Who pays for their own drinks anyway?

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tl;dr, Draden bluffed his way into a fountain of Liquid Steel, and Ensis came along for the ride. I approve.

I don't like ESTEEM. I don't have typical ways to pat Draden on the back for a scene well done though. Thank you for the fun!


She is a muscular Azudim of Xorani heritage. Slim, athletic, her frame is more height than breadth or depth. Smooth viridian scales protect from crown to heels. Similar vibrant eyes rest underneath hard ridges and black lids. Piercing vertical slits widen and gaze at any who linger too close for too long. Ebony claws tip flexing digits, and a long tail whips with any quick motions. Similarly, a forked tongue rests behind ashen fangs.
(worn on a thumb) : a soot-black obsidian ring
(covering the body) : a suit of leather armour

Draden "the Mauler" Jibbs
A network of scars and recently-healed wounds mar the skin of this human male, adding years to his apparent age of thirty-something. Draden stands a few inches over six foot tall, with a lean and cut body that has been honed to an exceptional physique. He wears loose, thin clothing peppered with old bloodstains and tears, of which he seems he could not care less about fixing. A strong jawline and hard brow lends a chiseled look to the man's face, alongside a nose that might have been broken a few times. Under any other circumstances, Draden Jibbs would cut an imposing and intimidating figure; however, the sardonic grin that seems to be ever-present on his expression causes him to appear far more approachable.

Draden "the Mauler" Jibbs tells you, "Oi."
Draden "the Mauler" Jibbs tells you, "You're the lizardlike lady, right?"

You whisper psychically into Draden "the Mauler" Jibbs's mind, "I remember your name Draden. Do you still have a place at side of the Heartless?"
You whisper psychically into Draden "the Mauler" Jibbs's mind, "I only recently figured out how She leaned on you."

Draden "the Mauler" Jibbs tells you, "Ah this ain't official business. I got an idea, if you're game."

You start speedwalking.

You have reached your destination.

Ledge next to a waterfall.
A deep gorge cuts through the stone of the hills here, plunging deep into the recesses of the mountainous terrain. On the edge of a gorge, an underground river meets its end as it cascades down the stony slopes in a rush of foaming water. The thundering noise of the waterfall masks all other sound as it crashes mercilessly upon the pool below.
A huge drawbridge spans the chasm. Dripping black ichor, a heaping skeleton of bone creates a construct from the earth here. Showing two crossed fists, a tattered, bloodstained flag has been raised here. Covered in streaks of blood, Draden's pet pigeon is here. Draden "the Mauler" Jibbs is here, every movement showcasing his roughshod demeanour. A small red slice of heart muscle lies here.
You see exits leading east, southwest, and down (hidden).

You display a simple glass bottle for all in the room to see.
Standing at a little less than a foot in height, this clear glass bottle is hand-blown, but rather simple in design. Sporting a short neck and slightly rounded, cylindrical body, the bottle is capable of holding a significant amount of liquid. The neck looks as though it is meant to accommodate a stopper of some sort, though it has not been included with one.
A measure of bitter dark beer sloshes about in it. (30/30 sips)

"Depends." Ensis seems in good spirits. She sloshes a gift held within a glass bottle grasped firmly at the neck. "What do you want Mauler?"

Next to the underground waterfall, Draden "the Mauler" Jibbs seems more at home, a casual looseness to his stance. "Hey," he greets you, two fingers raised in a casual salute. A lopsided smile breaks out underneath his equally lopsided nose at the sight of the bottle. "Thinkin' we break into somewhere, help ourselves. Drinks always taste better when you ain't gotta pay for 'em."

There's a breif, quiet moment while Ensis merely watches Draden, and allows her forked tongue to drift and flick. Given a few breaths, the bottle is placed on the ground, and she takes a step toward the Mauler. "I'm listening."

You drop a simple glass bottle.

The corners of your mouth turn up as you grin mischievously.

"Up north," Draden "the Mauler" Jibbs says, sucking loudly on his teeth. "I know a place. Meet you there?" Without waiting for your reply, the man already begins moving - ever true to his proclamation about not paying, he surreptitiously swipes a simple glass bottle full of bitter dark beer as he passes by.

