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So not too terribly long ago Robyn got into it with one of Spinesreachs guards at the Inner Gate, which was funny enough. Then it happened again. Kudos to whomever upstairs is doing this cause I can not stop laughing. Debated putting this here or in "Owned" cause Rob def got owned. :smiley:

The first log is what started it all.

A faint buzzing sound begins to creep through the room. No, not buzzing, a deeper sound, like the sound of sawing wood.

You open your mouth but say nothing.

You say to Mjoll, "Did you hear that?"

You crease your brow in a frown.

Mjoll nods her head at you.

You say to a conscripted Spirean soldier, "Any ideas on where that's coming from?"

Commander "Foehammer" Mjoll Vilandra-Seirath smiles impishly and says, "Snoring Dragon, maybe."

Ahlysaaria ponders the situation.

Ahlysaaria says, "Like a woodcutter."

The noise increases in decibel, intermittently sounding out throughout the room, then pausing, then sounding out again.

A conscripted Spirean soldier does not react to your question, on the contrary, she remains absolutely still - leaning back against a nearby post, chin tucked down against her chest.

Mjoll gives a trillingly melodic laugh.

"Hmph!" you snort.

Commander "Foehammer" Mjoll Vilandra-Seirath says, "That's too damned good."

You have emoted: Robyn cuts her eyes at a conscripted Spirean soldier, brow furrowed with annoyance. "It might actually be worth biting you just for that alone."

You wrinkle your nose and sniff.

Mjoll snickers under her breath.

The sound - is that snoring? - comes out again, louder, as if suddenly interrupted, before taking back up against at an even pace. By all accounts, it appears to be coming from a conscripted Spirean solder.

Commander "Foehammer" Mjoll Vilandra-Seirath says, "Tickle her nose, see if she slaps herself."

Ahlysaaria looks towards the guard. "Ah, they are snoring?" Asks as she looks up, adjusting her glasses.

You have emoted: Robyn stomps over to a conscripted Spirean soldier, gets right in a conscripted Spirean soldier's face and hollers, "Wake up you lazy sluggard! We're not paying you to sleep on the Gates!"

You thwap a conscripted Spirean soldier on the head.

You have emoted: Robyn turns her head to look back at Mjoll, "Rather hoping she bites her damned tongue if I startle her enough!"

A conscripted Spirean soldier jumps, no -LEAPS- into the air as you yells into her face. The fright immediately elicits the fabled 'fight or flight' mentality so often heard about - and this guardswoman chooses FIGHT. Without hesitation - without even really seeing you, she cocks back an arm and looses a crippling haymaker, the blow connecting to the side of you head.

A conscripted Spirean soldier seems to realize who exactly she's hitting just as the blow connects, and her mouth immediately falls open into shocked 'o'

You have emoted: With a yelp as the fist connects Robyn turns her head and spits out blood. Reaching up she wipes her mouth before turning irate amber eyes back to a conscripted Spirean soldier. "I am going to bite you. I swear I am!" She hisses out past her swollen lip.

Ahlysaaria adjusts her glasses with a thoughtful frown at the guard.

Mjoll's face has shifted to absolute amusement, "Ut oh!"

"Bu-bu-General!" a conscripted Spirean soldier nearly whimpers, trying in vain to move backward, both hands up before her. It does not seem to cross her mind that nothing is behind her but the wall that she was just sleeping against only moments ago. "T'was an accident! An accident! You scared me, General!" She pleads for a few moments more all while her comrades watch on in marked amusement.

Simply, Ahlysaaria says, "You did yell, to be fair."

Darkly, you say to Ahlysaaria, "Next time I'll just shoot an arrow in her butt."

Weakly, a conscripted Spirean soldier says, "Makes you look fierce, tha' blow does. Fierce! Strong!"

Commander "Foehammer" Mjoll Vilandra-Seirath says to you, "Don't chomp too hard, am headed to rest."

The corners of Mjoll's mouth turn up as she grins mischievously.

