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Some insight into just how Ezalor sees the world and why he is so loud and disgusted about this whole Lunare-and-the-living thing. Since his first days as a Servant he was handed a copy of Abhorash's teachings by Tetchta and he's strived to live up the example of Thrasius. I've brought some OOC perspective and flavouring to him too from the time I had an alt under Tzevi. Add it all together and you've got one racist, elitist vampire who is VERY glad (to the point of being called a suck-up :D) that Abhorash is back to smack down what he views as blasphemers. 

Just a note, it does get confusing because I don't use targeted emotes in 1-on-1s. Every time I emote just treat "you" as whoever I'm with.

^Conversation with a mortal about life and what it means to be Consanguine.

^What being a Thrall truly is, long lecture about the place and purpose of the living.

^An Embrace I did a while back. Actually used targeted emotes for this one.

Would love to know what you think! This time around is the first time I've gotten around to trying out RP and not just idle bashing.



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    I'm glad to see some of the RP from that corner of the game! I've been increasingly curious, both IG and OOG about Bloodloch/Consanguine RP.
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    Wow. Can't believe he saved that. I was just barely learning how to RP back then and emotes, specially targeted emotes, were still hard! He was an awesome mentor, miss him.

    Nice find @Alexsandor.
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