Now that I'm taking a break from the character - and he's off hanging out with his animals in a cabin in the woods or something, probably taking care of stray wounded beasts while he's at it - I'm curious what people thought of their interactions with him. Hence the thread.


  • Eaku is one of my favorite Sentinels. Ever. Mine and Rhine's first thoughts were "What a weird dude" but over time that changed into "Hope he never changes." Rhine and Eaku developed a tentative friendship during the Chaos War and I hope they can eventually develop that. Though, that would require Eaku being around and not hanging out with animals. <3
  • I've been back a while now after my break and I'm curious about how I've been doing or how people enjoy interacting with the character. He is certainly a bit strange - which is really quite on purpose - but I hope at least engaging!
  • AloliAloli Between Books
    Still absolutely one of my favorite, and accidental friend, to have random interactions with. He makes it very easy to just walk up and talk or do anything randomly and he plays along so well - not intimidating or standoffish or awkward at all.

    It's always fun, even when they're just hiding away in Lleis temple to be quiet.

    Eaku has grown so much and he makes it easy to see the depth and complexity of his personality. Keep it up!
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  • Love Eaku. Such a solid character, and though we haven't had crazy in depth rp (yet), I still get the sense that I can count on you to play ball at a moment's notice, and you make a great general presence in Duiran.
  • RihrinRihrin Duiran
    We haven't gotten to actually interact a ton - but Eaku has been someone Rihrin leaned on with the war and with current events that have been going on in Duiran. Your character is exactly what a Sentinel should be and has been so creative and bold during all of the current events going on. I absolutely loved the scene with us all and he yelled right back at Haern - much deserved and then some, absolutely unafraid of any consequences that might come to your character. I wish more and more of us would take those risks, even if we know it may be to the detriment of our character. It really helps them be as defined as we feel they should be, and you've really done that.

    Hopefully we'll still get to interact here and there - I want to see where he lands in the end of all this.
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