Mjoll shrieks with gleeful laughter. "

Hmph!" you snort.

Eyes scanning the area for trouble, a conscripted Spirean soldier strides in with a clank of heavy plate armour.

Tartly, you say to a conscripted Spirean soldier, "Which would be a bald-faced lie. I'm about as fierce as.....well I dunno what, but something that isn't fierce. It makes me look like an idiot."

And then this happened!


With an impish grin, you say to Mjoll, "Decided I'd be me without shedding for a little bit."

A conscripted Spirean soldier holds out both arms to either side, awaiting her own affectionate
glomp or bearhug.

Mjoll ponders the situation.

Mjoll runs up to a conscripted Spirean soldier and wraps her arms around her in an affectionate

Mjoll nods her head sagely.

You have emoted: Robyn's eyes narrow into a glare as she turns her eyes towards A conscripted Spirean guard, "Are you the one that punched me the other day? You look REMARKABLY familiar."

Commander "Foehammer" Mjoll Vilandra-Seirath says, "Ut oh."

A conscripted Spirean soldier accepts the affectionate show before turning back to one of the other guards beside her. "Told you - I'm irresistible. Pay up." She arches her head back to glance innocently towards you. "I haven't the faintest idea what you're talking about," she states airily.

You say to a conscripted Spirean soldier, "Orly? Cause I recognize You."

A Spirean Sciomancer grumbles under his breath as he shakes a few coins loose from the pockets of his long, black robes. "Bloody woman, that's why it worked." Regardless, he hands over the payment with nothing more than a few more disgruntled mutterings.

Mjoll cackles hellishly.

"Orly?" a conscripted Spirean soldier asks, confused. "That's not my name, dear friend-I've-never-laid-a-hand-upon." She shakes the coins now in her possession, allowing the chinking of metal to further widen the smile on her face. "Ah, sweet victory."

Mjoll slowly starts to back away from a conscripted Spirean soldier, making no sudden movements.

Swara arrives from the southeast.
She is followed by a black mezilkree.

You slip away successfully and evade your pursuers.

You use Shapeshifting Mutate.
A low, bestial growl rumbles in the back of your throat as an intense, primal rage overtakes you. Your muscles grow taut, causing you to double over as they stretch and snap beneath your skin, reforming thicker and more powerful than before. A thick pelt of fur grows rapidly over your frame, obscuring your flesh as your body continues shifting, your face elongating into a lupine muzzle, your teeth sharpening into deadly fangs, a tail growing out of your spine, and your hands and feet condensing into sharply clawed paws. As the transformation completes, you give your body a vigorous shake, letting out a bone-chilling howl as you assume the form of a werewolf.
Your active class has been switched to Shapeshifter.
The Inner Gate of Spinesreach. (road)

--- The Inner Gate of Spinesreach 0:-8:0 ---
A black marble pedestal has been knocked over, cracking the bowl that once rested upon it. The Inner
Gate of Spinesreach looms high overhead here. Suspended from a venantium hoop, a windchime of nacreous black crystal hangs here. A veranda has been constructed here, providing welcome shade to those in need of it. Glancing around with an amiable air, a medium-sized, dark blue taerilan is nearby. A wooden chest is here, carved to mimic the Spires of Spinesreach. A pike with the decapitated head of Talonnb has been erected. Carved from ice, a sculpture of a wolf rests here on its frozen haunches, regally surveying all who pass by. A tall banner dangles from a thick wooden pole here, carrying the colors of green, yellow, and white. Flies hover around a disease-ridden direwolf that prowls here. A sigil in the shape of a small, rectangular monolith is on the ground. A two-toned hammock of red and white rope has been hung here. A spectral game attendant barely exists here. There are 3 conscripted Spirean soldiers here. There are 4 Spirean Sciomancers here. There are
2 Syssin Defenders here. There are 2 jherzan Archivists here. There are 3 Republican guards here. An elegant white letter is in danger of being soiled here. A headless corpse, devoid of identity, lies here. A festively-garbed boar sniffs at the ground here. There are 2 white warhounds here. A ghostly white warhound stands here, silently watching. Ward Conjurer Swara, the Trash Panda is here. Commander "Foehammer" Mjoll Vilandra-Seirath is here. She wields a blackened warhammer in her hands. Kandara Sor'Tirivan is here, covered in translucent scales. She wields a heavy ilmenite fishing rod in her left hand. The air crackles softly here, as if the element responds to every rancid breath that sweeps by the gate from the Dragon Spire above.
You see exits leading north, east, southeast, west, and down.
[HINT]: A Spirean Sciomancer seems particularly alert.
[HINT]: A conscripted Spirean soldier seems particularly alert.