Draden "the Mauler" Jibbs tells you, "Coordinates v23501. You ain't enemied to Spinesreach, right?"

You whisper psychically into Draden "the Mauler" Jibbs's mind, "Born and raised. I'm not dumb enough to piss off the guards there."

You start speedwalking.

You stop speedwalking.

You conceal yourself using all the guile you possess.
You step into the shadows of night, masking your movements across the land.

You start speedwalking.

You have reached your destination.

--- Area 105: Spinesreach -------- v23501 ---
Eastern arbor entrance.
The dark stone corridors fork off in branching northward and southward directions, while directly to the west a courtyard opens up. The stone arch provides no protection whatsoever against the bitter wind nearly constantly whistling through it. Several bronze sconces have been set into the stone walls around the path, though none have been fitted with torches. A stone statue resembling Moirean stands here. A large, carved stone gate leads to the east, flanked by a pair of gargoyle guards. A huge ice hammer has been erected here. A sigil in the shape of a small, rectangular monolith is on the ground. Draden "the Mauler" Jibbs is here, every movement showcasing his roughshod demeanour.
You see exits leading southwest, west, northwest, and up.

Hidden as you are, Draden "the Mauler" Jibbs doesn't appear to notice your entry. He, instead, seems embroiled in an argument with the seemingly inanimate a gargoyle-guarded gate.

An impressive gate stands here, opening in the middle to grant access to a tunnel hewn through the cliffside towards the east. Carvings riddle the entry's surface, depicting a range of apparently randomly chosen topics etched in a chaotic jumble: a pack of Imps merrily hunts and hacks at fleeing pixies in one corner, while a rampant growth of seemingly-sentient flowers curl across the top of the gate in carved twists and tendrils. Fierce hounds snarl slavertoothed maws, while illustrations of fireworks bloom every whichway, exploding all over the gate's surface. Flanking this rather odd construction, a pair of stone gargoyles glare out at passersby, occasionally shooting barbed insults back and forth at each other. Bigger than an Azudim, each gargoyle is an impressive creation, with clawed talons, sinewy wings and craggy features all hewn from rock and animated to clearly serve as some sort of gatekeepers for whatever could lie behind this elaborate door.

"I suddenly want a thick, furry cloak though," Ensis mentions as she approaches Draden.

Draden "the Mauler" Jibbs jumps at your words, squinting his eyes before he finally finds you. "Don't worry, we'll get some fire in your belly soon enough." With that, he turns back to the gargoyle.

"You must answer our riddle!" a gargoyle-guarded gate suddenly says, sound arising from the gargoyle on the left. "No exceptions," adds the one on the right, sternly.

Ensis's eyes settle on the gate, and the gargoyle, as she's encouraged. No answer is given as she watches the pair... interact. A grapnel on her person is considered with a few, curious fingers, but it never leaves the hook on her armor.

a grapnel of steel
This small grapnel has four hooks, each bending equally backwards from the center to form a cross. The handle is made of sturdy steel and has been reinforced with two small rings that form the base where the rope is attached. A length of silver rope has been tied to the head of the tool, and is strangely durable and light.

"Piss on your riddles," Draden "the Mauler" Jibbs argues back, stomping over to the first gargoyle. He puffs up his chest, drawing upon the full height granted to him. "I'm here on official business," he proclaims - a stark contradiction to his earlier words to you. "You don't wanna make the Malevolent angry, do ya? The Voice'll back me up."

You emerge from your hiding place.
"Riddle?" Ensis can't help but approach the gargoyles and the man trying to bypass them. "What riddle?"
+- "They can't be that intelligent. A silver tongue isn't going to sway even a silver golem. They're manufactured."

"Not that One, no," says a gargoyle-guarded gate, the left gargoyle's voice trembling slightly. "Fine, fine, if the Voice says so," the right gargoyle hastily agrees. "But what if he's lying?" the first gargoyle now interjects. Caught up in their argument, neither seems to notice your inquiry. "We can check with the Voice later," comes the retort from the second. The gargoyles continue to bicker in turn. "Why don't we check now?" "Don't want HER to show up, hurry up!"

