Reconstruction explosion at the Monastery - suddenly a crow.

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I want to thank whomever played the crow. That was adorable and fun to have joined our random RP! Much love <3

Please more randomness!

A little background: This was going to be another regular work day at the monastery. We needed to decide on where we will host the Monkhood ceremonies from now on and we settled on the Chapter House. Now we just had to demolish the old ceremonial hall, but we could have some fun with it! Kai is always fun to play with, right?

(This is from Ander's perspective and cleaned up a little, sorry for any mistakes!)

"It's fine. I imagine that will be easier for me to take care of." Aloli muses as she beckons you to her, "Since this is going to be the new ceremonial place among its other purposes, I can try my new explosion technique in the ceremony hall, come help me?"

You begin to follow Aloli.

You follow Aloli to the south.
An austere assembly.
Many of the stars are disguised behind looming clouds, tracing their slow paths across the sphere of the heavens. An ornate alabaster ceremonial bowl, filled with water sits here. Resting on the ground is a cube-shaped silver sigil. A sigil in the shape of a small, rectangular monolith is on the ground.
You see a single exit leading north.

You have emoted: "...Explosion technique?" Ander asks warily, running a hand consciously over his fur, "Give me a moment, Abbess."

[Ander runs to get a new uniform shirt since it decayed]

You follow Aloli to the north.
Overgrown pillar courtyard.
Much of the heavens are blotted out by clouds, the dawn sun struggling to break through. Resting on the ground is a cube-shaped silver sigil. A sigil in the shape of a small, rectangular monolith is on the ground.
You see exits leading north, east, south, and west.

Aloli puts all the pins away while shaking her head. "Alright, we should generate as much Kai as we can then try to blast it at the ..."

You say, "Right.. kai.."

Aloli nods her head at you.

As you complete your mantra, you bend the energy into an unbroken ring, turning your own body into a source.
You have gained the kai_recursion defence.

Aloli whispers an ancient mantra as her breathing slows.

You tense your muscles and look about sharply as you take the stance of the Cat.

Aloli completes her mantra, her breathing becomes more controlled.

Aloli balances on one leg, lifting her arms high above her head.

In silence, the sun casts its first rays across the land, banishing the night westward before its ascending brilliance.
It is now dawn on Quensday, the 8th of Niuran, year 479 of the Midnight Age.

[Kaiup spam!]

You say, "Right! Ready!"

Aloli turns all her attention to the south and nods, "Ready!"

[More Kaiup spam]

Abbess Aloli Gallant wryly says, "A little more."


Aloli nods her head emphatically.

Abbess Aloli Gallant says, "Okay now!"

You nod your head emphatically.

Aloli waves her palm in your direction, and you can only watch as your surroundings dissolve and fade from existence.

There are no obvious exits.

You heave a sigh of relief as you are returned to reality.

Aloli ponders the situation.

You ponder the situation.

The timestream within the room returns to normal.

You invoke an ancient command and wave your palm in the direction of Aloli, who simply fades from existence with a startled look on her face.
Aloli - Left area

You touch the shield tattoo and suddenly a nearly invisible magical shield forms around you.
--- You are Shielded/ Shielding ---
You have gained the shielded defence.

Aloli appears before you out of thin air, wearing a relieved expression.

Abbess Aloli Gallant says to you, "I think we should stand next to each so we're not remotely close to the blast!"

The timestream within the room returns to normal.

You say, "Right."

Aloli nods her head emphatically.

You sense Aloli attempting to lock minds with your own.

"Heh heh heh," you chuckle.

Your aggressive action causes the nearly invisible magical shield around you to fade away.


Aloli has gained a telepathic lock on your mind.

The corners of Aloli's mouth turn up as she grins mischievously.


Abbess Aloli Gallant says, "Okay, here goes."

You have emoted: "Right!" Ander announces, shuffling energetically to stand close to Aloli, his attention focused to the south.

Ander thinks:
Careful, Ander.

Aloli stands directly shoulder to shoulder with you and quickly casts her hands to the south. Green motes accompany her energy as it shoots off a large blast aimed at the bowl and the entire chamber.

