

(Tells): @Galilei's psychic whisper trails through your mind, "Your Imperial Majesty." Her voice is
quiet, and you do not need to exercise much of your power to pick out the face that floats in her mind. "I - thank you. I will attend."

(Dominion): Rebra says, "I will come presently, Sire."

(Dominion): @Azarae says, "When should we make our way there if we are attending, Primus?"

(Dominion): You say, "Actually, let us meet in the guildhall. At the Hall of the Primus."

Galilei does not turn immediately, but in the end, she faces both Consanguine and offers a low
curtsey. Her expression is placid, as usual.

(Dominion): You say, "You may come now."

Galilei begins to follow you.

(Dominion): Rebra says, "I went there first, I was a little bit confused, as you were not present."

You beckon Rebra to you.
Rebra begins to follow you.

Carefully choosing your steps as though on a catwalk, you strut in from the west, hip swaying.
An enforcer of the Dominion gives you a respectful salute.
An enforcer of the Dominion gives Galilei a respectful salute.
An enforcer of the Dominion gives Rebra a respectful salute.

As you speak the words, you walk up to the gates and slice your hand on one of the lower lances, offering your blood in exchange for entrance into the dark sanctuary beyond.

You purse your lips pensively, gazing off into the distance as you carefully gather your thoughts.

This is it.

The hall of the Primus.
--- Area 88: Bloodloch ----------- v***** ---
--- The hall of the Primus ------- 6:2:-4 ---
Dark grey bricks stretch across the floors of this spacious hallway, their interlocking pattern
seemingly endless and mesmerizing. Shining and glistening slickly, the surface of these bricks have been glossed over and shimmer faintly every now and again with the flickering candlelight from the chandelier above. White sandstone has been smoothed along the walls to contrast with the dark floor. An intricate painting of the Progenitor has been hung along the western wall, dark obsidian framing the artwork to contrast with the pale sandstone. A matching frame has been secured across from it on the eastern wall, the painting depicting the Third Primus. A sigil in the shape of a small, rectangular monolith is on the ground. Resting on the ground is a cube-shaped silver sigil. Caretaker Vinessa Nehekhara stands here attentively. There are 2 nubile bloodslaves here. There are 5 shacklebound slaves here. There are 3 tall, powerful slaves here. There are 2 lovely concubine bloodslaves here. A frail and dandily dressed man stands here. A young Tsol'aa slave sits here, chained to the Primus' throne. A naked Nazetu woman is here, strapped down atop a table. An enormous onyx golem with inlaid sanguinite is here. Galilei is here. She wields a fiery, spiced cinnamon cupcake in her left hand and an iron sickle in her right. The monstrous form of Sarita is here, her stony body towering over you. She wields a menacing flail in her left hand and a jewel-encrusted buckler in her right. Rebra is here, hidden. She is riding on a war-painted orel. She wields a wicked, curved scalpel in her left hand and a spiked kite shield in her right. Caretaker Vinessa Nehekhara is a tutor. View HELP LEARNING for more information about learning skills. You see exits leading north and south.

Carefully choosing your steps as though on a catwalk, you strut in from the south, hips swaying.
[HINT]: Caretaker Vinessa Nehekhara seems particularly alert.

You feel something stirring deep beneath your thoughts, cold and vast, but the sensation swiftly fades.

Rebra inclines her head politely to Caretaker Vinessa Nehekhara.

You have emoted: "Caretaker," Callidora says, nodding her head in a polite manner before Vinessa.

(Bloodloch): @Laera has graduated from novicehood.

(Dominion): Caretaker Vinessa Nehekhara says, "Welcome, Laera, to the Consanguine Dominion. You should begin by reading GHELP WELCOME - it will help in guiding you as you become accustomed to your new surroundings. Any questions you might have may be asked here by the way of GT . Now be on your way, nightstalker."

You move about quickly and lose Empress Rebra Nehekhara.
You move about quickly and lose Grand Duchess Galilei Nehekhara.

After a formal "Primus," is delivered to you, Caretaker Vinessa Nehekhara's head dips into a polite nod to each new arrival.

(Bloodloch): Elene says, "Well done, Laera."

