Hi, I'm here. Tell me how much you hate Iazamat.


    Toz says, "Dishonor on you (Mjoll), dishonor on your family (Seirath), dishonor on your cow (Bulrok)"
  • Solid dude, keeps an objective and level head all the time.
  • Made of sand, solid sand, sand.

  • He likes the spicy food, which is an A+ in my book. Good taste in women, also.
    (Congregation): Iosyne says, "I made a cup."

    Horkval are a feature...
  • What better place to share an update than my own thread! Bump!

    So, hey, if it seems like I've been MIA, I'm not avoiding anyone. Promise. I know I have a few hanging RP obligations, and I fully intend to get around to them. Some of my absence is a desire to do things other than Aetolia, but Iazamat also happens to be the hardest character I've ever played, and there are times when I entirely lose the character's voice and have difficulty playing him. If I do log in during these times, it's likely you'll find me half-AFK or our interactions will be extremely dry - sorry if you've caught that before! So if you're waiting on me for something, thanks in advance for being patient with me.
  • Huzzah golem
  • Buuump. Due to recent events, I've had the pleasure of RPing with both new and old faces. Let me know where the character falls apart for you!
  • ArasethAraseth Where I am
    I don't.
  • Okay, could you post elsewhere, then? Thanks!
  • EliadonEliadon Somewhere Over the RainbowLiaison
    Iazamat said:

    Okay, could you post elsewhere, then? Thanks!

    Might've been a reply to the first post:
    "Hi, I'm here. Tell me how much you hate Iazamat."

    Unless not hating Iazamat is bad! D:
  • Good taste in jewelry, questionable choices in friends, horrible sense of direction.
  • I know I want more scenes with Iazamat. When I reflect on Iazamat I can't not mention the grumpiness of this character. It's one of my favorite things about him. He's not afraid to ruffle feathers, not be friends and to let you know exactly what he thinks. In fact I don't think he's grumpy, I think he's blunt and straight forward, doesn't mince words - rare to find. more please.

  • ArasethAraseth Where I am
    Sorry, didn't know you only wanted hatred. I misread the top apparently.
  • much love
  • I really can't express what a joy it has been watching our two little dead idiots do some growing up together. They've both matured a lot over all their interactions. We've also been writing together for a long time! Any character arcs that have that kind of staying power are always precious.

    As for Iazamat. He is one of those incredible characters that is so thoroughly grounded in his own history and presence. It makes him read as fully-fledged and absolutely, undeniably real. Iazamat fills whatever space there is for him in a scene and inhabits it fully. I've mentioned before how envious I am of how much characterization you can put into something as simple as a few gestures or a change in posture, and that's exactly what I mean here. If Iazamat is standing and watching something happen, you're never just throwing out meaningless emotes that say 'I'm here!.' You are actively contributing to the scene, making it clear that it is Iazamat who is there.

    There isn't enough to be said about your writing. One of my favorite experiences is reading what someone has written and getting giddy about how good it is. Reading anything you've written allows me to experience a lot of that giddiness.

    Most importantly, you're one of the best 'yes, and'-ers in the game. The willingness to pick up the threads that other people are offering, adapting the scene to make it most enjoyable for everyone while still staying true to your character, does not go unnoticed. You contribute a lot to the game and to the people you write stories with. It is very, very good.
  • I don't really know what to say to that, it's far too nice, so I'll just leave you with this:

  • He's a glorious sand himbo sorta.

  • KodazaKodaza Los Angeles
    "Can you talk like a normal person instead of just quoting Chakrasul mumbo jumbo?" is the hardest Kodaza has ever been owned in her entire life, and she will be reflecting on that one stray moment in the guild library for years and years

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