The gates open and you enter the estate, strains of the gargoyles' bickering fading away as you wander down a long tunnel through the rocky cliffs surrounding Spinesreach.

A dim adit to a desolate clearing.
The stars glimmer down, broken only upon occasion by thin wisps of clouds. A small cleft in the rock has been widened here, tunneled out into a narrow and short channel with stone faces planed level, leaving the walls smooth as polished granite. The close itself is unremarkable, simply a plain passage, cramped and dim. The only notable exception to the drab emptiness is a sole lantern strung aloft, shuttered with thick chiseled crystal plates, stained a deep emerald. The resulting wash of deep jade light casts the space into a scattered collection of shifting shadows, darkness warring with eerie viridian stabs and leaps as the candle in the lamp gutters in the wind off the ocean. To the east, the small passage widens, opening into a clearing hewed out of the cliffside, a craggy collection of rocks visible in a roughly circular alignment. A stone statue resembling Moirean stands here. A stone statue resembling Toz stands here. Draden "the Mauler" Jibbs is here, every movement showcasing his roughshod demeanour.
You see exits leading east, west, and up.

You conceal yourself using all the guile you possess.

+- "I could be wrong. Artifice willing."

Harsh guffaws escape Draden "the Mauler" Jibbs as his gambit is successful. "Idiots," he beams brightly at you, cracking his knuckles. "Though if the Voice shows...you just let me handle her."

Ensis quietly follows Draden, and nods her head. "I will. You just want more scars to show off the next time we meet." There's sass in her voice, but her eyes are more interested in their surroundings.
You glance towards the east.
You glance towards the up.

"Won't come to that," Draden "the Mauler" Jibbs reassures you. "Aight, let's mosey."
Looking a bit restless, Draden takes off in an easy jog.

A tucked-away courtyard.
A narrow, tree-lined path pushes through the riotous garden surrounding the gazebo to meander along a shaded walk, unfolding into this small courtyard. Tall willows ring the cobblestoned plaza, arms draping leaves down around a variety of small cottages tucked into this corner of the estate. Quaint in construction, each little structure features a peaked roof, scalloped trim and even tiny chimneys, making them fully-fledged (if somewhat cramped) houses. Likely designed once-upon-a-time as servant quarters for the tower's staff, the bungalows appear to be repurposed into guest lodgings, with a freshly-painted sign in a rather enthusiastic, messy rainbow script brightly proclaiming "AlL aRe weLcOmE!!" This warm greeting is underscored by the cheery sound from a tinkling fountain set in the center of the plaza - the melodic, constant splashes mingle with the soft rustle of the wind through the willow leaves to create a pleasant background noise. A stone statue resembling Moirean stands here. A marvelously elaborate fountain tinkles merrily here, its shimmering blue liquid splashing in bright glints and gleams. A weathered man wanders about here, tending to the estate's grounds and gardens. Draden "the Mauler" Jibbs is here, every movement showcasing his roughshod demeanour.
You see exits leading north, northeast, east (open pine door), southeast (open pine door), south (open pine door), southwest, west, and northwest (closed pine door).

"Hoo hoo!" Draden "the Mauler" Jibbs shouts, spotting a shining steel fountain overflowing with "Liquid Steel". "It's still here. Help yourself," the man calls to you, no trace of hesitation in inviting you to something that almost surely isn't his.

Following as instructed, Ensis stays close to Draden... for the most part. There's a distraction that lasted a few steps and fewer passing glances, but she's at Draden's back. The fountain, and the man's shout, is a shock.

