In loving memory of Alexsandor

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Dear Aetolian friends,

I deeply appreciate the kind of community you have here.

Firstly, I wish to thank the administration for swiftly handling the first thread Lexen created in memory of Alexsandor. Thank you so much for putting those concerns first, your message was delivered. You are good people. And a big thanks to the over protective brother, Iames.

Zain and I were legally married last year, for reasons, but I insisted I'm not his wife until after the wedding and it was going to be one hell of an Aetolian wedding. I deeply regret this now and it is something I will live with.

Secondly, he was a laconic man. His actions spoke more than his words. Through this letter I want to share what he has told me about you all and how he felt. I do this because sharing stories is one of the ways I can keep him alive. The greatest gift that you can give is to share your experience with him because I need to hear the stories and the tales. We cannot make new memories but when you speak of your memories with him, it's music to my ears and lifts my heart.

And this is the gift I will give you today.

To Aloli. You were the little sister he wanted. Your pure heart always made us marvel at you. You love and care so much about anyone. His desire was to show you that there are good men left. He loved you, I love you. I hope our friendship always grows.

To Iames. You were the little brother he loved to unicorns with. I saw how he chuckled each time he got on the phone and was chatting about your baldness or his beard. I will miss his reaction every time he punched you. I felt like he absorbed your anger and you his whenever unicorns went down in the game. He wouldn't just anyone talk to him the way you two did because he did feel like you were one of his boys.

To Benedicto. He liked you. A lot. He was very good at reading people and finding the good vibes. He said your good vibes were off the charts. He trusted you and I think he could only show that in the small requests he'd send you: watch over my family. To help you with your business and to give you a vacation that he felt you needed, we were going to fly you out to somewhere exotic so you and your wife and band can celebrate our wedding with us and take a couple of days off your feet, on us.

Aloli and Iames were going to be there too. Maybe now we'll have to wait for Aloli's wedding, if there's someone good enough. -rays of disapproval-

To Lexen. He liked your style. He called you diabolical a few times. He was angry at you for a few plot twists your story with him and in Aloli's story too, he saw them as black and white lies that introduced confusion and spice to the stories but he loved it at the end of the day. You challenged his story.

To Robyn. He loved playing the annoying and dumb alternate character, the villain in Aloli's story. He enjoyed pissing you off because your reactions were honest. I hope you have no hard feelings, it was all fun for him but when people started stepping in and making our story about them we felt it better to retire that character and enjoy the main storyline.

In closing,
I have many things to learn and deal with but I wanted to tell you that you meant a lot to us. I must thank Aloli and others for proofreading and toning this for me.



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    (Leaders): Tiur says, "I'll remember not to delete you when the time comes, Bene. Good people."

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    I have no hard feelings at all Emma- save that he's gone and I'm so, so sorry for your loss.

    At the time I was genuinely aggravated because I thought he (Alden) was unfairly aggravating another player! LOL, It feels good to know that he enjoyed our interactions. Thank you for that knowledge.
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