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We get threads like these occasionally and since the other I could find was stupid old, I thought I'd create a new one.

This is where you announce your weight loss / diet / exercise goals and achievements. I'll lay out the outline that they used before, but feel free to do whatever you like.


Downside of the week:

Upside of the week:

Mental/psychological check in:

Status of last week's goal:

Goal for next week:


  • ArbreArbre Arbrelina Jolie Braavos
    I just ordered Nutrisystem for me and my husband and am waiting on it to come in now. We did it a couple years ago for two months and I lost 40 pounds, most of which I kept off until I got put on steroids. They're notorious for making people gain weight, and I went up over 100 pounds while on them.

    I've never participated in one of these threads because I didn't want everyone to see when I inevitably fail, but I'm thinking now maybe I should get a little accountability in and that will help me.

    Weight: approx. 365 (goal: 175)

    Downside of the week: They're taking as long as freakin' possible to send out my Nutrisystem.

    Upside of the week: Lots of yummy food to say goodbye to yummy food.

    Mental/psychological check in: I am... okay. I missed my meds the other day and that caused a bit of a crash, but I'm back on them and doing okay. I'll do better mentally when I start up in school again and am doing productive things.

    Status of last week's goal: I had no goal last week!

    Goal for next week: Stick to the Nutrisystem religiously. It's hard in the first few weeks.
  • ZailaZaila Pacific Time
    Thank you for posting this!!! As I sat on the couch, barely getting up to so much as pee, for four hours yesterday after work - which was a day full of sitting - I thought "Crap. I need to be better to my body if I want to keep it around awhile."

    In late February, I got diagnosed with and started taking meds for ADHD - which has been great for me in many ways. A side-effect of this is that I've also lost about 20 pounds. On one hand, it feels great when I step on the scale! And I was certainly over-eating before and overweight. However, when I am not careful about it, I have days like yesterday when the grand total of what I consumed was two cups of coffee and twenty ounces of high-protein milk. Beckums needs more nutrients than that.

    Weight: 178ish (Goal: 160ish)

    Exercise: Bumpkiss. (Goal: 90 minutes 4x/week or 60 7x/week)

    Downside of the week: Very very little exercise. Even less movement of my body than I normally have in a week.

    Upside of the week: Scheduled lots of health appointments that I've been procrastinated setting for years.

    Mental/psychological check in: I got my meds switched a couple weeks ago, and now that I've settled into them, I feel a lot better than I had on the last set (which gave me heavy doses of side effects and little to no help where they were supposed to). In general, feeling good, but I'm pretty stressed from being swamped at work.

    Status of last week's goal: I had a goal last week to make sure I get more vitamins in my diet every day through what I consume. I did... So-so.

    Goal for next week: Take a multivitamin/have a nutrient drink drink every day. Take a minimally-30-minute walk every day. Even if it is just a casual stroll. On my feet and moving at least 30 solid minutes.
  • ArbreArbre Arbrelina Jolie Braavos
    Had to go to the hospital today for infusions, so I got them to weigh me. Official diet starting weight: 360.9
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    I do keto so for anyone who doesn't know what that is, you basically change your macros to high fat, moderate protein, extremely low carbs. No, it's not Atkins, no it's not the same as a "low carb" diet because those are also usually low fat. On Keto your goal is to get your body into a state of ketosis where it's using fat as a primary energy source rather than carbs/sugars. So, instead of eating like a rabbit you get to eat high fat foods like bacon, avocado, eggs, etc. which is so much less painful than some dieting programs. Keto is amazing if you need to lose weight, avoid/fight cancer, avoid/fight diabetes, etc. I could go on and on about the benefits but that's what google is for. If you're interested check it out! Also on youtube Thomas Delauer and Dr. Eric Berg are a good place to start.

    When I started keto I was nearly 300lbs. and was having very bad joint and back pain. Being very tall and overweight is a bad combination. With Keto I was able to drop 30 lbs. in a couple of months easily, get back into the gym and drop some more weight and the joint pain has mostly went away.

    Weight: 220lbs. (goal: 210lbs. maybe.. I'm kinda in maintenance mode presently)

    Downside of the week: I was lazy? lol

    Upside of the week: I'm on keto so being lazy didn't really set me back much

    Mental/psychological check in: I feel pretty amazing :)

    Status of last week's goal: Fail! I meant to be more active buuuuuut I've been lazy

    Goal for next week: Go hiking and enjoy the outdoors before this place goes back to being like "north of the wall" again!
  • ArbreArbre Arbrelina Jolie Braavos
    Weight: UNKNOWN no really, they don't make a whole lot of (cheap) scales that go this high. I'll get weighed at the hospital again next week. (goal:175)

    Downside of the week: I'm terrible at this diet thing and have cheated a lot.

    Upside of the week: Having infusions might make me feel physically terrible, but they make me feel safe. They also have helped out my arthritis a good bit.

    Mental/psychological check in: Infusions hit me pretty rough this week. Last time it only took about a day to recover, this time it took like 3. It's difficult to keep up a good mood when you feel physically terrible and can't quite pinpoint why.

    Status of last week's goal: lolno. I cheated. A lot.

    Goal for next week: Hoping week two of Nutrisystem goes better than week one.
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