You pause a moment to observe the surrounding area.
[N ] A well-furnished, lantern-lit stable.
[NE] A shaded, flower-choked gazebo.
[ E] A cosy antechamber.
[SE] A small guest cottage.
[S ] A single-room guest cottage.
[SW] A large, open-air drinking hall.
[ W] A winter garden.
[NW] A door obscures your vision.

a shining steel fountain ("Liquid Steel")
Some sort of mad artisan has created this fountain from flowing folds of steel, the metal molded and shaped into an elaborate, tiered structure of fantastic curls, sweeps, swoops and swirls. Hints of familiar shapes can be spied within the ornate, dizzying shape of the structure, with Impish faces peering out from behind arcs of metal, twisting tails playfully caught in frozen wriggles and bat-like wings sprouting fairly randomly all over the fountain's surface. Piped up through the core of the piece, shimmering azure spills out to flow in an endless cascade over the metallic curves, splashing in a constant shower of what seems to be steel itself, somehow made into some sort of fabulous, glinting liquid.

+- "That explains the smell."

You emerge from your hiding place.
Ensis settles on the side of the fountain, and tests the 'waters' with a few fingers. "Thank you Mauler. I only wish I had another bottle."
You chuckle long and heartily.
Ensis is settled on the edge of the fountain.

Gregory, the groundskeeper (Must REALLY not be paying attention.)
Skin weathered by the elements, this Human is of an indeterminate age, wrinkles and sunspots making his age harder to pinpoint beyond late middle age. A thatch of grey-streaked brown hair sits above a kindly face, friendly eyes framed by crinkles, with an easy-to-smile mouth stained at the lips by pipe smoking. He is dressed in simple, utilitarian clothing, a belt around his waist equipped with the various tools of his trade, hammers, shears and gardening implements alike close at reach, while he carries a long rake in one hand, a shovel slung over his other shoulder.
Gregory, the groundskeeper looks weak and feeble.

a statue of Moirean
Constructed from stone, this statue shows Moirean in almost perfect detail:
She is a powerful Imp and is a slight, slender creature. Small, bat-like wings fan out from her shoulder blades, while a curling tail twists behind her to occasionally twitch in vaguely mischievous movements. A pair of petite horns frames her features, sprouting from her brow to highlight a pair of bright, amber eyes. Auburn hair tumbles around pointed ears in tangled curls, the color a lurid match for the seared brand of a thirteen-pointed star across her forehead. Her right arm can barely be called an arm, ending abruptly in a perfectly flat cut above her elbow, the smooth end shiny with scar tissue.

Draden "the Mauler" Jibbs certainly isn't shy, pushing his head directly beneath the fountain's flow as he imbibes loudly and messily. A couple mouthfuls and the man straightens back up, beaming at you, as he chases the Liquid Steel with a familiar simple glass bottle of bitter dark beer. A long draw before he offers the swiped bottle back to you.

+ Ensis
Constitution : 17 (+5)
Statpack : Muscular

You drink from a shining steel fountain overflowing with "Liquid Steel".

Ylem energy will no longer improve your critical strike chances.

Ensis's eyes open as she sees Draden drink. She pats her chest after holding her breath. Two hands are needed to scoop up the liquor, and she takes her fill. Even as her gathered, ylem-given power fades into the atmosphere, she's more concerned with the bounty in the fountain.

You drink from a shining steel fountain overflowing with "Liquid Steel".

The bottle is set aside as the stronger drink is given priority. Ensis's tongue lulls out of her mouth, and to one side. "Gooooood."

+- "At least it isn't going to knock me out. Or poison me. May be the first man I can trust to offer me a drink."

A glass bottle stands upright on the lip of the fountain.

Disregarding any notions of personal space, Draden "the Mauler" Jibbs heartily claps you on the back at the sound of approval. "Scratch the Mauler's back and he'll repay ya in kind!" he declares, proud in his generosity of giving away what isn't his. As the alcohol flows, Draden leans casually against the fountain, close to the bottle balanced upon the fountain's lip. "Find your Empress the other week?"

Ensis feels more from the pats than the Liquid Steel, and has to brace herself after the first strike. She drinks the liquor like water. "Ooo yes. Lizardlady recently of Bloodloch like." Her two hands are left as a single greedy goblet held between them, even if some of the liqour sloshes to one side or the other as she speaks. "No, though. No undeath, no answers, no Prophet, and no Empress. If I want something I have to..."

You drink from a shining steel fountain overflowing with "Liquid Steel".
You drink from a shining steel fountain overflowing with "Liquid Steel".

