Announce post #3024: November Promotion

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11/1/2019 at 0:29
Tiur, the Gnosis
November Promotion

Pardon the delay, I had trick or treaters!

November brings us back to the Wheel of Fates. Tokens are on sale at

Every 500th skull token spin gives the spinner 500 credits!
Every 50th skull token spin gives the spinner 50 credits!
PROBE the Wheel to see how long until those key points are met.

You'll also get a free spin with 60 minutes of online time.

The outer wheel determines your prize category, and each skull token may spin the outer wheel three times. Then you spin the inner wheel to find your actual prize!


The Wheel of Fates doesn't have a cheap intro. So this month, your first 10 credits bought comes with a token. Yes, that's like half price. Just the one! (Well, there also might be one in the milestones shop)


Penned by my hand on Falsday, the 24th of Variach, in the year 484 MA.
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