Character Art Gallery: Aishia (Warning: lots of images!)

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Feel free to steal this idea: A (somewhat?) chronological gathering of all of my character Art for Aishia. With notes and attributions when appropriate or possible. (Forgive me if I have a bad memory on any of it!)

Vampire Era Aishia:
An image I found on deviantart when coming up with a character concept.

Aishia was supposed to be a mashup of these two images. Also found on who knows what random art site.

My own art of me as a newbie vampire hunting sharks with a broadsword and a tower shield.

Guiltily I can't recall who drew this! But you can see early Aishia was much more of a big titty goth girlfriend than your modern Aishia.

Loaf drew this one! You wouldn't recognize her compared to now, but this is pretty accurate to the time!

Orisae drew this one. A sister's painting of her sister! Very valuable and rare.

Mariena drew this and honestly of all of them it captures baby-Aishia mood the best.

Nuana drew this one! One of my favorites. I think it's the first you start to see what develops into the more modern Aishia look, but still a vampire at this point!

Shaith made this one and I'm still in love with it. Forum banner!

Druidess Aishia:
Thus dies the era of Vampire-Aishia. Fortuitiously the first bit of art I got of Aishia reborn was this from Eleanor. I can't say enough about this. The mold was cast!

A while later I got it coloured and in my opinion it's absolutely iconic.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Nola! Here is our love made manifest in beautiful art.

Little sister comes back to messily sketch big sisters face Orisae you twig.

Shaman Aishia?: Probably by this point!
There's huge amounts of mood in this entry by Nola! Incredible detail and characterization!

Two more sneaky deaks from Shaith.

Sessizlik made this one!

I've really lost the plot with dating these in chronological order so throw that out of the window. This was Nola too! Sorry for censorship!

Eleanor magical girl coloring book page! The melon theme starts to run wild after a while.

Valingar's very early work! Posted mostly for hamster related content.

Halloweeny Cheerleader Aish from Nola

I can't get enough of the sass and poise in this one from Phoenicia!

Valingar drew this one and he barely let me show you. It's probably semi-unfinished and more a product of practice than his masterwork but I'm posting this while I still have permission!!

Phoe Valentines Sticker with the heartbreaker kiss attack!

Couple of quick sketches from Nola

Thing I drew from some RP with guards in Duiran

Steele drew this.

Horrifying art piece by Shaith.

Really nice Aishia from mantibrush on tumblr. This is probably the last picture before mutant legs happen.

Aishia chibi from Eleanor

Mega Melons Meme

I forget the artist you'd have to ask Moxie! A few little inconsistencies but really pretty.

Birthday thing from Steele and Eleanor this one always blows me away.

Colour version!

Aishia and her beautiful babies. (Two of the best ones at least? :))

Pixel art Aishia from Peiry

Nava drew this Randomly!

This is pretty much the definitive Aishia art to end all Aishia art so I'll finish with it regardless of chronology. Eleanor!

It's Eleanor all the way down. Love the expression this one gives me joy.

Eleanor again I call this one "I-it's so big, isn't it?"


Surprise Nolart!!!

Gacha from Elea!

I think that's all of it! If I miss-attributed or missed anything it's due to really poor file management and not on purpose. I love all of this stuff! Expect to see more later as I update/bump the post! Feel free to comment or whatever!!



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    Oh Aishia, you reminded me of a very old song I used to listen to as a kid! It's French and Arabic.

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    I started doing this right on Zaila's normal Self-aff page, but then I stopped uploading new stuff, this inspires me to go update them more!!

    I really like using self-aff pages for this, because I love being able to go to the forum and see what character's look like and trying to wade through all the pages of the Art thread and/or commissions threads takes foreeeeeever.
  • Man, what a cool visual journey. So much good stuff! It does make me wish I had stuff from Paz's early years, ah well. Aishia continues to be awesome!
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    Snuck a couple more from Shaith in that I missed!
  • thank you for this! i actually forgot how AWESOMESAUCE nola was in both art and person! I recognised her penmanship instantly though.

    nice melons
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    Hey this excellent thread nearly dropped to the second page so I made an excuse to bump it. 

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    freshly squeezed and freshly bumped/updated the main post. Love this one so much. Joyjoyjoy
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    While all of these are great, that last one is *particularly* delightful! I came back to look through people's photo posts just for fun and love how much personality is in just a single portrait! So much good stuff like that always speaks to both the artist quality and the player pizzazz quality - got to have something to bring out in the art! Love it!
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    I-it's so big, isn't it?
  • AishiaAishia Queen Bee

    full color bumparoo
  • AishiaAishia Queen Bee

    Forgot to post this! Gacha Aish from Elea! :D Big old bumparoo.
  • So do all redheads originate from the common ancestor: Aishia?
  • AishiaAishia Queen Bee
    Auresae gave her the red hair when she gave her a new heart! Her hair was BLACK before that! Like her sister's! But apparently the blessing of red was GENETIC.
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