Events post #250: A Prelude to Magic

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A Prelude to Magic

Two events, unrelated as they were, occured in the month of Khepary, 481 MA that would later lead into something bigger.


In Mournhold, a newly formed Enchanter's Society drew Sapience's attention to itself as they revealed a new discovery: a crystal aegis with six unknown glyphs traced on each of its six facets. The founding members of the Enchanter's Society had recovered this ancient Naldareth relic by diving the area around the fringes of the elemental vortex that rises from the ruins of Kelsys deep below the ocean. Some of the top minds in Sapience gathered together in Mournhold and together they experiemented upon the aegis and its glyphs, attempting to uncover its workings. After a few explosive results, and suggestions from those gathered, the Ogre enchantress Yegroti managed to trace a stable glyph in the air using a combination of gem dust and mana infusement. With the stable glyph now spinning before them, the group attempted to uncover its purpose to no avail. As exhaustion creeped in, the enchanters decided to break their research there for the time being.

Afterwards, the Archmage Oonagh and several other Ascendril went to consult with Iernos, the Eidolon of Spirit, tutor to the Ascendril and half-Naldareth. Iernos said the aegis and its glyphs tugged at his memory with a deep familiarity, though he was unable to recall anything in particular. Likewise, the Shadow Warden Tatia led the Sciomancers to consult with Nevithor, the Shadow Tutor of the Sciomancers and the other half of Iernos. Nevithor also claimed a fleeting familiarity with the aegis and its glyphs, but provided no further help.


Later, in what was an unrelated incident, a loud explosion erupted from the Ironmaw Prison in Spinesreach and several citizens rushed to investigate. Shortly after, the distinct keening noise of a portal opened up somewhere in the vicinity and then quickly closed once more before it could be found. Within the prison, the citizens found a cell door blown open - the corpse of Jino, the Cabalist had been exploded from the inside-out and his cellmate Nogvert was notably missing. An injured Frantoinette was soon roused to consciousness and relayed what she had seen: Jino writhing in pain, pointing at the Goblin Nogvert. When she opened the cell door to take a look, Jino's body swelled up and exploded.

Thuneron, Captain of the Spirean Guard was next to arrive and started taking count of what prisoners remained. By the time he was done, three names came up as missing: Nogvert, a Goblin; Rubanzin, a Human; and Twilleri, a Xoran. Each of the three a Sciomancer, and each imprisoned for serious crimes of treason hundreds of years ago. The areas surrounding Spinesreach were scoured for any traces of the escaped prisoners but nothing was found - with the three presumably escaping by a portal, they could have gone anywhere upon the continent.

The remains of Jino were taken away to be examined closer, but by the end of the investigation, it was clear to all that the prisoners had outside help. The question that remains lingering is who or what orchestrated this prison-break?

Penned by my hand on Gosday, the 8th of Khepary, in the year 481 MA.</pre>
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