On Religion-Spicing Up A Faith’s Library

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Firstly, as a follower of Chakrasul I am looking for any tips on where I can find information about stories where Chakrasul appeared before mortals or otherwise interacted with them. Writing, detailing adventurers’ or even denizens’ thoughts, on the Goddess are also welcome.

Secondly, anyone know how to create libraries? Moreover, just what is the best way to create a library filled with works concerning one’s Divine Patron? I am creating this discussion in the hope that religious Aetolians can help advise me on the best ways to set up and maintain a library, as well as methods of collecting books and journals to that same end. Snippets of logs detailing the grandeur of any Faith’s libraries are also welcomed. 

Seriously, I am looking for some inspiration and some thoughts. I may be a troll but I still have a good head on my shoulders! 


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    There are Libraries in every organisation (city or guild), and there is the Grand Library as well. There are many, many books about Chakrasul out there. You can take out books by LIBRARY COPY (bookid) at a particular Library, for a fee. Those who have reached level 99 and above can use Haven Points to create Haven rooms and have a personal library, and that's where you can keep your books if you want.
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