Imps doing push-ups

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Ander was kind enough to share this with me since I had Aloli busy fishing and did not attend the gathering. I laughed so hard.

Shout out to @Kalinaar, @Ipz (even though you're not on here), @Ander (and you too!), and @Ayanala - thank you guys for making being in this game so much fun!

(Sentaari): Kalinaar says, "Greetings Sentaari."

(Sentaari): You say, "Hello Teacher."

(Sentaari): Aloli says, "Greetings Prior."

(Sentaari): Ipz says, "It's a Kalinaar!"

(Sentaari): Aloli says, "A Prior Kalinaar! Or Brother."

(Sentaari): Ipz says, "My apologies."

(Sentaari): Aloli says, "No, I need twenty finger push-ups."

(Sentaari): Ipz says, "It's a Brother!"

(Sentaari): You say, "Good luck, Student Ipz."

(Sentaari): Ipz says, "Ok, I'll count! WHo's doing them?"

(Sentaari): Ipz says, "Yeah, my counting can be rusty."

(Sentaari): Aloli says, "You are, Student Ander can grade your quality."

(Sentaari): Ipz says, "I'm pretty close to the ground.. This shouldn't be too hard."

(Sentaari): Kalinaar says, "Better you than me."

(Sentaari): Ipz says, "Oh, before we get to that..."

(Sentaari): Ipz says, "I have some coins..."

(Sentaari): Ipz says, "I have no idea where I can spend them."

(Sentaari): Kalinaar says, "For every pushup I have to eat one dwarf to regain the energy."

(Sentaari): Aloli says, "What kind of coins?"

(Sentaari): Ipz says, "They don't seem like normal currency."

(Sentaari): Ipz says, "Woot! Brother has taken it upon himself to do the pushups!"

(Sentaari): Aloli says, "No no. He will eat one dwarf for ever successful finger push up you do."

(Sentaari): Aloli says, "Student Ander, this is in your charge."

(Sentaari): Ipz says, "Oh... So these coins."

(Sentaari): You say, "What?"

(Sentaari): Ipz says, "It's nothing Votary."

(Sentaari): Ipz says, "We are talking about the importance of these mysterious coins."

(Sentaari): You say, "If Teacher has to eat a dwarf for every one Ipz does, wouldn't he be better counting?"

(Sentaari): Ipz says, "Brother isn't good at math."

(Sentaari): Ipz says, "We need all eyes on me."

(Sentaari): You say, "Goodness."

(Sentaari): Ipz says, "And these mysterious coins!"

(Sentaari): Aloli says, "Okay, tell me more about these coins."

(Sentaari): Ipz says, "Brother is out of his mind currently."

(Sentaari): Kalinaar says, "What?"

(Sentaari): Ipz says, "Shi... I mean..Uh."

(Sentaari): Ipz says, "Hi!"

(Sentaari): Kalinaar says, "Hmph!"

(Sentaari): Kalinaar says, "What do imps taste like?"

(Sentaari): Aloli says, "Chicken."

(Sentaari): Ipz says, "Lets get some from Spines or Loch and find out!"

(Sentaari): You say, "We could get a Sentinel to build a campfire for you, Teacher."

(Sentaari): Kalinaar says, "Mmmm...chicken is delicious. But no.. takes too many if them to stop my hunger. Fat little dwarves are better."

(Sentaari): Ipz says, "I agree."

(Sentaari): Ipz says, "They are slim pickins."

(Sentaari): You say, "Aren't imps basically potatoes with legs?"

(Sentaari): Kalinaar says, "Hmm."

(Sentaari): Ipz says, "Hmph!"

(Sentaari): Aloli says, "Haha."

Ipz - In area

Pressing the open palm of your left hand against the clenched fist of your right, you bow respectfully and humbly to the statue of Father Brachus, honoring his memory and the Sentaari tradition. You recite the words on the plaque: "I am always a student, never a master. Change is part of me." The statue glows and a bell rings in the monastery signaling the heavy gates to open. Resolutely you begin to climb the stairs that lead up to the Arch of Enlightenment and the gates squeak closed behind you.
Beneath the Arch of Enlightenment.
An old monastery map poster hangs on iron chains, swaying to the slightest wind. Resting on the ground is a cube-shaped silver sigil. A sigil in the shape of a small, rectangular monolith is on the ground. Prior Kalinaar Irontusk is here. He wields a sleek fishing spear in his right hand.
You see exits leading north and south.

With acrobatic grace, you quickly hop off of a roan brumby stallion.

Pressing the open palm of your left hand against the clenched fist of your right, you bow respectfully to Kalinaar.

You slap a roan brumby stallion on the rump and send it cantering off towards 'An open paddock'.