You have emoted: Ander follows Aloli's lead, ejecting his own energy shortly behind Aloli's blast, his leg shifting backwards to balance himself properly.

It only takes a quick second for Aloli's kai to dissipate, combined with yours, a large explosion creates a large enough blast to blow you and her back and off your feet.

Alexein - In area

Alexein sprints in from the north.

You have emoted: Ander lands on his back with a heavy exhalation of breath, though he quickly scrambles up to his knees, pulling himself to Aloli, his hands grabbing her shoulders, "Abbess? Are you alright?" he pants, though his mane is discolored with layered dust.

Alexein blinks.

"What did you do??" Alexein immediately blames you but runs in and skids to a halt next to you and Aloli, putting a hand on both to stop herself from crashing.

Aloli shakes her head, a bit disoriented and a little hard of hearing. She is staring at your mouth trying to make out the words as best she can and being grabbed by the shoulder only has her attention dully drawn away from the explosion to the south. She nods, though. "Mhm." Dust and chunks of stone all around here make it difficult to breathe for a moment and she coughs but Alexein's almost-crash jars her some more. She labors to pull herself up to sit with all the hands on her and slowly utters, "I'M FINE," but it comes out too loud.

A crow lands nearby, hopping once before shrieking a caw at the poorly decibled utterance from Aloli.

You have emoted: Ander shakes his head as if to shake away the noise, though it is unclear if this is prompted from Aloli's voice or the earlier explosion. Still disoriented, he drops onto his behind, looking up at Alexein, a crooked smile touching his features before returning his attention to Aloli.

Aloli dusts herself off a little as she looks at the crow then pulls herself up to sit, "DID YOU GET HURT ...too?" She can't decide how loud the crow shrieked at her so she assessed it curiously and briefly then points at the now blocked exit to the south, "Looks like we did it." Her hearing seems to be coming back slowly.

A crow flaps its wings in agitation and makes a waddle-strut beeline to hide from Aloli behind you. Once safely tucked away from noises, it bobs its head and eyeballs the newly blocked exit - sometimes peeking to eyeball Aloli again, as warily as a crow can be.

You have emoted: Ander plants his hand behind him, throwing a look over his shoulder, "Mmm." he seems to agree, though now he begins chuckling, his head tilting to the side and shaking as if to shake something clear of his ears.

"There, there," Alexein reassures the crow and you too, "She's a gentle Abbess when she isn't blowing up the monastery."

A crow bobs its head again in acceptance, wings spreading as if to showcase how magnificent it is. Then it struts towards the ruined southern exit and begins to peck at the new foundation like it's going to remove the blockade on its own.

A crow peck peck, peck peck pecks. It buffets the air with its wings. It pecks some more. Very little happens...

Aloli giggles light-heartedly at the crow and reaches in her pouch to find something meaty to offer, "Perhaps a boar's heart might taste better than the rubble?" She pulls it out of her bag and sets it on the ground near her and only then she realizes the explosion tore at her dress and her legs have been cut here and there.

Aloli drops a slice of boar's heart.

Aloli warns her students, "No more kai explosions."

The pecking ceases when a crow smells something tastier. Turning its back on the rubble, the bird waddle-struts back in the direction of Aloli, hopping with fervor as it nears the treat. It begins to peck that instead with satisfaction.

"Aww!" Alexein says.

Aloli smiles warmly at the occupied crow then looks over the rubble. "That takes care of that. We'll hold all our ceremonies in the chapter house, from now on." She starts covering a particularly disturbing looking cut on her thigh but makes no motion of getting up to take care of it.

You have emoted: Ander seems to settle down, slowly pulling himself up to standing. He looks to Aloli with a slight smile, "It was less predictable with both of us." he offers the observation, though he takes a step closer to Alexein. His tail swaying agitatedly behind him, "Do you need help getting to the infirmary, Abbess?"

A crow finishes off the slice of boar's heart, its clawed feet leaving the ground in short bursts as it approaches Aloli and perches on her knee. Its head bobs and it turns its head to eyeball the Abbess, before spreading its wings and cawing.

