Wanted: Blood of a Paragon

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A short history: Aloli has been preparing to host/perform a Duiran ritual called the Tributes to the Dendara Spirits and Duiran's Pantheon. It's both educational and sacrificial.
Running into @Valingar and the short, funny RP is always a treat.
Your pose is now set as: Aloli is sitting on a pentagonal bench, writing something.
Valingar arrives from the west.
Obnoxiously loudly, Valingar says, "What a FINE oak."
Valingar says, "Some say I planted it myself."
After a moment of thought, Valingar says, "Mostly myself."
Aloli looks up from her book to see Valingar and wonders, suspiciously, "Did they really say that?"
Without a hint of shame, Valingar spreads his arms, saying "Well, -I- have said it."
Valingar says, "And I'm known to be a paragon of truth and light. What are you writing?"
Aloli turns her book upside down to show Valingar, "I'm trying to design a murderous ritual but I'm not very good at these things."
Aloli points at the sketch of @Iesid's throat being slit by her.
"A murderous ritual you say," Valingar says with polite interest while backing away
slowly, pointing behind you. "Hey, what's that behind you?"
Valingar glances briefly southwards and dashes off into the distance.
(Tells): You tell Valingar, "I wasn't going to sacrifice you!"
(Tells): Valingar tells you, "That's what they all say, before they try to sacrifice you."
(Tells): Valingar tells you, "Clearly you take me for a SUCKER."
(Tells): You tell Valingar, "Your blood is precious. It's for a good cause."
(Tells): Valingar tells you, "It's best cause is where it is, in my veins, doing the real work of keeping me alive."
(Tells): You tell Valingar, "But we need to appease the Spirits of Dendara and the Gods! What's more sacred to offer than a Paragon?"
(Tells): Valingar tells you, "See, I've seen the Spirits of Dendara, and they look fat and content to me. They don't need more nourishment."


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    That was very cute, thanks for sharing!
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    wow u better hope I don't find out about dis
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