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Starting to get to know a fair people, at least in Shadow tether, might as well see what you all think!


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    Galilei is a delight to roleplay with, even in the limited interactions we've had together.

    And an excellent clothing designer to boot!

    Rebra is a bit reticent and doesn't talk easily with many people these days. But she enjoys interactions with Galilei, including the lovely dance practice.
    Some lovely images of Rebra by @Konnorn, Acaisha Buffo, and @Eleanor respectively!

    Rebra chibi
    Callidora and Rebra
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    From a brief random meeting (seeing a theme with Ardent) to close friends. The interactions are always a mix of friendly teasing and tender moments. I find it highly interesting how they've managed to become such close friends given that they have different outlooks on a fair few things and come from two different worlds(Vamp and Non vamp). All in all general interactions and the little random tidbits of chatter while hunting are a nice change of pace from some of his other interactions and as a player I love to see the depth a character brings forward.

    10/10 Will RP at again!
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    Hmm where do I start! Galilei's the first person that I met in game and I think it's thanks to her I stuck around! It's really great that their friendship blossomed to where they're at right now. Galilei is very approachable and friendly, despite how she and Ephi are polar opposites. They're pretty much sisters who are different in all sorts of ways but somehow have a great bond, it's hilarious.

    Your character is very consistent and I can throw a random emote at you and expect a response that engages me and others. I love how she encourages and even nurtures Ephi's sense of being a knight ( in training) with their antics, whether it's pretending to be escorting Galilei as royalty or giving her secret missions. <3

    Also chibis.
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    Galilei is freaking amazing :) Even though we're on different tethers, RPing with you is always super fun :)
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    I kill Galilei a lot.. though I should qualify that statement by saying I do this mostly through bashing. >_>

    As I mentioned in the roleplay log thread, it's very interesting to see how different Galilei is, as compared to Ephi. I admit Elene didn't really think much of the vampire, since she seemed a timid, fragile seamstress, but the relationship they currently hold towards each other has been revised the further they interact.

    Catching Elene's attention is almost never a good thing. Still! <3 I am looking forward to more!
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    Oh, man! There's a depth to Galilei that I really enjoyed seeing in my RP with you. She's a very interesting character, one I definitely want to interact more with.

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    PARTY BUDS!! GOING TO PARTIES!! BEIN' BUDS!! *sick guitar riff*

    I love seeing the difference and similarities between Galilei and Taiyang every time they interact, it always makes for a good time, and I absolutely adore their dynamic. <3
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    Been a month, might as well. Opinions on a heretical Consanguine?
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    I don't honestly know what to add that hasn't been said in esteem. Just. Never change, Gali is awesome dipped in epic, sauteed with win sauce.
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    I love to test all my new toys I get on her!! And its been many of years RL and OOC that I have had a childe to RP with, so thats fun! Though sometimes I forget about her being Macavity's childe. oops. I really need to get better with that. You sure have taken full advantage of music within the game and as a degree carrying musician, I love that! and so creative!
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    @Macavity . Sire. Daaaaaaad.
    I didn't know you had a degree in it! When Gali has a chance to sing and play at the Serpent she'll know who to invite. :wink:
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    Having now actually had a whole scene with Galilei, it was remarkably pleasant!

    Topics ranging from tea, to other more profound topics, it was quite nice. Galilei's character and (what I perceived) nuances were nicely done! 

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    Absolutely love Galilei. And with every interaction Ayastia is getting more and more respect for her (something that isn't easy). She will be proud to call her sister. 
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    Galilei, Galilei, Galilei. I am remarkably pleased to have taken back up a story with you again, as our last was beginning to stretch back a bit too far for my own tastes. Words can't express how utterly impressed I am with the various character growth Galilei has undertaken of late, how realistic and tasteful and -real- it all seems. Furthering that, I get excited - me, the player, actually excited - when I consider where Naos and Galilei's story is headed at the present moment in time. It was as wonderful a surprise as I've had so far playing Naos, and I mean that.

    Moving away from their story now, your writing is, more often than not, absolutely flawless. It's a difficult thing to explain, but there's something in your writing that feels so fresh, and modern. That style, how you portray Galilai, it fits seamlessly with the character, and it's never a bad time when writing with you.

    All in all, I immensely enjoy our interactions and I encourage anyone who has not to engage with Galilei - you will not be disappointed.
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    That opening statement. So much like a classic villain character to walk away from real fast... but not really. The story of the (once-)Grand Duchess and Knight has moved PRETTY far away from classic fare anyway, and there's too much happening with Galilei for her to just chalk @Naos off as a scumbag and go on her merry way without him shadowing her life anymore.