Rebra turns, her eyes scanning all the slaves gathered here. She inclines her head at them as well, before walking a little to the side, giving you and Vinessa the floor.

(Dominion): Rebra says, "Welcome, Laera!"

Her stony face entirely unreadable, @Sarita glances carefully over the gathering.

(Bloodloch): Laera says, "Um, thanks!"

(Dominion): You say, "Let me know if you need assistance getting into the guildhall."

(Dominion): Laera says, "Thank you!"

(Dominion): Rebra says, "Please also make sure to read GHELP NIGHTSTALKER to learn how to earn the gift of the Blood."

Galilei's head is softly bowed, a near-inaudible breath escaping her lips.

(Dominion): Rebra says, "There is a gathering of the Dominion, in fact, within the guildhall. Do
not feel pressured to join, but if you wish to be present, we may escort you here."

Rebra's movements seem to become more rapid, her limbs almost a blur as she moves.

(Dominion): Laera says, "Sure!"

Azarae arrives from the south.

A nightmarish figure inclines her head politely to those around her.

Rebra says to you, "I will bring her by your leave, Primus?"

Rebra leaves to the south, riding a war-painted orel.

Rebra enters from the south, followed by Laera.

Azarae removes a pair of diffusal goggles.

Caretaker Vinessa Nehekhara stands before all the gathered slaves, her hands neatly tucked together over her navel as she waits silently for everyone to gather. Occasionally, she does bop onto the balls of her feet, as if filling her stillness with a mundane, unnecessary motion.

a nightmarish figure places the blindfold over their eyes before tying it behind their head.

Callidora crosses her arms behind her back, taking care not to prod or jab any of
the others with the claws protruding from her hands.

As she enters with Laera, Rebra inclines her head once more before stepping off to the side,
examining the gathering.

(Dominion): You say, "Will anyone else be present? If not, we will begin."

Galilei just thought:
This will hardly be a pretty occasion.

"Thank you to those who have gathered for this. It is history in the making, made by our Primus." Caretaker Vinessa Nehekhara announces and her hands finally part to slide towards, first the slaves, and then you. "At your ready, Primus." The caretaker whispers easily with a dip of her head.

Rebra just thought:
Why ARE the slaves here?

The slaves all shuffle uneasily, some with eyes wide in fear, others with a sneer and a disgruntled snort.

Deep, guttural chants bellow forth from deep below the city's streets.

"Thank you, Vinessa," Callidora says, giving The Caretaker a single nod of her head. Her dark gaze travels around the room, taking in the sight of each consanguine which has gathered. The corners of her mouth twitch slightly, but you can't quite decide if a frown or smile threatens her lips. She remains silent for a long moment, pursing her lips as she appears to consider something heavily.

Allowing the silence to fill the air for a few more moments, the Primus uncrosses
her arms from behind her back, her clawed and bloody hands coming to rest at her sides. "The
Dominion has undergone many changes since the first of you came to us," Callidora begins, turning back around to face the slaves before her. "Granted, all of you did not have much choice in the matter." She pauses for a moment, falling quiet as she considers each of her words carefully. "Hm..." she utters softly.

Rebra's yellow eyes flicker over the slaves, studying each of them present.

You feel your knees wobble as the haunting whispers of despair wrap around your consciousness like a cold blanket.

"WE AIN'T MEALS!" One of the slave suddenly blurts and he steps forward, and towards Caretaker Vinessa Nehekhara back before the slender woman, calmly and fluidly, pivots to slap the blood-slave back in place. "Hear her." The Consanguine snarls.

Rebra just thought:
I thought there were more here a moment ago? Is the light playing tricks on me?

Callidora's eyelashes flutter, her gaze falling upon the rowdy slave. She offers a
sweet smile, her fangs gleaming in the dim lighting of the hallway.

There is a hustle and bustle amidst the poorly dressed mortals that stand behind Vinessa, but with her swift backhand, they flinch and stare down at their toes. As the Primus' smile is delivered, soft usherings pass between the drab group.

Both Sarita and her golem turn their attention towards the man who spoke out of turn, and Sarita's grip on her flail seems to tighten briefly before she slowly forces her crystalline gaze back to you.

