Skiva Vilandra

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Has she eaten you? Ran from you whimpering? Got you drunk enough to lose clothes? Loved you? Guilted you? Has she OVERREACTED?!

Interactions, especially first impressions, are a dice roll with skiva. Some end in death, some in friendship. How has everyone been finding her, and my scattered attempts at rp? (lets be kind and ignore my constant mistakes when it's late...)


  • Skiva is a damn angel. She's like a daughter to Fezzix, though he would never say so.
  • WOLF SEESTER! Skiva's a fantastic, wonderful, little imp-wolf in the whole wide world. I love our drunken RPs, I love playing 'bait the fracture', I love, love, love the depth and personality Skiva so obviously has.
    Toz says, "Dishonor on you (Mjoll), dishonor on your family (Seirath), dishonor on your cow (Bulrok)"
  • Despite being wildly different to her, Skiva is Aouri's second best friend. She would never admit this, because it would mean admitting that she secretly likes 'fun'. The fact that Skiva has managed to crack this shell even slightly is impressive :D
  • Aside from being family, Skiva has also been one of Drystin's closest friends. Skiva is a funny and mischievous little imp while still being fiercely loyal. 
  • TekiasTekias Wisconsin
    So I feel like hell OOC over the last couple times we've RPed, but Skiva is an amazing character played by an amazing player. Hoping we can get over it in time and play again like we used to.

    Formerly: Spiegel. Eidycue.


  • She's a very fun, sometimes bubbly even, contrast to my character and it's been great coming back to the game and finding such a character. I look forward to exploring the differences in personalities and similarities of interests even more!
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  • Skiva is a bubbling whirlwind of lupine grade mischief and energy. Sharp witted, and with a pocket full of colorful manners fit for kings and peasants alike. She is easy to start off with, actually, and in Tuisto's opinion is a good friend and worth keeping within his circle. When not eating cake or chasing ylem, she makes excellent conversation and fun times unbounded.
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