Announce post #2958: Crafting/Storytelling winners!

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<pre>5/1/2019 at 14:49
Ere, the Celebrant
Crafting/Storytelling winners!

Sorry to keep you waiting! Here's the results for both the Storytelling
competition, and the Crafting competition!

1st: Rasani
2nd: Akaryuterra
3rd: Aymah
4th: Elievia
5th: Tina

1st: Rasani, with a life-size paroz statue of two figures
2nd: Rijetta, with a sash of the Accords
3rd: Tina, with a cloak and dagger monument to diplomacy
4th: Zhrkraal, with a lion-clasped treaty scroll of the Spirean Republic
5th: Aymah, with a diplomat's survival manual

Congratulations to the winners! As usual with these events, there will
be a storytelling remembrance crystal that will replay the storytelling
entries, and select entries from the crafting competition, made
available in a shop on the festival grounds that will be opening soon.

Note: Some entries for the crafting competition went beyond specified
limits - especially with reactions. These entries were given to the
judging panel with the excess trimmed out (to keep things fair), but
full reactions will be in the shop editions as appropriate.

Credit prizes and event points will be handed out shortly after this

Penned by my hand on Falsday, the 24th of Chakros, in the year 480 MA.</pre>
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