+ Ensis
Sobriety : completely sober |

Ensis's tongue shifts to the other side of her muzzle by the time she finishes her thought. "If I want something, I have to get it myself."
You hiccup suddenly.

"Not a bad mantra to live by," Draden "the Mauler" Jibbs agrees with you, toasting your words with his own long guzzle of the fountain. "Run into a lot of those undead types in my line of work." The man himself is very much alive, with all its associated grime and secretions. "Ain't for me."

Draden "the Mauler" Jibbs abruptly perks up at something unseen, pushing off his slouch against the fountain.

Xenia arrives from the northeast.
She is followed by a chestnut warhound, a mahogany warhound, and a massive, shark-mutated warhound.

Xenia Seirath
She is an athletic Idreth of Atavian heritage and Chiav form. A fusion of humanoid and enormous spider, she stands around ten feet in height, held aloft by eight black, spindly, segmented legs. While the lower, arachnid half of her body is the same shade of black as her legs, where the two halves meet, around where the hips would be on a human, thick black hair has sprouted like a mane. Above this, the black of the lower half gives way to the sun-bronzed coloured skin of the upper body of a woman. With broad shoulders, and strong arms, she has bright red hair that falls down past her shoulders, with stray strands that sweep stubbornly across her vision, escaped from where the mess of waves has been tucked behind her ears in an effort to contain the otherwise errant locks. In addition to her lower half, several arachnid-like features have found their way into her face, namely four black eyes, two found in the usual place and then a second two resting just above them, and the glimpse of fangs when her lips part to speak or smile. A vicious jagged scar mars her right set of eyes, crossing downwards from her brow to where it terminates at the top of her cheekbone. Streaks of crimson blood spatter her face. Translucent strands of spiderweb periodically weave around her form, empowering her with Iosyne's blessing. Earth and stone cling to her form under the blessing of the Earthen Lord.
(inked at the back of the neck) : a black-inked tattoo of a pair of crossed fists
(Hanging from around the neck) : a pulsing heart hanging by a brass chain
(wrapped around the wrist) : a grisly cultist trophy
(strung upon a chain around the neck) : a ring engraved with the Seirath crest
(around one wrist) : a drakir-hide gauntlet
(red hair spilling out) : a Helm of Command
(covering the body) : a suit of polished field plate armour

+- "Speaking of answers..."
Turning toward Draden, Ensis lowers her head and practically bumps her prominant, scaled nose against his crooked knob of a nose. "What is your line of work Mauler? I can guess. I guessed you were a priest. You might be a monk, but being able to punch and kick doesn't make gold. And I see no rings, no..." Ensis also straightens her back and looks toward the visitors suddenly in the courtyard. She remains on the edge of the fountain.

As the source of his shift in stance becomes evident, Draden "the Mauler" Jibbs directs a more formal salute to Xenia, slamming crossed arms against his fist. "Heya, Voice," he says, tone casual.

+- Ensis doesn't seem worried or concerned. Her pulse doesn't beat any faster and her heart stays level.

Xenia comes skittering in from the path surrounding the estate, her eyes set first upon Draden "the Mauler" Jibbs, then to you and finally the fountain where the two have gathered around. She surveys the structure, seemingly checking its integrity and judging things fine begins to work her way in. "Draden," she greets casually, "I came to ensure the fountain was in good repair I trust you've not managed to find the bottom of our endless well of Steel," the Chiav quips and then turns her attention to you. "Xenia Seirath, Iosyne's Voice and this is my family's home." She extends out a hand, offering it to Azudim.

"Still wouldn't mind luggin' this to the Lair," Draden "the Mauler" Jibbs retorts, returning to his lean against the fountain as Xenia's attention falls off him. "This here's my drinkin' buddy. Liver of steel too, apparently. Lizardlady Ensis of Bloodloch Recently."

Ensis grasps Xenia's offered hand and shakes. Half-lidded, lips and fingers shiny and sticky with liquor, Ensis may have had more of the fountain to herself than the Mauler. She's also getting to her feet again during the friendly shake. "The pleasure is mine. And Draden's. And this fountain."
You tilt your head curiously at a shining steel fountain.
With tongue still lulled to one side, you say, "I heard of the stories peers would say about 'Reach's elders, but this is too much!"
You return to a normal position, relaxing the pose.

