Multi-Character Artwork

So, a long while back, I was talking with people in discord about character art creation - was hoping to get something new of Agothaxl made. Instead, we ended up all posting pictures of our characters over the years. So, with that in mind, I wanted to do an Aishia-like post with all my character art I still have around or have found.

This is to hopefully give other people inspiration for character design or artwork requests. I hope others who have had multiple characters, with lots of art, will feel inspired to share theirs as well!

(Note: Most artwork is by Eleanor or Phoenecia, with a few exceptions)

Agothaxl (Xorani):

Jessie (Human):

Eowyn (Tsol'aa and Kelki):

Cordia (Human Vampire):

Apianora (Atavian):

Solaria (LBR, I changed her race a lot):

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