Swara inclines her head politely to those around her.

Liarra enters from the southeast, riding a massive twin-tailed demon cat.
She is followed by an undead minion.
From beneath his hood, a Syssin Defender's gaze follows Liarra.

Swara inclines her head politely to those around her.

Liarra Nehekhara smiles with a wink and says to a Spirean Sciomancer, "You know, I'd love to learn some of your skills."

You have emoted: Robyn pads over to a conscripted Spirean soldier squats and pees right on a conscripted Spirean soldier 's boots.

You wrinkle your nose and sniff.

Sweetly, you say, in a feral tongue, "Oooops."

A Spirean Sciomancer emits an audible gulp, then looks to his left and right - trying to make
absolutely sure that this woman is indeed talking to him. "I uh... Dn-..t rea..y..mnff..." He trails off, the words ultimately getting caught in his throat then fading away.

Swara blinks.

Ward Conjurer Swara, the Trash Panda says to you, "Why on Sapience did you do that?"

Swara glances down at her feet then back up at you.

Solemnly, you say to Swara, in a feral tongue, "Having some trouble adjusting to being a wolf sometimes. The INSTINCTS just overwhelm me at times."

You nod your head sagely.

Liarra grins wide and mischievously, walking up to a Spirean Sciomancer and stopping awfully close. She leans in, "Hmmm?"

Bulrok jumps off his horse, securing his weapon quickly as he makes his way towards Swara and planting a quick kiss on her cheek.

Swara raises an eyebrow at you and takes a couple steps back. "Mhm, just uh... make sure you aim well and don't uh... mark me please?" she says with some skepticism before looking toward Bulrok and giving him a gentle peck on the cheek in return.

You have emoted: Robyn pads back over to Mjoll and sits gracefully, wrapping her tail around herself neatly to avoid it being stepped on. "And apparently." She continues, "If someone punches me my lupine instincts tell me to pee on them."

You wrinkle your nose and sniff.

The ancient, silver runes etched into Mjoll's flesh give off a sudden, sharp pulse of light before receding back into a slow, rhythmic beat.

Ward Conjurer Swara, the Trash Panda asks you, "Why did you get punched?"

A conscripted Spirean soldier only stands there while it happens. And watches. Seething. "You think that was a good plan there, General?" she asks in a low, deadly voice. She momentarily breaks her stare to cast a sharp glance and sharper words to Liarra. "He's scared of women he doesn't know, for your information. And still lives with his mother to boot." That said, her focus returns to you.

You have emoted: Twisting around to briefly chew at her side Robyn licks the ruffled fur back into place before turning her attention back to Swara, "Cause dorkus over there fell asleep on duty, I yelled to wake her up and she punched me."

A Spirean Sciomancer squirms with embarrassment as his fellow guard speaks. " th pr..ty" he mumbles under his breath, still refusing to meet Liarra's eyes.

Bulrok utters a deep, rumbling laugh.

Liarra throws her head back and emits a hellish laugh. Her eyes glinting dangerous, she drapes her arms around a Spirean Sciomancer and nestles in close, "Scared?" She murmurs.

Running in from the southeast comes an older Syssin guard.

Swara quirks an eyebrow at a conscripted Spirean soldier, "Something been going on with you lately? You need a leave of absence or something?" she asks, an amount of concern in her voice as she leans against Bulrok, casting a momentary glance toward Liarra's antics.

