Taking suggestions, comments, and possible interest in this Ascendril module

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Wanted to show some of the people who use the Fallout system what I've been doing as a personal project for the new Ascendril class. I'm a big gui guy..I like to see what I have going on, so I'm making a visual module for mudlet for the many semi or fully passive skills that we might have going at any one point. This is I think a modification of a geyser thing ...I grabbed the buttons from somewhere and have just been modifying them to do what I want..I had already used this for something else in the past and just gutted most of it to put in the new skills. So let me know what you think here or by commenting on the video. If there is any interest in further videos, either about the module, creating the module, or anything else that I can do with my slowly evolving skills of coding, let me know.

Belgarion Amaratha

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