Ipz ascends the stairs leading from the gates of the monastery.

Ipz looks to Kalinaar with sudden comprehension. "Aha!" he exclaims.

Comprehension flashes across your face.

You say, "All we need now is a campfire."

Student Ipz Akuhei says, "Shi..."

Pressing the open palm of his left hand against the clenched fist of his right, Kalinaar bows respectfully.

Pressing the open palm of his left hand against the clenched fist of his right, Ipz bows respectfully.

Student Ipz Akuhei says, "Sheet."

Student Ipz Akuhei says, "I'm in need of sheets."

Student Ipz Akuhei says, "But that can be talked about later."

Student Ipz Akuhei says, "These pushups."

Prior Kalinaar Irontusk says to Ipz, "Bed time already?"

You say, "Ah, yes. Hmm. How many was it.. twenty?"

Kalinaar smirks.

Student Ipz Akuhei murmurs something softly to Kalinaar.

Kalinaar utters a deep, rumbling laugh.

Ipz shifts his eyes from side to side suspiciously.

Ipz drops a trapped gold coin.

You say, "No, it must have been thirty."

Ipz's eyes sparkle with amusement.

Prior Kalinaar Irontusk murmurs something softly to Ipz.

You ponder the situation.

Student Ipz Akuhei says, "Votary is clearly out of his mind."

Kalinaar smiles wryly at Ipz.

(Sentaari): You say, "You said forty, right, Abbess?"

Student Ipz Akuhei says, "So is Brother it seems."

Kalinaar utters a deep, rumbling laugh.

Ipz shifts his eyes from side to side suspiciously.

Prior Kalinaar Irontusk says to Ipz, "So low to the ground though. Surely you can handle 20."

You say, "Well, the sooner you start, the fewer you have to do."

Kalinaar nods his head at you.

You say, "I struggle to remember exactly how many the Abbess said."

Ipz sucks thoughtfully on his teeth.

(Sentaari): Ayanala says, "Greetings all."

You say, "I will let you get away with twenty for now, though. Consider it.. a one time offer."

Ipz shakes his fist angrily in the air.

Student Ipz Akuhei says, "By the gods."

(Sentaari): You say, "Hello Speaker!"

(Sentaari): Aloli says, "Greetings Sister."

(Sentaari): Aloli says, "No, I said twenty. Forty would be for his next thing."

(Sentaari): Ipz says, "Eep! What are you trying to do, murder me?"

(Sentaari): Ipz says, "It's a Speaker!"

(Sentaari): Aloli says, "No! Building you up so you're not just a potato and legs."

You have emoted: Ander claps his hands together, throwing a look to Ipz, "Hurry! Hurry!"

(Sentaari): Ipz says, "Finally, someone that is in their right mind."

Prior Kalinaar Irontusk says to Ipz, "After your long rest it will do you some good. Or enemies have grown strong. You will need your strength."

Kalinaar clears his throat.

Prior Kalinaar Irontusk says, "Our.. enemies that is."

Student Ipz Akuhei murmurs something softly to Kalinaar.

Kalinaar utters a deep, rumbling laugh.

(Sentaari): Ipz says, "Speaker, tell them finger pushups are absurd!"

(Sentaari): Ipz says, "For imps."

(Sentaari): Ipz says, "I should get a imp-ception."

Prior Kalinaar Irontusk murmurs something softly to Ipz.

(Sentaari): You say, "Hmm. Too easy? I could get a pack to fill with rocks for you to wear while you do them."

(Sentaari): Aloli says, "Hmmm. I like your teaching style, Student."

(Sentaari): You say, "Maybe that will bring the challenge you desire."

Ipz creases his brow in a frown.

He is an athletic Idreth of Imp heritage and is of deceptively diminutive stature. Though a petite specimen even for his own race, the Imp is wiry and obviously well-trained. Ruddy, reddish skin of a leathery sort stretches taut over the sinewy muscle of Ipzs elvish form, marred by a myriad of scars of an even darker red. Glimmering with some mischievous intent, the Imps beady black eyes give away the nature of The Tricksters chosen, betraying his otherwise composed countenance. A bald head and short, pointed ears define Ipzs angular head, a thick scar bridging his brow and crossing his aquiline nose. Bat-like vestigial wings move on command, as well as a long devilish tail common among his kind. A cloying layer of diamond dust utterly covers them. A cloying layer of diamond dust utterly covers them.