"The Dominion today is not the Dominion it once was," Callidora says, finally,
eventually finding words that she deems suitable. She lifts her head a little higher, raising her
nose in the air. "We no longer serve under our Progenitor, but instead work alongside one another towards a better future. Instead of being divided by the Houses, we are unified through the Blood, under one Name."

Galilei does not quite look at the mortal that had spoken out, the composure of her face wavering with an emotion rather different from her grandsire's - before she makes to wipe it off.

As if nothing had happened at all, Caretaker Vinessa Nehekhara carefully wipes the back of her hand on a cloth produced from her belt and as she dabs at her skin, cleaning the blood away, her piercing gaze lands on you again. You swear there is a curse whispered behind her back, though.

One of the slaves attempts to break away from the group, but they are quickly pulled back into line by a friend or family member.

Rebra's eyes linger for a moment over the slave that moved. After a pause, they flicker to Vinessa, and then finally, reverently, back to the Primus who speaks.

You feel something stirring deep beneath your thoughts, cold and vast, but the sensation swiftly fades.

Rebra just thought:
They are not happy.

Uttering a soft, unnecessary sigh, Callidora diverts her gaze away from the RUDE
interrupter and back to the group as a whole. "I could sit here for weeks and discuss all of the
details of our dark history, and all of the ways that we have changed, and how I have changed this Dominion," the Idreth continues. She lightly clicks her tongue against the roof of her mouth, gently tapping her long, feral claws against her side. "But we are here for one reason, and that is to discuss the future of you. Our slaves."

"We are property." One particularly disheartened and defeated slave ushers, as if the words are a mantra. Even Caretaker Vinessa Nehekhara turns to look towards the sad, forlorn voice somewhere in the back. A concubine? No. The next is a concubine, though. "We are happy to feed you, Primus." It's followed by an alluring titter of laughter and a fluttering of eyelashes. You can practically feel the eyes rolling from some of the shackled slaves.

Galilei just thought:
Why am I here?

Galilei just thought:
Why did I come here, knowing that this -

Galilei just thought:
No... I know. Face it.

Rebra's fingers flicker, clenching slightly, then opening.

Rebra just thought:
What does my love intend to do?

The sound of soft footsteps can be heard on the warm stone floor of the halls.

It is now midnight on Closday, the 4th of Niuran, year 488 of the Midnight Age.

(Bloodloch): A humble bellman says, "Midnight is upon us."

Revelling in the renewed strength the midnight hour elicits in you, you sacrifice some of it to your bloodlines to invigorate them, claiming the night for your childer.
A shadow passes over Galilei's eyes as her body flushes with a renewed surge of blood to invigorate her.
A shadow passes over Azarae's eyes as her body flushes with a renewed surge of blood to invigorate her.
A shadow passes over Sarita's eyes as her body flushes with a renewed surge of blood to invigorate her.
A shadow passes over Rebra's eyes as her body flushes with a renewed surge of blood to invigorate her.

Rebra just thought:
I haven't really thought of them. Not aside from Krisiina. And the one that Grand Duchess Galilei
painted. Is he here...?

Rebra's gaze turns, looking among those gathered here, searching.

You find yourself humming imperceptibly under your breath, your thoughts distant and alien in the moments before you recover your composure.

The corners of Callidora's mouth turn up in a small smile, tilting her head
slightly as her gaze flits from slave to slave. "You are right. You are property. My property. The
Dominion's property." she agrees, giving a single nod of her head. "But as I said, the Dominion now is not the Dominion it once was."

"The Dominion that I envision truly is beautiful," Callidora says, after pausing for another moment. "As Primus, I have done my best to lead it towards our future while still holding onto the foundation in which it was first built." Her dark gaze befalls Sarita, pondering the Empress for just a moment before turning away and then continuing once more. "I make an excellent Primus, I do. And I will continue to serve the Dominion and push it forward into our amazing and beautiful future. But in order to do that, again, we must work together."

Sarita just thought:
Although she seems outwardly to be giving Callidora her full attention, part of her attention is
given entirely to her golem, using its eyes to watch for any possible sight of trouble.

"And so, my slaves. My property," Callidora says, her voice clear in the quiet hall. "I am going
to give you something you have not had in a very long time."

