Announce post #2939: Big batch of bug fixes

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3/31/2019 at 9:17
Keroc, the Starborn
Big batch of bug fixes

Who doesn't love bug fixes? Here's a nice large amount for you all!

- Fixed a bug causing scoped messages to always display on the ground.
- Hound report now checks to see if the hound in question can see a player rather then yourself.
- The humming helacite gem artifact now properly halves WORM CANCEL time.
- You can no longer flick a bonedagger while in mistform.
- Fixed DTS not checking the correct privledge ranking for whether someone can use it.
- Fear effects will no longer try and move you while you are asleep.
- Those with Zealot already can now be inducted into the Illuminai without having to master it.
- Changing shapeshifter type no longer forces you to quit your pack.
- Staticburst and Warding no longer give nyctophobia. Whoops!
- The water dashing racial ability no longer grants waterwalking other then when dashing.
- Fixed the waterwalking enchantment and Fording letting you cross water with non-normal movement types.
* Directionless movement is still fine however, this mostly applies to magical movement.
- Ordering mobiles CALM will now set them into a state where they will shortly rest afterwards.
* Only if they're low on health and have nothing else to do in the moment.
- You can no longer NIBBLE on promo chocolates. You need to EAT it whole! Gluttony is good!
- The pathfinder entity can no longer cross planes.
- More bombs have been set to no longer be usable while phased.
- Throwing bombs at the ground is now considered an aggressive action.
- Guards no longer emote or speak with players upon entry if they cannot be seen.
* Only for the invisibility abilities such as phase/mistform/blackwind/lightform/etc.
- Individual arm breaks should now be properly checked for skillsets like Tekura/Zeal/Ferality.
* This was something I fixed when Zealots came out so its been in for a while.
- Milestones will no longer be given while in the newbie tour, they will show up some time after completing it.
- You can now construct a campsite in a extra number of forest environments.
- No longer can you join a web from someone who went offline.
- Returning from Kai Banish incurs movement effects such as losing your magical shield.
- Distortion should now be applied if Frailty is consumed in the same attack stack.
- Righteousness Deliverance is now properly marked as an assist ability.
- Defend will no longer proc if the defender has the egocentric affliction.
- Hound Deliver is no longer considered aggressive.
- Your hound now follows you once more after using Hound Deliver and returning to your side.
- Fixed Dhuriv Ambush not razing rebounding from the target upon successful use.
- Safe PK no longer blocks you from killing yourself... if that is what you fancy.
- Chaos Shock can now proc both reflections and Kai Deliverance.
* Only when not attempting to remove the shield defence however.
- Fixed Order Monuments not spawning orbs so you can now finish raising (or destroying) them.
- Boosted Expunge now has a unique message for when it is used.
- Fixed Boosted Expunge being usable at zero fury.
- Assist abilities should now give open PK auras when used on someone who has one.

Penned by my hand on Closday, the 11th of Niuran, in the year 479 MA.
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