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Hi, this is my first forum post. I started this game 15 days ago, and since then I've been ultimately satisfied with the RP, the casual state of combat, overall player attitudes from all sides of the game and the administration's approach. (I lurked back for the some of the events in last october for example, I think they are just awesome.) So in conclusion Aetolia's ticking all the boxes for me and I want to settle here, with you lot.

I'm seriously considering to retire my character in Lusternia in about fifteen days, if you ever wanted to give Lusternia a go with its reformation, (Which isn't really free2play, but yes you can earn more in game boundcredits in it with less effort than Aetolia in comparison.) I can give you about 200 unbound credits with a two Lusternian for one Aetolian exchange rate, I simply took the ratio from the latest credit exchange post I found on the Lusternia website. So yes, limited time offer if you wanted to get some credits there to help you get started, if no one wants them they are likely to retire with my character whenever that happens.

See you in the game.

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