You say, "A choice."

Rebra just thought:
A choice?

Laera shuffles her feet nervously, a glint of curiosity in her eyes that is almost drowned out by
wary caution.

Not having found what she was looking for, Rebra turns her gaze back to you, yellow eyes widening slightly.

With finality, you say, "Freedom."

Everything about the slaves - the shuffling, the clicking and clacking of chains - even their
breathing, stills. Eyes widen, mouths fall in soft 'o's as they stare at the Primus.

Rebra just thought:
What is the choice? Freedom? And?

"Y-you're offering us freedom?" One of the slaves stutters as he stumbles forward from the ground, his hasty steps almost bumping into Caretaker Vinessa Nehekhara, but he thinks better of it and topples to the left another step or two. "SHE AIN'T OFFERING THAT. FREEDOM IN CHAINS!" Another shouts and then there is just voices building on voices. Slaves shove at each other, some cower.

Callidora remains still, waiting patiently as she allows her words to sink in. "Would you like to know your options?" she asks, her words calm. Precise.

Sharp pain shoots along your hand as blood erupts from the back, pushing through gaping wounds between your knuckles. The liquid solidifies, crystallizing into a set of wicked claws.

"Enough!" cracks Caretaker Vinessa Nehekhara's voice and she whirls on the slaves like it's no ones business. The motion is so fast, even your hyper-sensed vision struggles to follow the Elder. Yet, as blood sprays from your hands, the woman is dipping to the side, out of the way of the address.

You say, "Keep talking or I'll just have you slain. The choice is yours."

You say, "I am being very generous right now. Do not make me regret it."

Rebra's fingers twitch. She takes one step forward towards the disarray, hand outstretched. At your words, she pauses, her one hand still held away from her body, towards the slaves.

Laera flinches slightly at the noise, eyes flicking warily between the slaves and you.

The shouting at least stops, but the whispers between one another continue. Hesitant, frightened eyes flick to the Primus, hands wring together, shoulders bump. Even the absent, hollow giggles and fluttering eyes of the concubines seem to ebb.

Galilei's silvery eyes rest upon the now-silent slaves, almost forcing herself to regard each in
turn. The corner of her mouth makes a faint movement, and the Consanguine blinks.

(Tells): @Macavity tells you, "Is there a party, I am missing??"

Rebra just thought:
The one that she painted. Did he have a name? Why can't I even recall his appearance, to find him?

Galilei just thought:
I don't have to apologise.

Galilei just thought:

Rebra's roving eyes land upon a frail eunuch bloodslave. Then she turns, very briefly, to hold
Galilei with her gaze, before turning her attention back to you.

Rebra just thought:
That one.

One of the slaves seems to catch Rebra's searching gaze and, after he is shoved to the side by
another riled up companion, his attention returns to Caretaker Vinessa Nehekhara.

Callidora lifts a hand to her face and gently pinches the bridge of her nose, although she takes care not to jab herself and remove an eye with the claws jutting forth between her knuckles. "We are Consanguine," she says, lowering the hand once more and tapping her claws idly against the outside of her thigh. "The Blood, which unites all of us, is something that should be earned. Because it is a gift. And to put it very simply, any Consanguine who requires a slave to
provide them with nourishment is not deserving of that Blood."

Sarita just thought:
"They do far, far more than that."

You find yourself humming imperceptibly under your breath, your thoughts distant and alien in the
moments before you recover your composure.

"Our estates. Our castles. Much of our history, has been built by the hands of
slaves," Callidora murmurs softly.

Rebra just thought:
Yes. And yet, Blood itself can build. I have seen the Progenitor do it, when he willed it.

Rebra carefully, finally, lowers her hand. She seems now fixated on the claws of crystallized blood protruding from you.

Hollow whispers echo from within the abysmal walls, their words trickling like sand against the

Sarita's head turns briefly towards Galilei. Her face is as expressionless as ever, but some flicker
seems to pass through the crystals making up her eyes before she shifts again, scanning the crowd behind Vinessa again before returning her attention to you.

