Announce post #2983: Trade Ministry updates

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7/10/2019 at 1:49
Razmael, the Synthesist
Trade Ministry updates

Hey folks,

I've made some changes to the Ministry of Trade's commands to prepare for some changes happening in the near future. Details as follows:

1) The CITY COMM INTERN command has been removed.
This was advertised (in the help file at least) as being a price that other Ministries would spend to purchase commodities. In actuality, it was the price everybody in your city would pay. Command has been removed in order to merge it into the below commands.

2) The CITY COMM SELL syntax has been updated to: CITY COMM SELL <comm> FOR <amount> TO <CITY|ALL>
This is merging the intern functionality into the sell command. If you set a 'TO CITY' price, citizens will buy at that price. If you don't set a city price, citizens will instead buy at the 'TO ALL' price. Anybody not of your city will always purchase at the all price.
e.g. CITY COMM SELL WOOD FOR 100 TO CITY - your citizens will pay 100gp per piece of wood
CITY COMM SELL WOOD FOR 200 TO ALL - everybody else will be 200gp per piece of wood

As before, set the 'all' price to 0 to stop selling that commodity. If city price is set and all price is 0, citizens will still be able to purchase at the city price so make sure you set both to 0 if you wish to stop selling completely.

3) The CITY COMM BUY syntax has been updated to: CITY COMM BUY <comm> FOR <amount> FROM <CITY|ALL>
This is updating the existing functionality to include an optional citizen-only price. Before, your comm shop could only buy comms at the same price from everybody. The logic on this command works in the same way as I described for the sell command (i.e. city price 0? then use all price, and so on).

4) I've updated the CITY COMM SUMMARY display to include this new city-buy price and adjusted the overall look of the table.

Penned by my hand on Quensday, the 15th of Niuran, in the year 481 MA.
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