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I don't know what else to do, so I'm coming to the forums.

Most of you know I've been a Celani before. The last three Celani calls, I have applied and not gotten it; no big deal. However, this last one, @Tiur told me that I have a Non-Disclosure Agreement violation on file. No one ever told me I broke NDA at any point during or after my time as Celani, and I made a concerted effort during my tenure to NOT spill the beans about things going on. I agree with the reasonings for not telling people everything that goes on up there, mainly that spilling the beans about future events ruins the fun for other players. So I never talked about Celani stuff to mortals.

I have no idea what this NDA violation is about, and no one knows/will tell me. I spoke with Tiur and he told me that he didn't know, it was before his time and that he'd talk to @Razmael about it. All I ever heard from him since then was that Jeremy was explicit about not hiring people with NDA violations on file. I eventually messaged Razmael about it and heard nothing back from him. Finally, I emailed Jeremy explaining the situation to him and asking him to look into it. Silence.

I'm tired of being ignore about this; I've been slandered, and no one seems to care. I don't know what else to do but continue to get louder, so here I am.

Tiur, what did I supposedly do?


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    If this is true, it's baffling to me, given the number of volunteers who have broken NDA multiple times over the years (and are constantly up and down out of the Pools).
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    Because this is public, I will reply publicly. Then I will close the thread. You can reach out to me afterwards to discuss it further.

    I'm sorry it was so difficult to get this information to you. I believe each handoff thought the next had it, and it vanished up the chain. It was not intentionally slander, I do not believe anyone damaged your name, just noted an unhirable offense without comment.

    We used to have a digest email sent to staff to remind each other what was being done. This would basically act as an internal spoiler document with a lot of things players shouldn't know. You forwarded this email on to others, violating your NDA. This was discovered when one of the people who received it came forward in private. Their anonymity was preserved, causing the recordkeeping issue. It was beyond doubt and included proof.

    IRE takes our NDA seriously. No one who has outright violated one is allowed back. Violation is beyond something like a mistake or saying too much, it must be a deliberate exchanging of information with players. At the end of the day we do not always provide reasons for an application to be denied, nor are we obligated to take a volunteer who has applied.
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