Longfang Siblings

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Ditid has two siblings. One a brother. one a sister. Both trolls. Both Scrofan(wereboars). Both wish to do (overall) good for the Scrofan tribe as they were raised in Scrofan ways. What does this mean? Lots of physical headbutting. And lots of farting. Although they'd only really headbutt and fart near other members of the Scrofan, people who are worthy of being members of the Scrofan tribe, or people they'd think have a funny reaction(this is a very rare thing, as Scrofan headbutts and farts are a very serious and sacred thing... most of the time, although in all cases, serious or not, it'd probably make them happy regardless) And lots of, overall, brutish, loud, fun-loving antics. All three have the intelligence of your average Aetolian troll, much to the chagrin of other races of the Scrofan tribe(although the others are still likely as loud and brutish and boarish as these three). Neither of these concepts are dependent on one another, so you can roll in the brother much earlier than the sister, the sister as the same time as the brother, whatever. Any questions?


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    Overall good means taking on quests for the tribe, not necessarily not killing each other individually if opposite ideals.
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