A conscripted Spirean soldier swaggers up to you, oozing confidence and anger both - harnessing them. "You think you folks can just COME IN HERE and harass us when you feel like it, GENERAL?" she calls out loudly, dramatically so. "Think we just sit here all day GUARDING YOUR BUTTS and TAKING YOUR ABUSE?" Her words begin to draw the eyes of the various guards also situated around the area - and none of them look too happy.

Shouting now, a conscripted Spirean soldier says, "Think you can just walk in here and PEE ON MY BOOTS?"

Casually, Liarra Nehekhara says, "Maybe you should pee on her. You know, show dominance?"

Ward Conjurer Swara, the Trash Panda says, "Says the guard who throws rocks at people."

Liarra nods toward you.

You have emoted: Leaning against Mjoll's leg as she eyes a conscripted Spirean soldier Robyn cocks an eyebrow at a conscripted Spirean soldier, "Don't punch me and I won't ruin your boots."

Bulrok starts to raise his voice in objection to Liarra's suggestion before stopping quickly,
electing to wrap an arm around Swara instead. "I suppose that's a good idea, too."

More and more guards seem to appear, lingering closely along the outer rim of the commotion. There's a tension in the air, palpable.

Liarra narrows her eyes to thin slits.

Bulrok casts a suspicious eye about the area.

Ser Bulrok murmurs something softly to Swara.

Ward Conjurer Swara, the Trash Panda says to Bulrok, "I will do more than punch you if you pee on me."

You cackle hellishly.

Liarra squeezes a Spirean Sciomancer tightly, as if holding them hostage.

Ser Bulrok says, "I would never.."

Kandara peers around as she huffs under her breath. "Damn guards."

"Don't play with other people's emotions, SWARA," a conscripted Spirean soldier calls out in
response. She sniffs audibly. "You got rocked because you scared me awake - quite rudely, I might mention." She studies you for a few long seconds. "Pretty fur you have there, General. Lookin' a bit long, though." Her voice rises up now. "WHAT DO YOU THINK, BOYS?"

Liarra Nehekhara says to a conscripted Spirean soldier, "Careful."

Swara gives a pained sigh.

Ward Conjurer Swara, the Trash Panda says, "These guards do get paid, right?"

You have emoted: Robyn's eyes narrow into slits as a low growl rumbles up from her chest, "Touch my fur and I'll do something far worse than pee on your boots. I know the treasurer and I'll make sure your pay gets docked for falling asleep on duty."

Loud calls of, "Yeah!" and "PEED ON HER BOOTS?" all ring out across the area, chased by a final, "SHAVE HER BALD!" from someone in the back.

Liarra tights her hold on a Spirean Sciomancer, perhaps painfully so now.

Ser Bulrok says, "Voltda."

Kandara grumbles before wandering off to sit next to one of the syssin defenders.

A conscripted Spirean soldier swaggers closer to you. "Nah, boys - not BALD. Just a quick trim, eh?" There's a small knife in her hand now, its edge honed to a razor. "HOLD HER DOWN FOR ME, BOYS!" As the words are uttered, dozens of guards all surge forward. They quickly grab a hold of you - gently, of course, she -Is- the General - securing her tightly. All the while, the offended guardswoman merely watches, a satisfied smile growing on her lips.

A Spirean Sciomancer doesn't actually manage to surge forward, perhaps due to the tight grip Liarra currently holds on him. He seems unable to speak, very nearly on the edge of hyperventilating now.

"Hey wait!" Mjoll protests, nearly being trampled by the horde of guards.

Liarra is a bit shocked for a moment, but her hand swiftly snaps up to a Spirean Sciomancer throat and clenches with nails bared. She hisses as warning, those pointed fangs flashing.