"A gift from my mother," Xenia adds on to your' statement, "and in my youth I guzzled the Steel down by the bucketfull." There's a pause there, her eyes dropping to the clear, water-like liquid flowing from the fountain before leaning in and dipping a stein of the Celebration of the Stars into its boozy depths. "This is a Spirean staple, only way to keep the cold off while trying to sleep."
Xenia starts to wield a stein of the Celebration of the Stars in her left hand.

Introductions finished, Draden "the Mauler" Jibbs casually picks up a simple glass bottle of bitter dark beer for another long draught. A loud belch follows before he sets the bottle carelessly back upon the fountain's lips - it teeters dangerously, threatening to muddy the Liquid Steel running from the fountain, before stilling. "My line of work. I'm Acolyte of Her First Rule. Most get the introduction from me." He pauses for a second to run his tongue noisily along his teeth before casually spitting into the distance. "In their face, gut, legs, I ain't discriminatory."

"I couldn't afford it. A hot meal every now and then, and a thick throw rug, helped get me through youth." Ensis takes several steps backwards to try keeping Draden and Xenia in a single glance without Ensis turning her head. A mischevious grin grows as she remarks, "Can't be, when they're undead. Who knows just how much they still feel. Can't be with anyone brave enough to seek the Heartless anyway; sociopaths and all." To Xenia, "Thank you, for sharing your fountain. Even if we didn't ask the gargoyles nicely."

Xenia side steps a bit away from you, maneuvering herself a bit closer to Draden and that bottle like she might be ready to reach out and save the fountain from a muddy fate at a moment's notice. Despite this however there's a calm air about her, a drink in hand that soon finds its way to her lips for a long guzzle that seems to dull the edge of malice from the Voice's features. "Eh, they're hard as rock," she quips, baring a grin that flashes teeth along with a set of her pointed, Chiav canines. "Never took the embrace myself," she pats at her chest where her heart would be before allowing her hand to settle around a pulsing heart hanging by a brass chain, "always preferred keeping my heart active, beating."

"Pit, you're all willy-nilly with that thing huh," Draden "the Mauler" Jibbs notes to Xenia, watching her movements. Without turning, the Mauler bends backwards against his lean, flattening until he's able to direct his mouth under the stream of flowing alcohol, as much spraying across his face as into his mouth. "Sociopaths, she says," he sputters to Xenia when he straightens again, vigorously shaking booze out of his hair. "Know where I found this one? Pacin' 'round Bloodloch's torture complex to 'think'."

Xenia drinks from a shining steel fountain overflowing with "Liquid Steel".

+- "If She keeps men like the Mauler nearby, I can see why." Ensis thinks fondly about Draden's features and Xenia's comment about her heart. A very living reaction skips Ensis' heartbeat, wondering idly about how smooth some of those scars are to the touch. Smooth, like her scales.

"Hm?" Ensis pips, looking to Draden with a beaming smile. Deliberately, she turns to Xenia while pointing at the drinking, maybe drunk Mauler. "Do you think he'd live a fall from the top of a building? Or would the teradrim enjoy making a golem from his flesh and bones? I caught him almost sacrificing his careless life over a smoke... falling over a watchtower."
You say, "The acolyte is reckless. It's like he wants to see his life flash before his eyes before the hard, cold ground meets his broken face."
You beam broadly.

For whatever reason, Xenia seems to care less about the dilution that Draden "the Mauler" Jibbs face - he no doubt a specimen of filth, blood - to the fountain than that of the dark ale precariously balanced at its edge. "Really only one way to find out," she reasons callously, "there's a catapult over off the highest spire, the Spireans used to fling themselves from it after a rowdy night at the H&H. But... wondering what's at the bottom of the building. It's one thing to be thrown into snow and another when it's lava and brittle rocks down below." She squints a thoughtful eye on the Mauller, head ticking side to side to pingpong the thought there before providing a more sure answer: "No pain, no gain. He's supposed to test all who seek entry into Her domain. Makes sense he'd be careless of a 'little' drop."

