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Yes, Trask is my alt. You're the last person to find that out, cause everyone else but you knew.



So whatcha think?




(The Front Line): Daskalos says, "<-- artifacts."


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    Never heard of it.
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    Feelings, sensations that you thought were dead. No squealin' remember, that it's all in your head.
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    ...then seriously, why comment?


    If that's all I'm gonna get, someone go ahead and delete this for me. C'mon now.



    (The Front Line): Daskalos says, "<-- artifacts."

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    I love Trask. He's one of the characters that I STRONGLY associate with Orisae's beginnings back when I first started to play and was one of my favorite people to interact with.

    He's seen her at her most snotty worst, practically (being told by Niuri to stfu when bickering with Haldrin in front of her) and I look forward to RPing with him again when Orisae wakes up. I'm very, very curious to see how the two of them changed especially considering how they seemed to get along, easy-goingly, when they parted ways in Slyphe's order.

    Basically, I love how you emote and I really look forward to hitting you up for more RP in the future. I'll be sad if they end up not getting along, honestly. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

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    All trolling aside, get this guy out there more often! I'll make a point of watching out for him so Angwe can go stalky-stalky (assuming he doesn't have one of those *#$%ing hoods).
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    Missed this thread completely since I hadn't really interacted with Trask when it was made and now I haven't seen him around for quite a while!

    Now he's a Packmate, means I've interacted more with him and I love what I see. It seems like a complex character with many different sides and a lot of history. Teani doesn't know much about that now, but she thinks he's an interesting fellow. He was brought up in a conversation just the other day, which was very fun.

    I love the way you keep him rough around the edges, really brings my mind to his namesake from Midkemia. Your emotes are great, which makes me a little scared that I'll make a fool of myself with how I rp, but I always look forward to the next time our characters meet.

    Now get him online more!

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    I was really excited to start interacting with Trask. He had this really fun, gruff, I'm violent because that's what I need to be right now vibe to him. Rather bummed that we've lost him to the forests. D:
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    Always liked talking to @Trask - They were pretty weird to one another like two cats meeting for the first time. (sort of awkward, both knew they were cats, different smells or something, idk.) I was pretty sads to see Trask leave Spines and hope Aoiv runs into him again eventually. Your character makes a good first impression for sure, good job.

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    Yes, bring Trask on more.

    For reasons....
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