Seraphina Taziyah Mulariad

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  • Yay! I could gush all day long about Seraphina. She is adorable and so well played. I have to catch myself quite often to not simply nod or make some other non-verbal reaction, but even when I do you stick to the character and do not respond or acknowledge. Running into walls (and sometimes just large people that could easily be mistaken for walls) and facing the wrong direction when talking to people are just a couple examples of things you do to highlight Seraphina's disability. I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of her story and look forward to the relationship between Sera and Rhine. <3<3<3
  • Seraphina is and has always been one of my favorite Omeiians of the new generation of the order. I always appreciate characters with depth and attention to detail, and you do a splendid job of doing this with Sera. She is actually part of some of my favorite lighthearted scenes in the last few months. A good example would be @Nava bringing a hookah to the bridge and Iesid not telling her that Seraphina is blind.

    Another would be when he took her to the temple to read. It created a scene where I could play around with ignoring what Iesid was doing visually, and instead focus on the auditory or other senses in description. It was a joy, for sure. :smile:

    In a way, she is conveyed to the world in a unique fashion that requires people to truly adapt their writing style when interacting with Sera. This is the mark of a character that stands out, as it provokes thought and effort in how they react. It gets people in a roleplay headspace that makes them ask questions about how their character reacts to blind characters.

    Overall, I'm so happy she is part of my character's slowly growing family. I look forward to see how things go in the future and I always love seeing more of Sera around!
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  • I've interacted with some more people since, thoughts? 
  • Adding in some art from @Konnorn!

  • Seraphina is a very fun character and I enjoy our interactions a lot! She has helped Kjell see new parts of the world and then come home to bond over food and not walking into trees!
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