Draden "the Mauler" Jibbs scrunches his face trying to remember what did indeed wait for him at the bottom of the tower had you failed to steady him. "My cigarette was what was waitin' at the bottom," he finally declares, punctuating the declaration with a grunt.

Xenia weighs out Draden "the Mauler" Jibbs answer then grins, "Can't really blame him then, Draden's got few loves in this world, but his smokes is one of 'em."

Ensis's tongue flicks toward the fountain before falling to one side once more. "He'd probably leave a dagger at the base of the fountain, if only the Liquid Steel would take him in Union. I wonder if you'd get the dowry, or if they'd elope into a cave far away so he could drown on their honeymoon." It takes both hands, and two fingers in unison, to comment, "Not paying the dowry. That joke went a few steps too far." The smile hasn't left her face. "I've been into the depths of Bloodloch before. The lava isn't so bad. The crazies are crazy though. I don't want to know what they'd do to him."
+- "She trusts him. At least he isn't an ex-priest. Or one of the prisoners. Can't blaim a girl for being paranoid."

"Never been a fan of the heat," Xenia comments, brows lifting in the remark towards you, "the lava included. Cold, though, I'll take that any day." She stirs her stein, considering the contents there with another deep drink and then glances Draden's way. "I'm thinking he'd have a bit of fun with the crazies, be a right old free for all which I'm pretty sure he'd call a party."

"I can think of worse fates," Draden "the Mauler" Jibbs guffaws at you, reaching a hand down into the fountain's bowl to splash a little liquid at you. "Ain't no stranger to crazies. I mean, she chooses to look like that all day," he counters at Xenia, pointedly dragging his eyes up and down her monstrous form.

This accusation begets another toothy grin, Xenia winking two of her four eyes towards the drinking pair. "No better form to walk than that provided by Her gift." A pause and the Chiav looks to you, "You one of the Earthen's followers?"
Xenia dips a stein of the Celebration of the Stars into a shining steel fountain, filling it to the brim with Liquid Steel.
Xenia drinks from a stein of the Celebration of the Stars overflowing with "Liquid Steel".

(covering the body) : a suit of polished field plate armour
This bulky, heavy suit of armour consists of shaped and fitted, interlocking metal plates that have been riveted together. Covering the entire body, it includes gauntlets, boots, and a visored helmet. Underneath the entire thing is a thick layer of quilted padding.

(covering the body) : a suit of leather armour
This full suit of leather armour includes everything from leather head covering, to a breastplate hardened by boiling in oil, to gauntlets. Though the breastplate and shoulder coverings are quite stiff, the rest is more flexible, for easier movement.

You drink from a shining steel fountain overflowing with "Liquid Steel".
"I'd hate all that armor too. All that weight. Can't feel the wind passing or the ground at your feet." Ensis's armor is minimally protective, and she finds an open spot to pat her own scales. Even as she's raising her other hand to fruitlessly block the oncoming liquor. There's a cheerful little noise as she finds a spot by the fountain, and two-hand scoops more Liquid Steel for herself. An answer is given after she gulps. "I'm seeking the Great Wyrm. I'm part of His congregation. I live and breathe, like you. Not so much like Draden."
You grin mischievously at Draden "the Mauler" Jibbs.

a shrine of Ivoln
Appearing as though frozen in time, only the front half of the wyrm is visible - its wings held close to its body as it emerges from the ground, as though about to launch into the air. Held within the wyrm's teeth is a large ebon egg. Around the statue a funnel of sand and earth whirls furiously.

+- A flash of disapointment rips through Ensis. It sparks her heart as well. "The Voice is beautiful. She'd survive a fall from the watch tower too."

Xenia's head bobs a few times, considering this information at length then adds, "He provides an important service... used to know more about it but been in a cocoon for decades and most the knowledge has slipped away into the strands of my web." A hand is lifted in an airy sort of gesture but it's the next bit of your words that the Voice gravitates towards. "Something you intend to keep and maintain, figure you're also with the Terradrim, yes?" She clucks her tongue, perching her brows upwards with the thought, "Always thought they insisted on accepting His gift of undeath."

