Chibis for $'s

I'm here to offer chibis to my fellow aetolians for the low cost of $10 per character. I have a veterinarian bill that needs to be paid off, so I thought I'd see if I could get some money in through my art. Here are some recent pictures I've made.




I am also considering doing some character-with-their-pet art as well for the reduced cost of $15 per char-and-pet. Could either be a mount (though I will make the char unmounted cause I never get the body position right with riding) or it could be a favorite minipet! Should you want a picture of just your pet, I can make that for $10. Here's Kaiara's raloth to demonstrate!

You can send me a message on the forums, or in game, make a request here on the thread or approach me through tells. Picture is made first and payment is arranged after the picture is approved.




  • buy chibis to pay bills win win
  • AloliAloli Between Books
    I feel like some of the amazing art that Kon does is lost in the bigger threads.
    So! To help his business along... Check out the wonderful stuff he does :)

    This is @Callidora!

    This is Tiur!

    This is Ivoln!

    This is a group pose of Chakrasul, Bamathis, Benedicto, and Aloli.
    Even though this was a little challenging, it turned out great!

    And finally! This was a personal gift, but a lot is going on here.

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