"I do not want our future to also be built upon slavery," Callidora says, shaking
her head from side to side before once again falling still and looking back over the crowd of slaves. She studies each of them, taking in their features and the sight of them before her. "I know that none of who stand here really have had a choice in the matter, and so I'm giving you that now.
You've built for us. You have fed us. You have given so much to us, and for that...I thank you."

Every slave in the room is hanging from the Primus' every word, as if their response - whether it is
anger, uproar, revolt - hangs in the air. The air on which her words are delivered.

Rebra just thought:
Oh, my love.

Sarita's golem takes a few rumbling steps to one side, putting it closer to you than to Sarita

"You will leave the Dominion and Bloodloch, if you wish, and you will be free to go and exist in whatever way you choose. Whether it be as Consanguine, Undead, or Living," Callidora says, tapping her fingers lightly against her chin. "The Dominion will not interfere with that, and you will not have to worry about being subjected to slavery again." She pauses. "At least by my

Disbelief is the easiest and most apparent emotion that filters across the faces of all of those
slaves. Some even appear lost. Most of them just look tired.

For several long seconds, you feel distinctly out of place - the air is dry and harsh, and your
flesh is heavy. The unsettling feeling fades after a moment or two.

Laera bites her lip gently as concern flashes across her features briefly.

Rebra's lips twitch. Her eyes roam, finding a frail eunuch bloodslave again.

"I'm outta here!" That familiar slave says without hesitation and he turns, and simply leaves. A lot
of the slaves watch him go, as if using him as a test dummy and when Caretaker Vinessa Nehekhara instinctively begins to move to bring the slave back into line, they flinch. She freezes, arm outstretched for a mortal heartbeat until those fingers flutter back to her side. "Truly?" One of the concubines ask on a pure, saccharine voice. "We could, leave? Where would we go?" Panic rises in the voices of a few, some ushering their agreement.

When the first slave to leave doesn't get shredded beneath Consanguine claws, another two leave without even looking back.

A nightmarish figure remains silent and constrained, her dark wings furl to cloak most of her body as she simply observers, her gaze hidden beneath her blindfold.

Rebra takes a few more steps towards the gathered slaves, hands outstretched, palms up. "You are free. The Primus freed you. She said you could leave if you wish. And if you did not wish..." She turns to you, a question on her face.

Laera's eyes flicker to Rebra, giving her a tiny nod, before pink eyes flit back to watch the slaves.

Rebra just thought:
How many years have they been here? Do they even have anything to go back to?

"Silence," Callidora says, her dark gaze continuing to rest on the slaves before
her. She holds a hand up in Rebra's direction, and her eyes flash red for just a moment before Rebra is forced to take several steps back towards the other Consanguine.

Echoing screams reverberate throughout the caverns of the city.

Callidora watches the first slave depart, and then the others who follow. She gives a single nod of her head before her attention returns to the slaves. "You could go anywhere," she says, addressing the concubine, her voice seemingly just a touch more gentle than before. "You could find a home in Esterport. You could join another city. You could go and do whatever you wanted. Become whatever you wanted."

Galilei is silent, as she has been, even her thoughts falling still and opaque. Her eyes are for a
frail eunuch bloodslave now, and the line between her brow still speaks of emotion as tight as a

Rebra falls silent, compelled. Her fingers clench. Her body constrained, chained by the will of the Primus.

"Or." Callidora pauses, letting that single word linger in the air for a moment.
"You can live here, in the Dominion guild hall."

"Can't give us freedom and then demand obedience!" Comes another shout from one of the trouble-makers and she, too, stalks out, chains and all. Caretaker Vinessa Nehekhara looks like she is about to point out she needs help with removing those, but instead just shrugs. They're free now. There is another wave of whispering between the lingering slaves and one of them steps forward, the eunuch, "What if we want to continue to serve?"

Sarita just thought:
"That one has no home to return to."

The striking sound of metal rings through the city as the Carnifex guards patrol nearby.

Galilei just thought:
I never even asked his name.

(Bloodloch): A humble bellman says, "The curse of dawn approaches."

You plant the image into the mind of Galilei:
"That one has no home to return to," a soft voice whispers from the depths of your mind. You feel the presence of your Primus for only a moment, but the words are that of the Khalifa's.

