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The Chaos War

It had been several months since Golgotha promised his coming, his heralds harassing the realm relentlessly. He sought revenge for the slight of ancient mortalkind using the corpses of his court to seal away the trapped Albedi entity, Jox.

As Bamathis examined His War table, contemplating His next move, so, too, did His Sister make moves of Her own, after the Warlord struck a deal with the Lady of Corruption.

After bargaining with the favored wife of Golgotha, Xa'azamit, the Goddess of Corruption gifted Her fallen necromancers with a focus that would reveal a pocket of Chaos wherein they would find the Queen of Chaos. Tasked with a quest for redemption, the forsaken necromancers approached Xa'azamit.

Her request of the Ashes of the Indorani was simple in theory, yet difficult to execute. In return for a promised pocket of Chaos, the necromancers were to sever the Queen's pact with Golgotha himself freeing her; in death.

Presenting a tincture that would both poison her, and allow her will to imprint on a mortal coil, the Ashes of the Indorani's successfully fulfilled their promise in part only; her reformation was yet to be seen.

With the last breath escaping his favored wife, Golgotha flew into a fit of rage at the severance of their pact. He ranted and raved, promising the destruction of Sapience in seven weeks and the devouring of the realm's minipets. Chaos rifts began to open across the continent due to the instability between the planes, which adventurers dilligently sought out and closed.

The seven weeks over, Golgotha returned with Golrath - the former traitor to the throne of Chaos, the Chaos Emperor promising Golrath his freedom in exchange for the destruction of Sapience. Golrath brought with him his court, which he sent to assault Sapience over the next weeks. Sapience would not break nor bend to the will of Chaos, thwarting each Chaos challenger one after the other.

Enraged to new heights, Golgotha finally took matters into his own hands and descended upon the Prime Material Plane alongside Golrath and Dameron. Bamathis rose to the skies to meet the threat, flanked by the Sisters He bargained with; Chakrasul and Omei. Golgotha sent a devastating blast of energy to sear at the roots of Yggdrasil, which sustained damage and leaked extraplanar energies into Prime.

The Twins, Damariel and Severn, moved urgently to tend to the root while Golgotha sent Dameron to deal with the mortals. The forces of mortalkind dispatched the Prince of Chaos, Dameron, and Bamathis rejoined His Sisters in the sky - only for Golrath to summon forth the entire might of Chaos to surround the trio of Sapient Gods. Omei and Chakrasul set to fighting the horde of countless warped Chaos Lords with Divine efficiency while Bamathis endured serious punishment from Golgotha and Golrath. The essence of Strife allowed the God to power through the pain and maintain His strategy, trading blows with the two immensely powerful Chaos Lords.

Spotting an opening in the thinned horde, Bamathis proceeded with His plan. He preyed upon the will of Golgotha by invoking the unity of Sapience, calling forth for mortals to volunteer themselves to be thrown onto Golgotha's body. Mortalkind answered the Warlord's call, the words 'For Sapience!' ringing across the land as numerous clung to the body of the Chaos Emperor, wailing away at him.

Golgotha flailed and sweated, smacking himself in the face over and over to rid himself of the pesky mortals clinging to his massive head. Eventually, he grew disoriented thanks to the brave sacrifices of the individuals who rose to the cause. Bamathis spotted the opening, calling for the mortals to jump off.

The Warlord lunged forward, poised to strike. The Chaos Emperor nearly dodged the attack, only for his opportunistic cohort, Golrath to betray him at the last second - plunging a dagger into the back of the Emperor and allowing the attack of Bamathis to connect. The War-God's stab connected, skewering Golgotha straight through the head and causing Jy'Barrak Golgotha to dissolve into nothingness alongside the rest of his court, his will and purpose broken.

The forces of Chaos defeated at last, the Warlord divided the realm of Chaos between Omei and Chakrasul, fulfilling His end of the bargain. The two Sisters used their intrinsic relation to Chaos to warp and shape the realm to Their wills. Chakrasul appointed the tumultuous Queen, Xa'azamit as the new ruler of Chaos. Defeated, Golrath was sent back to whence he came and allowed his freedom in exchange for betraying Golgotha. Golrath's court was left behind, to serve the new ruler of Chaos.

At the conclusion of the battle, Bamathis, bloody and beaten returned the Blade of Artifice to His Brother, Severn, with a newfound respect for the difficulty being a God brings.

Penned by my hand on Gosday, the 10th of Arios, in the year 481 MA.</pre>
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