Draden "the Mauler" Jibbs chooses to retort by quite rudely demonstrating his 'living and breathing' - he puffs up his chest with a gigantic inflow of air before blowing it all directly at you, rife with the odour of alcohol mixed with smoke. "Seems like His tend to do a lil less livin' and breathin' though," he notes dryly.

You wrinkle your nose in distaste.
You suck in a huge lungful of air and blast your fiery breath out at Draden "the Mauler" Jibbs.

With the heel of his palm, Draden "the Mauler" Jibbs shoves his hand roughly against your forehead, his knuckles tearing open a wound.
Sticking his tongue out between his lips in concentration, Draden "the Mauler" Jibbs swings wide and boxes your left ear soundly.
Wearing a huge grin and waggling his eyebrows, Draden "the Mauler" Jibbs delivers a powerful blow to your gut, and you see stars briefly.

You have been slain by Draden "the Mauler" Jibbs.


--- Area 609: The Grand Library -- v57288 ---
Divine Records.
Out of all the sections in the Grand Library, this one is by far the most extravagant. Each Divine has Their own shelf of books, the shelves engraved with images or symbols that They represent. Deep cherry wood was used for the shelves, and for the tables that are in between. To the east, a large sitting room is opened up, for those wishing to stay and read.

You whisper psychically into Draden "the Mauler" Jibbs's mind, "That hook! At least I've learned, never let my guard down."

Draden "the Mauler" Jibbs tells you, "Woops. It's uh, reflex."

You whisper psychically into Xenia's mind, "Thank you again for not immediately throwing us out! At least I learned to never let my guard down."

Xenia Seirath tells you, "Would you like to return to drinking with us? I can bring you back."

You whisper psychically into Xenia's mind, "Eh. Next time I see him, I'm likely to let my reflexes hack off his face. Gut. Legs. I'm not discriminating. I do want to give him something though."
You slip a 'Reign' bar of soap inside a carrier tube and fasten it to an obsidian chaos hound's body. The hound swiftly departs to deliver the item.
You whisper psychically into Xenia's mind, "Give this to him please?"
You beam broadly.

Xenia Seirath tells you, "I'll make sure he gets it."

-- A little later --

(Market): Zaila says, "I've got a face only a mother could love. And mine disowned me. Tell me your price to make me whole."

Ser "Witness" Tetchta V. Sor'Mesis's voice resonates across the land, "Zaila what in the pit are you tryna sell?"

Squire Zaila Tenor-Mudd's voice resonates across the land, "I'm BUYING you dimwit!"

Ser "Witness" Tetchta V. Sor'Mesis's voice resonates across the land, "NOBODY KNOWS WHAT YOU'RE BUYING."

Reaper Swara Valdsam's voice resonates across the land, "Well what are you buying?!"

The following citizens of Bloodloch are in the realm:
Citizen Rank Position
Zaila Scourge of Malevolence Aide to Ambassador
Tetchta Advocate of the Undead Aide to Ambassador

You whisper psychically into Zaila's mind, "...wow. And these are our prized citizens."
You whisper psychically into Zaila's mind, "Hello. I wish I had some way to comfort you."

Squire Zaila Tenor-Mudd's voice resonates across the land, "Facial reconstruction!"
In the back of your mind, you hear Zaila saying to you, "No way to fix a face?"

You whisper psychically into Zaila's mind, "I like scars personally. Nothing to fix." [PUNS]

In the back of your mind, you hear Zaila saying to you, "Scars are great. I have plenty. I just want /fewer/. Do you know how much of a pain in the fucking ass it is to drink a glass of wine and have it leaks down your fucking cheek if you don't hold your head JUST RIGHT?" [ :( ]

You whisper psychically into Zaila's mind, "I think I missed a detail. Gods. No. Probably feel every drop you don't swallow too. Stings."

In the back of your mind, you hear Zaila saying to you, "Can't wear anything -worth- anything or it looks like I'm trying to take my married name TOO seriously. The fucking worst."

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