Events post #254: Kalydian's cleansing

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Kalydian's cleansing

During the final weeks of Slyphian, 484 MA, a scholar by the name of Scyllus wandered into Duiran and he sought help from the people to do what he and his brother, Tetzel, had not been able to do - cure the Kalydian lands. With humility, Jhura led the charge of pooling together ideas and alongside her during this process was a young Shaman by the name of Layli and a Sentaari by the name of Ander. With the three of them, thoughts were brought up, ideas were delved into - the journey even led some into the Ancient Valley to find guidance.

In the end, in a perfect coincidence, an oneiromancer wandered into Duiran and fell upon Jhura explaining the situation to the Presiding Voice, Iesid. It was there that the oneiromancer spoke of the staves of Omei, old and once magical, that might be able to channel the will of the people in a cleansing.

The people of the Council were quick to test it out, trying to figure out exactly how to make it work. Eventually, they discovered that through their connection to Dendara, they were able to channel cleansing energies into the lake of the blighted woods.

Little to their knowledge, below laid the skeleton of the culprit that started this all - Filwort, another sibling of Scyllus and Tetzel. Troves of Duirani brought their will upon the lake, healing not only the polluted waters but also causing the slow recovery of the skeleton. Yet, the lands were rejuvenated, animals were looking healthier and plants started to find home in newly loamy earth. Everything appeared promising.

However, come the month of Haernos, everything started to slow down - be it the wintry season, or the resurgence hitting a plateau. Signs of renewal could still be found, but only in small amounts. Yet, the efforts from the Duirani did not falter, and they were strong enough to push further reanimation into Filwort's skeleton. He rose again as the walking dead.

More like a zombie than a man, he shambled upwards and out of his sunken cage only to lash out at anyone he could find. Ever watchful was Jhura, and although her duty was performed, she perished beneath his vengeful rampage. Others were quick to come to her aid and they were fast to strategize the demise of this creature. Stine, Iesid, Jhura, Layli, Church, Aisei, Kjell, Talonnb fought valiantly until Filwort finally became dust and blew away on the winter breeze.

The people of Duiran were gentle in breaking the news to Scyllus as he came to learn about the events, the shock taking its time to sink in. When it did, he thanked them but returned to his home to mourn for his brother.

While the source of corruption in the area is now gone, the land still has a long future of recovery ahead. With regular work, and growth once again possible, the Kalydian may one day be as beautiful as it once was.

Penned by my hand on Kinsday, the 7th of Severin, in the year 485 MA.
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