You have emoted: As all the guards grab hold Robyn snaps at anything her teeth can reach- which isn't much. Twisting and turning her head this way and that terrible growls eventually die down to whines and yips of distress until she ends up sounding like a pissed off puppy. "YOU'RE ALL FIRED!!!!" She finally hollers, "Bunch of iddgits the lot of you!" She bellows out amidst the yelps and whines of distress.

Swara mouth falls open in surprise and then she urgently looks about the ground, scrambling up a few pebbles. Rolling one over in her fingers, she chucks one toward the back of a conscripted Spirean soldier 's head.

Bulrok unphases behind Swara, blinking in surprise as he stares at the scene.

A jherzan Archivist rubs her arms briskly and marches in place. She mutters imprecations about Spirean cold under her breath before going still once more.

"Don't worry, we won't hurt her!" a conscripted Spirean soldier calls out over the raucous din of shouts and jeers. She herself disappears into the throng currently holding you down in their center, the knife still held tight in her hands. A few long moments pass, and she finally reappears. "Alright boys, - let her up!" The guards all vacate quickly, moving back towards the outer edge of the area, leaving you left standing alone.

You have emoted: Regaining her feet quickly Robyn raises her lip at a conscripted Spirean soldier, growling menacingly. Shaking herself to get her fur all aligned properly she turns her back on the guard and heads back over to Mjoll, "Just you wait." She promises. "Imma come up with something worse than your boots next time you fall asleep on duty. Like using your butt for a dartboard."

You feel the sudden urge to look at Robyn, in all her newly-shaved glory.

Kandara grunts noncommittally.

She is an agile Azudim werewolf of Tsol'aa heritage. Two and a half feet tall at the shoulder she has long golden fur that speaks to her health. Delicate ears, soft as a well-worked calf's leather, gradually change color from the base to the tip ending in a fiery red. Amber, almond-shaped eyes outlined in black gleam with luminosity when open while ridiculously long black eyelashes create fans on her cheeks when closed. Her muzzle, like her ears, shows a gradient of color deepening to a robust red around her black, cold, wet nose. The golden fur on her tail is thicker and longer than that on her body as the tail itself curls up into a jaunty flag. Though smaller than most wolves- almost dainty- she is perfectly proportioned, athletic and elegant. One entire side of her body has been shaved bare, except for the letters 'LOSR', which has been left long and luxurious. The other side is something else entirely, resembling perhaps a vulgar hand gesture, though it's too crudely done to be sure. Translucent strands of spiderweb periodically weave around her form, empowering her
with Iosyne's blessing.

(worn on a finger) : a soft purple obsidian ring
(worn on a finger) : a ring of delicate silver leaves
(worn on the back) : a wyrmskin pack
(worn on a finger) : a soot-black obsidian ring
(worn on the ears) : 2 waves of shadow ring
(worn on the belt) : a secure brass keyring
(around one wrist) : a Vilandra crest cuff bracelet
(worn) : a bow of the Hunt
(worn on the hands) : a Celestine ornate venantium-chased gauntlet
(worn upon the forearm) : an argent armband of oaths
(worn on the legs) : trousers of supple gray leather
(covering the torso) : a durable leather shirt
(around the neck) : a green crystal amulet
(around the neck) : a red crystal amulet
(worn) : a Celestine devastating dextrous mighty hardy enhanc..

Swara licks her lips.

Ward Conjurer Swara, the Trash Panda says, "Welp."

Axius grunts noncommittally.

Ward Conjurer Swara, the Trash Panda says, "Someone is probably getting fired."

A conscripted Spirean soldier begins strutting away, already calling over her shoulder, "Bring it on, General." With that, she departs, the various guards all returning to their duties.

Mjoll nods her head sagely.

With a quick glance about her surroundings, a conscripted Spirean soldier strides confidently to the north.

Swara inspects her surroundings and expresses her opinion with an unimpressed "tch."

Cabalist Axius Sor'Tirivan says, "...I miss something?"

Axius peers about herself suspiciously.

Liarra releases a Spirean Sciomancer so violently that she may as well have thrown them to the ground.

"Hmph!" you snort.

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