Does Elite Membership extend to all Iron Realm games?

Basically what the title says, does the Iron Elite membership extend to all of the company's other games, or just for the specific one? I'm curious if one can transfer their credits cross from their membership from say Aetolia to Achaea, or Lusternia to Aetolia, etc. Thanks!


  • Each membership is for the specific game only.
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  • I was surprised to find this out after recently taking up Aet as my second IRE. The language of the description makes it truly sound like it should extend to all IREs. If it doesn't, the language ought to be clarified. There are continuous references to 'any character registered to the same email address.' The membership is not anywhere indicated as game-specific, and so calling it an IRE membership is misleading. It is also unclear in the Payment FAQ.
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    I figured I may aswell put this other question here since it is about IRE membership again, even if it is different...that being, when does the membership renew? I got it before midnight my time, it is now over a month and I have not received my next month's. Does it not charge me until the next day server time? I know there is quite a few hour's difference, and it would technically be the same day for awhile if this is the case or something went wrong?...just trying to clarify things. Thanks! Okay nevermind...after I posted this not a minute later I got it... >.>
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