To Fix a Fountain

Hiya hiya!

So today's log features Taiyang, Menelaus, Rebra, Vaytor, and Callidora - all of whom showed up when Abhorash's blood slave called us together to work on fixing a fountain for our upcoming event that...was broken, for Reasons.

I did forget to look at everyone this time because I had been up for a very long time by the time this happened, so I apologise for the lack of descs beyond Krisiina! Taiyang has also been a little more...brash, and hyperfocused on his relation to the Dominion and the very concept of responsibility, since he became an Ildreth. This has caused him to occasionally become short, or even (gasp) MAD (ANGY) at people. When he's mad, he tries very hard to sound fancy, and it's 10 types of out of place on him. :sunglasses:

It was too long to fit on forums easily, so I hope you all don't mind a pastebin. Enjoy!


  • I'm sorry Elene was the reason why Abhorash broke the fountain. <____<
  • I mean, I wouldn't have gotten to make an awesome vampire fountain if you hadn't, so no hard feelings? XD
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