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2/6/2020 at 2:43
Keroc, the Starborn
Armour Update

Hey folks,

Today, I'm bringing in some changes to armour. Firstly, it will be to make the stats upon armour a bit more understandable on a glance, and secondly, to improve higher tiers of armour to help offset the dodge malus they receive a little better.

As I'm sure you've all noticed, when you use AUDIT you might find that armour doesn't give you equal resistance to its stat values. While not terribly confusing once you know it, the rough amount of resistance you receive is currently your total stat value, divided by two-thirds, then divided by a value which is specific to every instance of damage (although usually 50%).

The first change is to simply get rid of the need to divide by two-thirds. That way, when you go shopping for armour, you'll know that whatever stat value you look for, the conversion for how much resistance you get will be half of that. So a 30/30 shield will offer roughly 15% resistance to blunt and cutting damage most of the time, which is nice and quick to figure out in your head. So in order do this, we'll scale back the stat values on all armour a bit to compensate.

Secondly, high tiers of armour will be scaled back less. This will grant them more resistance on average and offset the dodge malus a bit more as you go up the tiers. I won't be increasing the resistance drastically, but I'm sure it'll be appreciated none the less. It'll result in something like 5% extra resistance from chainmail and up, with little extra per tier.

I will also be removing full plate as a forgable item along with this update. Keeping full plate and scaling it down to the new numbers would afford too much extra resistance to knights. I will auto-convert all full plate to field plate along with this change, and please note, there is still an increase in resistance with new field plate vs. old full plate so you're not missing out on a bonus there.

That's it! Do keep in mind some attacks do have different armour modification values, like Tekura or Ferality, so it won't always convert to half. I'll list the direct changes below.

- Armour stats are no longer divided by two-thirds before armour resistance calculations.

- Armour stats are now capped at 90.
- All armour have had their base stats lowered by 10 points.
* Overall armour will be about the same, with more significant differences for heavy armour.
- All shields have had their base stats lowered by 10 points.
* There should be no difference between now and before.

- All artifact shields have had their stats reduced to 30/30, down from 50/50.
- The 'protection' artifact has had its stats lowered to 14/14, down from 20/20.
* Likewise, while wearing armour it is now 7/7, down from 10/10.
- The 'divine_protection' limited artifact has had its stats lowered to 20/20, down from 30/30.
* Likewise, while wearing armour it is now 10/10, down from 15/15.

- Augmenting armour now reduces the decay timer by 15 weeks, up from 10.
* Weapons remain at 10 weeks reduction per augment.

- It is no longer possible to forge full plate armour.

- Thickhide has had its armour stats lowered to 40/40, down from 60/60.

Armour Resistance Table (on average):

Type Old Resist New Resist
Leather 20/20 ~6.5% 10/10 ~5%
Ringmail 30/30 ~10% 20/20 ~10%
Scalemail 40/40 ~13% 30/30 ~15%
Chainmail 50/50 ~16.5% 40/40 ~20%
Splintmail 60/60 ~20% 50/50 ~25%
Fieldplate 70/70 ~23% 60/60 ~30%
Fullplate 80/80 ~26.5% - -

Penned by my hand on Closday, the 7th of Variach, in the year 486 MA.


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    RIP Keroc, nice knowing you :D
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    tl;dr: Lumies and Tera buffed the most (~5-7% less phys damage taken). Leather/no armor classes nerfed slightly (~1-2% more phys damage taken). Overall not a huge change.
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    I'm curious. Although I've never been a Carnifex/Templar(?), but I got the impression that full plate was symbolically important to... someone. Am I correct? Will there be a retcon or RP accommodation?
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    That's old lore from when Paladins/Infernals were the only classes that could forge and you had to forge your own.
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