Rebra just thought:
We don't know any of their names.

Caretaker Vinessa Nehekhara side-steps one of the concubine who wanders towards Galilei and, with a flirty smile, ushers an agreed, "Yeah. What if we want to still linger with the Cosanguine and serve?" Comes the soft lilt of the concubine whose flirty smile is still for Galilei. The remaining slaves are getting bolder now, but another one or two wrinkle their nose and turn away. "Where will we go?" The pair whisper to one another as they leave. "Anywhere. Everywhere." The other promises romantically.

The loud and powerful toll of a bell fills the air with tension, as city watchmen signal the coming of dawn.

Galilei meets the concubine's smile with a steady look. Her eyes are preoccupied, concerned. Her silvery gaze travels to the whispering pair, and they darker further in unspoken worry.

You feel something stirring deep beneath your thoughts, cold and vast, but the sensation swiftly fades.

Galilei just thought:
Can they?

Galilei just thought:
The world has never been a safe place.

"If you wish to serve the Dominion then it will not be as our slaves," Callidora says, shaking her head from side to side. She clasps her hands together before her, holding them against her breast as she watches, waiting.

"Should you CHOOSE to serve the Dominion, still, even after everything you have endured," Callidora pauses, her gaze shifting between the Consanguine and slaves around her. "Then
the Dominion will provide for you," she continues.

Callidora shifts in her place, holding her clawed hands up as she makes small gestures while she speaks. "One of my very gifted progeny has recently helped to construct an entire floor of the Dominion's guildhall. It was intended to serve as apartments for the Dominion that would eventually be rented out if they wished." She pauses, pursing her lips faintly.

Rebra just thought:
Arch Duchess @Gyana. The apartments!

Rebra's yellow eyes gleam brighter.

Rebra just thought:
The one with the flowers... everywhere.

Sarita seems momentarily to be on the verge of saying something, but she resolutely forces her jaw to close again more tightly that it was before. The discomfort, however, seems to be passed along to the golem, which shifts heavily and unnecessarily on the floor.

"Our own spaces?" The concubine asks and her attention wavers from Galilei, to swing towards you. Even Caretaker Vinessa Nehekhara's surprise is evident at your announcement and a perfect eyebrow arches in... Approval? Admiration? Even so, the eunuch affords a small, shy smile to Rebra, "Fair trade?" He asks, though it isn't pointed anywhere - more or less to everyone - "And your children would agree? We would be paid fairly? To live a life alongside you as servants, not slaves?" His shoulders straighten a little, but his poor clothing and unbathed skin dampen the swelling of his chest as he breathes deep. Even so, he looks now to the Primus' children. Sarita. Rebra. Galilei. a nightmarish figure. Laera, even. An unanswered question lingering in the air. "You would agree?" He repeats on behalf of the slaves still present.

"I will instead offer to let those of you who choose to stay homes here, in the Dominion guildhall," Callidora continues, lowering her hands so that they now remain linked before her. "I will provide you with homes, and the guildhall will offer you safety, and even your children
- if you choose to have them." The corners of her mouth twitch, a small smile pulling at her lips. "The Dominion will provide you with jobs, and we will give you clothes and gold."

The subdued usherings that began this meeting have turned into something more lively. More excited. Apprehension still plays across the drawn features of some of the older slaves, but the younger ones have begun twirling in invisible dresses they see in their future, others talk of food and how much they want to eat. But one or two more, the last of the departed, take their leave without a glance back.

Galilei looks back at the nameless man she had once sketched so carefully, her gaze unreadable as it is steady. It shifts to the starstruck once-slaves, to the silent lot forever leaving the premises, then back to a frail eunuch bloodslave.

Callidora holds her hands up before her, moving them gently as she speaks. "It is better to have people who choose to serve you, rather than forcing them to do so," she says. "As I said, I want our future to be free from slavery, in all ways."

Laera smiles gently and inclines her head, agreeing to everything said so far. Concern still lingers in her eyes as she gazes after the former slaves departing.

Rebra's eyes gleam brightly. She blinks.

Rebra just thought:
Do they choose? Will they choose? Might they earn the Blood, where once they fed us with their own?

