Announce post #2947: Year 480 of the Midnight Age!

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<pre>4/17/2019 at 5:36
Razmael, the Synthesist
Year 480 of the Midnight Age!

Year 480 is upon us! As usual for when we reach one of our year milestones, we're going to be running a large amount of games to celebrate! We're doing something a little different with the prizes this year, and we'll reveal more details on that a bit later.

For now, here's the schedule! I've done my best at timezone conversion and it's hopefully accurate. If not, these event times will be added shortly to the EVENTS list so you will have precise times available to you. Be sure to make use of CONFIG TIMEZONE to set what your timezone is! With daylight savings being somewhat recent, your existing setting may now be wrong.

Full details on each event will be added to their EVENTS listing sometime in the next few days.

GMT: Sat, Apr 20 12:00AM EST: Fri, Apr 19 08:00PM
CST: Fri, Apr 19 07:00PM PST: Fri, Apr 19 05:00PM
AEST: Sat, Apr 20 10:00AM

GMT: Sat, Apr 20 06:00PM EST: Sat, Apr 20 02:00PM
CST: Sat, Apr 20 01:00PM PST: Sat, Apr 20 11:00AM
AEST: Sun, Apr 21 04:00AM

GMT: Sun, Apr 21 12:00AM EST: Sat, Apr 20 08:00PM
CST: Sat, Apr 20 07:00PM PST: Sat, Apr 20 05:00PM
AEST: Sun, Apr 21 10:00AM

GMT: Sun, Apr 21 07:00PM EST: Sun, Apr 21 03:00PM
CST: Sun, Apr 21 02:00PM PST: Sun, Apr 21 12:00PM
AEST: Mon, Apr 22 05:00AM

GMT: Mon, Apr 22 12:00AM EST: Sun, Apr 21 08:00PM
CST: Sun, Apr 21 07:00PM PST: Sun, Apr 21 05:00PM
AEST: Mon, Apr 22 10:00AM

GMT: Mon, Apr 22 11:00PM EST: Mon, Apr 22 07:00PM
CST: Mon, Apr 22 06:00PM PST: Mon, Apr 22 04:00PM
AEST: Tue, Apr 23 09:00AM

GMT: Wed, Apr 24 01:00AM EST: Tue, Apr 23 09:00PM
CST: Tue, Apr 23 08:00PM PST: Tue, Apr 23 06:00PM
AEST: Wed, Apr 24 11:00AM

GMT: Fri, Apr 26 11:00PM EST: Fri, Apr 26 07:00PM
CST: Fri, Apr 26 06:00PM PST: Fri, Apr 26 04:00PM
AEST: Sat, Apr 27 09:00AM

GMT: Sat, Apr 27 08:00PM EST: Sat, Apr 27 04:00PM
CST: Sat, Apr 27 03:00PM PST: Sat, Apr 27 01:00PM
AEST: Sun, Apr 28 06:00AM

GMT: Sun, Apr 28 12:00AM EST: Sat, Apr 27 08:00PM
CST: Sat, Apr 27 07:00PM PST: Sat, Apr 27 05:00PM
AEST: Sun, Apr 28 10:00AM

GMT: Sun, Apr 28 07:00PM EST: Sun, Apr 28 03:00PM
CST: Sun, Apr 28 02:00PM PST: Sun, Apr 28 12:00PM
AEST: Mon, Apr 29 05:00AM

GMT: Sun, Apr 28 10:00PM EST: Sun, Apr 28 06:00PM
CST: Sun, Apr 28 05:00PM PST: Sun, Apr 28 03:00PM
AEST: Mon, Apr 29 08:00AM

GMT: Mon, Apr 29 10:00PM EST: Mon, Apr 29 06:00PM
CST: Mon, Apr 29 05:00PM PST: Mon, Apr 29 03:00PM
AEST: Tue, Apr 30 08:00AM

GMT: Thu, May 2 01:00AM EST: Wed, May 1 09:00PM
CST: Wed, May 1 08:00PM PST: Wed, May 1 06:00PM
AEST: Thu, May 2 11:00AM

GMT: Sat, May 4 12:00AM EST: Fri, May 3 08:00PM
CST: Fri, May 3 07:00PM PST: Fri, May 3 05:00PM
AEST: Sat, May 4 10:00AM

GMT: Sat, May 4 10:00PM EST: Sat, May 4 06:00PM
CST: Sat, May 4 05:00PM PST: Sat, May 4 03:00PM
AEST: Sun, May 5 08:00AM

GMT: Sun, May 5 05:00PM EST: Sun, May 5 01:00PM
CST: Sun, May 5 12:00PM PST: Sun, May 5 10:00AM
AEST: Mon, May 6 03:00AM

GMT: Sun, May 5 11:00PM EST: Sun, May 5 07:00PM
CST: Sun, May 5 06:00PM PST: Sun, May 5 04:00PM
AEST: Mon, May 6 09:00AM

Penned by my hand on Gosday, the 12th of Severin, in the year 480 MA.</pre>
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