Figured I'd finally see what people think. Been trying to branch out more, but still could use more people to interact with.


  • StathanStathan Hot springs
    I'm honestly rather fond of the interactions between Agothaxl and Stathan. He's, complicated. And even with the tether split going on when they talk, they've managed to maintain a friendship, if distant at times. They always seem to bump into each other at just the right time to talk and keep each other company and honestly it lends to more indepth and heartfelt RP than just sticking to Enorian or Duiran. There's always that lingering "Maybe...we shouldn't" and then the massive middle finger and the laughing and fun to be had.

    All in all, 14/10 would RP again
  • I enjoyed our brief conversation through tells. It's always interesting/entertaining to me when opposed forces find things to agree on. Inter-tether RP is fun and feels too rare to me, but I could be wrong.

    My only complaint is that after delivering the scroll, you ran away too quickly for me to emote back! Next time I'll hope to get a proper exchange out of you.
  • Well. Time to give this a bump.
  • Yay friend
  • Ago! What to say about Ago. She's in and out all of the time, but every time we interact I get a little smile (when I'm not laughing outright). She keeps Aros on his toes and is forever giving him something to think or worry on. Most certainly one of Aros's closest friends, and not what I'd have thought from when they first really sat down at the Hound and Halberd.

    TLDR; Much love. Keep rping at me!

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