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11/1/2019 at 3:29
Razmael, the Synthesist
Trick or Terry updates

Speedruns have been enabled for Terry's burrow! Once we close the dungeon, the trio with the fastest clear time will get a prize. There's also another fame line in there if you're the fastest team. The speedrun timer begins inside the burrow after you tell Gazza you're ready to go, and ends when Terry dies.

Also some changes to make the fight less tedious, hopefully:

1) Reduced the number of eggs that spawn on each egg-spawn instance.
* Protip: Eggs only spawn if Terry is actively attacking someone. Disengage if you're getting overwhelmed with tarantulas.

2) Terry no longer sleeps immediately after fleeing - there's a 10 second delay to give you time to find Terry.

3) Reduced Terry's max HP from 500k to 400k, but also increased the percent of health it will flee at.

4) Gazza will now hand out 1 bomb each to everybody in the room with him when you tell him you're ready to start. These bombs are a single use, throw them at the ground to kill any non-Terry tarantulas in the room with you.

5) Failing that, talk to Gazza in order to retreat and wipe the instance so you can start over in case of mass tarantula infestation.

6) Fixed a bug where you could get stuck behind in the destroyed zones. Hopefully the only cause of that!

NOTE: We may need to make further changes and wipe speedrun records if there's any massive bugs or exploits uncovered.

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  • VahnVahn Member Posts: 12
    Echoing the above sentiment. It can be frustrating to follow an event for weeks, and then miss out on the end because you've got work or whatever. This was a really cool idea, and the execution was great, and a lot of fun.
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    Also also agree! Event finales that allow people to experience it when convenient within a few days is a Tony-the-Tiger-great idea!
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  • AloliAloli Member Posts: 377 ✭✭✭✭
    This was so much fun. I had some good laughs there.

    I absolutely love the alliteration in the speed run fame. Much respect to whomever came up with that! <3
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