★ ❀ Dress Up Didi ❀ ★

EleanorEleanor FOR SCIENCE
Hello everyone! I have a gift for you all! I've been working on it for a while, and now it's my birthday I'm giving it to you all!
Below you will find a link to a good ole fashioned paper doll, starring the one and only main character of Aetolia, Didi!


Please note: It is a download from my google drive. It's an unsigned EXE because I'm a noob, so your computer may go OH MY GOD at it. If you don't trust a file from the internet, don't open it! That's ok! It's been made in Unity and packed into a little self-extractor that cleans up after itself when you're done.

I hope you have fun with it! Any questions ask 'em here, and please take screenshots and show us ya Didi!

Didi's Family's Alzheimer's Charity
Maybe buy me a coffee if you like the game?



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