Announce post #3037: Great Hunt results

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12/2/2019 at 0:07
Razmael, the Synthesist
Great Hunt results

Here are the final results of the Great Hunt! Congratulations! Prizes will be distributed shortly after this post.

99+ Tier Rankings:
Rank Who Points Prize
1st Mjoll 103956 400cr
2nd Zynti 76251 350cr
3rd Robyn 57943 300cr
4th Czcibor 53855 250cr
5th Rhyot 51781 200cr
6th Isia 42827 150cr
7th Fezzix 41375 100cr
8th Hitzuguya 40705 100cr
9th Cayn 37676 50cr
10th Nihalak 21956 50cr

1-98 Tier Rankings:
Rank Who Points Prize
1st Rinata 23365 400cr
2nd Vinio 23178 350cr
3rd Kolyn 16506 300cr
4th Farxis 15273 250cr
5th Vasilissa 15110 200cr
6th Qelres 9014 150cr
7th Yvi 8613 100cr
8th Vahlen 6252 100cr
9th Gyana 3414 50cr
10th Lilein 2504 50cr

Penned by my hand on Falsday, the 10th of Lanosian, in the year 484 MA.
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