Callidora turns slightly in her place, looking over those who are present. "Despite the trials we have endured, you have each chosen to stay and be a part of the Blood. You have chosen to remain a part of the Dominion," she says, clearing her throat quietly. "Many have left, and that's on them," she says, giving another shrug of her shoulders and then uttering, finally, a sigh.
"Our Blood is strong, and those who choose to stay loyal to it and the Dominion should be rewarded."

Dark, alluring whispers lift away from a creeping tendril of jade essence that snakes into the

"And what if... What if..." The eunuch begins to dare to dream, his question posed as he looks to Sarita, and then back to you. "We would one day like to reach the esteemed, equal level of
Consanguine. We are no longer slaves, but servants, but what if we want more?" It's as if the floodgate has opened, the world is suddenly so much bigger for the slaves as a whole. Some of them whisper agreement, others wrinkle their nose, some are still spinning aimlessly, as if lost in a daydream and Caretaker Vinessa Nehekhara simply watches on with an expression of indifference, though both eyebrows do shoot up at the posed query.

Thunder rumbles above Arbothia and the sky above the village brightens noticeably.

Screams of pain and agony are heard echoing out of the prison complex.

Rebra's eyes flicker to the eunuch. They widen.

"It will not be handed to you just because you ask for it," Callidora says, and despite the serious tone in her voice the corners of her mouth hint at the small smile which threatens her lips. "But if you desire it, and work for it, then yes," she answers, nodding her head. "Any of you may aspire for such, and you are welcome to earn the Blood, as all of us have done."

Caretaker Vinessa Nehekhara tilts her head up with pride as a slow smile spreads across her mouth and reveals her fangs.

The eunuch is looking at Sarita now, as if waiting for further confirmation and he wrings his hands together in silent patience, but he has the courage to step further away from Caretaker Vinessa Nehekhara and towards Sarita as that question hangs.

Sarita's attention moves visibly away from you so that she can look down at the eunuch's face. "The Primus has given her blessing for you to seek whatever you wish, however you choose to do that," she says finally. "But she is right in saying that the Blood is not something that is given as easily as the Gift of the Earthen Lord that was once offered to you. It is something that you must seek actively, and to seize if you are given the opportunity."

Raising her voice to fill the hall, Sarita says, "You all have that opportunity."

Rebra's eyes flicker to Sarita as the woman's voice rises.

That answer seems to settle well with the drab man and he finally smiles. Yellowed teeth are
revealed, but the squaring of his shoulders seems to calm the rest of the slaves - no, servants,
that have lingered. With that, Caretaker Vinessa Nehekhara finally dips at the waist towards you,
"You usher a new era, Primus. With your leave, I will take those that stay to be cleaned and shown to their new living arrangements." She announces, head still dipped politely.

Callidora nods her head just once to Vinessa. Her hands unclasp from before her and
wipes the back of them against the sides of her dress, smudging some of the fabric with her blood. "Yes. I suppose we should let everyone get accustomed to their new homes," she says. She pauses, pursing her lips slightly before speaking again. "I appreciate you gathering everyone together for this."

And with that, Caretaker Vinessa Nehekhara does as instructed. She straightens and begins leading the servants from the hall, their excited whispers easily heard for a while even after their departure.

Sarita asks you, "I trust there is no reason to keep what has happened a secret?"

Rebra breathes out, her form slumping slightly, having been held rigidly for some time. Her yellow eyes stare at the ground in wonder.

Callidora's dark gaze follows Vinessa as she exits the room with the slaves, remaining in her place as she now stands before only the Consanguine.


  • BenedictoBenedicto Tentacles Errywhere!
    edited June 2020
    Very interesting. I know that Benedicto and Callidora have interacted regarding the Imperium forces in the Bihrkaen Mire (and there's still an approved event orgreq in the works for the Templars regarding that agreement that was made.)

    I'm curious to know what the repurcussions of this decision will be amongst the Consanguine denizens/players who don't necessarily agree with giving up their ready food source. Not only that, they now have to be civil to the cattle. Also will this prompt a more aggressive Dominion as they now have to go hunting for their food instead of it being served to them on a 'platter'?

    I look forward to the continuation of this story!
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