help my mum game?

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my mum is a gamer, and needs to game. She can't survive off non-interactive media.

Sadly, she's found herself suddenly blind. We have no idea when it comes to screen readers and stuff. She also can't touch type as it's something she's never needed. We're looking into smart speakers and dictating, and we do have people from accessibility charities coming in the next couple of weeks, but right now we're kinda lost.

mum's never played a mud. But she has played text based games on the spectrum and really loved them. Aetolia is just... too complicated for me to "Teach" her how to play from total scratch. what we are looking for is BASIC text based games, or any other non-visual games for her to try and play. Does anyone know of any less-complicated MUDs, or even single player ones? The speed and sheer amount of text in 'tolia is too daunting. Coupled with her not typing fast/at all right now... it's just too much.

we've never had to think about "games for the blind" before. We have no idea where to even start. Any advice would be much appreciated.


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    Don't know much myself, but apparently Avalon is a MUD with support for tbe visually impaired.

    For non-MUD games with interaction... I'd actually recommend D&D or another kind of RPG usually run on tabletops. Many translate really well to text, and even D&D doesn't need to be run on a grid for any combat if gone the 'theater of the mind' route. With a good DM, it can be a really fun and engaging experience.
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    The King of original text games would be Infocom. They made Zork all the way through the Hitchhiker's Guide. At this point their ownership is a little weird, but you can download the source for all of them for free, and I know there used to be places that hosted them online. They also recently did an IOs and Android app. That's where I started!
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