Offering the role of Zaila's first child

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Hey There!

In Chakros of 487 (roughly April of 2020)*, Zaila's first daughter will be 18, and I'm offering up the role for someone to play!

Since Zaila has celebrated the girl's birthday regularly, I would ask that a player specifically make the PC during a Chakros so that the birthdate lines up correctly, but I'm not gonna be picky on what day in the month. The kid doesn't need to be made this coming Chakros, since we can now start our PCs at age 18-30, so there's still plenty of time to find someone interested.

You will be able to develop most of your backstory details within some basic guidelines. I will want her personality to be conceivably based on her parents and her upbringing: this means this is fairly open-ended, but if your idea seems too off-brand, just have a good argument for why and I'll probably go for it.

She is a human and has some basic physical features (skin tone, hair color, etc.) already determined, but finer details are at the player's discretion.

What I'm going to want in a player:
Someone who RPs and enjoys my RP style (aka, you are willing to/enjoy RPing with me)
Someone who generally keeps up with their alts
Someone who either had some experience with RPing with Kalak (the girl's father) or is willing to read through random logs I have of Kalak RP to get a sense of his character in order to develop a reasonable representation of a kid that could be theirs.

If you're interested, hit me up via PM, shoot me an OOC message in game, or poke me on discord: Rebecca#4454

*edit - realised I biffed the date and was a year short when posted, whoops!
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