    There are various reasons for her choosing to continue their story as mentor-protegee. Impulse was involved. But to me as a player and her, as a person seeking closure for her own peace of mind, facing him head-on was far better than the alternative. I doubt Naos will make it easy for her to completely move past, though, and that's the way I like it. As of now she is to deal with just how different he's become from the image she had of him (and far more often, too), WHILE trying to find a balance between natural compassion/her wish to be liked and a bad mixture of memories and brittle pride. Expect slip-ups followed by sullen glances elsewhere laced with healthy doses of choice thinks. Or not. Who knows.

    Naos is a universally acknowledged prick; with you at the keyboard he is a universally acclaimed one too. Glad you're around to build more stories. Let's make 'em good, as they always have been.
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    Properly fitting the theme of the Carnifex, Stigandr felt rather at ease around her subtly predator grade psyche. The manner that they met, while surprising, ended up unfolding rather seamlessly.

    She's smart, and clever, and was able to keep with any rapid shift in Stigandr's dialogue, whether it be touching on metaphysics, or more mundane (or not so mundane) subject matter.

    Despite all the friendly back and forth, it remains clear that her wit and conversational tracking is sharp for a reason.

    And if Stigandr can appreciate anything, it's a wolf in sheep's clothing.

    Love the character! Your artwork is awesome (I'll need to get Stig made one day), and despite the factional differences, it's always a pleasure to interact with her, and the rest of the Carni-clan.
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    *nerds about theology* Tolerant, polite, smart, interesting, definitely intrigued. Fun to rp with for sure :3
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    Actually nervous when trying to write emotes while interacting with Galilei. Your writing is amazing and I thoroughly enjoy every interaction between Bulrok and Galilei, and it really does make me take a hard look at my own writing when I'm doing anything around her.

    The character has history and depth and I've been just as hooked as Bulrok has about learning more about her, though there's only so much I can learn while idling at West Gate :tongue:

    I look forward to every time I have a reason to move Bulrok into the same room as Galilei!

    Edit: Honestly I don't feel like anything I say here does Galilei the proper justice. She's awesome.
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    Seven months, now nearly two. Why not. Bump
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    Galilei is great. Beautiful writing aside, the story and development to the character is something that has me coming back for more time and time again. On a more personal note, the interactions with this character are one of the first hooks that helped pull me back in and get into playing Xenia and Aetolia again.

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    Galilei is one of my favorite people to talk to. It's not this grand earth-shattering plot, it's just...a deep, believable person with wants and hopes. And that gets woven into a really pretty story with wonderfully written emotes.
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    I like the little interactions we have, I just wish I could do more in terms to broaden the RP between Sire/Childe. hmmm
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    Nothing is going to get better. It's not.” 
    ― Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

    Veritas says, "Sorry for breaking your system Macavity."
    Veritas says, "My boss fights crash Macavity's computer now."
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    I want to explore more RP between Galilei and Fyrren. The two characters have a big overlap in interests and I think they can accomplish a lot of cool things together in the future.

    Avatar of Fyrren drawn by the amazing Sessizlik.

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    Galilei! Is there anyone else, in this whole game, who can match you for atmosphere and sheer poetic sensibilities? I think not.

    Folks I talk to will know I'm prone to gushing about you. Your style when it comes to your writing is not quite like any I've seen before, and it can be so many things as needed: intense, soft, vulnerable, guarded, lively. It is a special talent, to be able to so completely match the tone of your style to the tone of the scene. It feels seamless, and it creates these lovely, sweeping stories. It's the reason I've always been able to write with you for hours, long after I would get exhausted writing with someone else. Everything just flows.

    Writing all things with you - joy and heartache both - has always been a treat. I'm very glad you're a part of the game, and a part of the story we're telling.
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    Somewhat limited on the interaction overall, but the pre-Seluno-shenanigans sermon was pretty win, and very well written, even if my character was a bit less impressed
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    AAAAH I missed RPing with you, wonderful bean. You're a great writer and have a deliciously refreshing grasp of social nuance that aids to smoothly shift the mood of a room. Thank you for your grace, as many above have detailed.
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    Two days ago I couldn't have said anything here. After yesterday, I'm -absolutely- in love with Galilei. Little Fashionable Renli thinks she's just the swellest, most fantastic person - especially considering she seems to take the same approach to her art as he does. You manage to communicate a lot of really wonderful, subtle expressions in carefully chosen wording. Thank you so much, and I cannot wait for more!
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