Alexein pulls herself up and goes to Aloli's other side to help you with lifting her. She is very careful not to disturb the adorable crow.

Aloli doesn't seem to mind the offer for assistance and would easily accept it but as soon as the crow perched upon her knee she lost interest in going anywhere. She too turns a curious gaze at the crow, as if there might be something she can hear or learn from the wise little bird. She lifts her other hand to gingerly bring her bent index finger closer, aiming to pet a greeting.

A crow eyeballs Alexein and you as they approach, but seems pleased with the offer of Aloli's finger. Its head butts against the digit, before it seems fully satisfied and lifts itself into the air - allowing the others to move her. It caws, and ascends skyward, disappearing into the clouds.

Aloli's mouth turns up as her face breaks into a smile.

Aloli looks up and nods now to Alexein and you.

(Sentaari): Ayanala says, "Hello my friends."

(Sentaari): Aloli says, "Greetings Sister."

(Sentaari): Ayanala says, "Look! It's the A-Team."

(Sentaari): Alexein says, "Yeees! We all got the best grades on our gradings, didn't we?"

(Sentaari): Ayanala says, "Which time?"

(Sentaari): Alexein says, "All of them."

(Sentaari): Alexein says, "We have to move mother to the infirmary, do you know how to check her and Votary Ander?"

You have emoted: Ander leans towards Aloli, offering her a hand, a slight smile pulling at his lips.

(Sentaari): Alexein says, "I mean Abbess!"

(Sentaari): Ayanala says, "Wait what?"

(Sentaari): Ayanala says, "Please don't tell me she's reverted to her younger self..."

Alexein crouches down and wraps a hand around Aloli's waist to help pull Aloli up and she nods at you that she's ready to support the weight.

(Sentaari): Alexein says, "She was young?"

You have emoted: Ander grasps Aloli's forearm and upper arm, pulling her up along with Alexein before guiding Aloli's arm around his shoulders when he is back upright.

(Sentaari): You say, "When did that happen?"

(Sentaari): Ayanala says, "I see you both have your brave pants on today."

(Sentaari): Alexein says, "She just can't hear us well. I pick my battles."

Ayanala arrives from the north.

Aloli takes your arm and Alexein's support. With the help, she is up on her feet and nodding at both. "Honestly, I'm fine." She isn't. There's a piece of stone sticking in her thigh.

You begin to follow Alexein.

Ayanala blinks.

Sister Ayanala Elistar-Vitroth, Blood Monk says, "The pit..."

Alexein accusingly points her free hand at you.

Sister Ayanala Elistar-Vitroth, Blood Monk says, "What's happened here?"

You have emoted: Ander curls his arm around Aloli's lower back, his arm crossing over Alexein's arm, "Well.." he begins slowly, leveling his attention to Ayanala, "Let's in the infirmary, Speaker."

Abbess Aloli Gallant says, "Let's get to the infirmary? Nothing happened besides poor calculations."

[Edit: More below!]

Aloli begins to follow you.

You follow Alexein to the east.
A quiet infirmary.
Sharp eyes alert, a grook hunter paces about impatiently. A watchful grook hunter stands attentively nearby, his eyes scanning about. A frightened Grook scholar is here. There are 2 scrawny Utari slaves here. Resting on the ground is a cube-shaped silver sigil. A sigil in the shape of a small, rectangular monolith is on the ground.
You see a single exit leading west.

Alexein dramatically tells everyone already here, "Make way for the Abbess!"

You have emoted: Ander guides Aloli towards the nearest bed, glancing over at Alexein, "Just.. let's set her here." he pants with a strained voice.

Ayanala watches as you and Alexein guide Aloli to the bed. She hurries over and turns the bed down, preparing it for the Abbess.

Aloli stares at her daughter with exasperation and chides, "Don't be so dramatic!" She is already able to limp her way the indicated bed so she slowly turns to settle in it but waits for Ayanala, "Really, you guys, this is just a flesh wound." She settles down on the edge of the bed and instructs Ayanala, "Please look at Ander first."

Sister Ayanala Elistar-Vitroth, Blood Monk says, "Has he also got a flesh wound?"
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