(around the neck) : a four-pointed star of the Priesthood
(worn on a finger) : a Year 400 ring
(worn on a finger) : a bi-colored ring of the Year 470
(upon a finger) : a sword-crested amber and azure ring
(worn on the hands) : a ylem-binding gauntlet of the Parxian Order
(covering the eyes) : a pair of whirring diffusal goggles
(worn on the back) : a gruesome bunny pack
(around the neck) : an octagonal pendant
(worn) : a Selunic weaponbelt
(worn on a finger) : an antiqued silver owl ring
(slung over a shoulder) : a bottomless letter satchel
(worn on a finger) : an arcane black ring
(worn) : a wrap of the Althasai
(covering the body) : a suit of leather armour
(thrust through the septum) : a tapered bone nosering

(Sentaari): Kalinaar says, "Don't let the potat-er.. Student fool you. He's tougher then he makes out to be."

You have emoted: Ander stretches his arms over his head, his tail swaying behind him with the tension from the motion.

(Sentaari): You say, "Hmm. So something heavier than rocks?"

(Sentaari): Aloli says, "You're quite right. I will leave the number of pushups up to you then, Prior."

Kalinaar looks appraisingly at Ipz.

(Sentaari): Aloli says, "Another idea, if not finger push ups they can be hanging pull ups. Have him hang upside down from the cherry tree by his tail, cross his arms on his chest and pull up."

(Sentaari): You say, ".. You saw me doing that?"

(Sentaari): You say, "Not from my tail, mind."

(Sentaari): Aloli says, "I thought it was good exercise!"

(Sentaari): Aloli says, "I see everything, Student."

(Sentaari): Kalinaar says, "Perhaps 20 pushups, 20 squats, and an hour of meditation while holding buckets of water out horizontally."

(Sentaari): Kalinaar says, "A full demonstration of his capabilities."

(Sentaari): Aloli says, "This is good! A fitting punishment."

(Sentaari): Ayanala says, "Hmm? If anyone can handle it, Student Ipz, that would be you."

Leaning forward as he extends his fingers to touch the ground, Ipz straightens out his back so that he is almost parallel to the ground. His arms bend at the elbow as he lowers himself to the ground momentarily before pushing himself back up. "One Drill Brother!" He says with ease. As he lowers himself for the second, he collapses with a slight pant. "This is inasanity!" He exclaims.

Kalinaar stares at Ipz and blinks.

(Sentaari): Kalinaar says, "Oh no..."

You have emoted: Ander lowers himself into a crouch some distance away from Ipz, "Again!" he encourages, clapping his hands together.

(Sentaari): Aloli says, "I need to get a painter to make a frame of an imp Student doing squats."

(Sentaari): Ipz says, "Hey! Punishment has already been declared at five finger pushups."

(Sentaari): Ipz says, "Lets not steadily raise the bar."

(Sentaari): Kalinaar says, "Fine fine. Five it is."

(Sentaari): Ipz says, "I'm an imp, it's hard to reach."

(Sentaari): Aloli says, "Twenty!"

(Sentaari): You say, "You have not even started!"

(Sentaari): Ipz says, "The Abbess is out to kill me."

(Sentaari): Ayanala says, "I thought you had wings..."

(Sentaari): Ipz says, "I do."

(Sentaari): Ipz says, "Tell them Speaker.. This is madness."

(Sentaari): Ayanala says, "Madness is quiting before you even try, Student!"

(Sentaari): Aloli says, "Unfortunately, she too can end up doing them with you."

(Sentaari): Ipz says, "Votary is clearly not paying attention."

(Sentaari): Kalinaar says, "Well, he did one so far."

(Sentaari): Ipz says, "He's already missed the ten I have done."

Ayanala appears in a beam of white light.
Ayanala - In area

You smile at Ayanala.

Student Ipz Akuhei says, "Speaker!"

Student Ipz Akuhei says, "Save me!"

Pressing the open palm of her left hand against the clenched fist of her right, Ayanala bows respectfully.

Pressing the open palm of your left hand against the clenched fist of your right, you bow respectfully to Ayanala.

(Sentaari): Kalinaar says, "Ten? We are measuring in reps not inches Student Ipz."

Student Ipz Akuhei says, "I'd bow.. But I'm currently in a compromising position."

(Sentaari): Aloli says, "If you cannot count then you will have to move a pebble each time you do one and I have a stack of fifty pebbles. What do you choose?"

Ayanala tilts her head curiously.

Sister Ayanala Elistar-Vitroth, Blood Monk says, "Indeed."

Student Ipz Akuhei says, "Tell them this is too much."

(Sentaari): Ipz says, "Abbess, why do you hate me so?"

Sister Ayanala Elistar-Vitroth, Blood Monk says to Ipz, "What in the world did you do?"

(Sentaari): Aloli says, "It's quite the opposite. I am tough with you -because- I care and want you to be strong...and compete with the dwarves."

Student Ipz Akuhei says, "I failed to address another within our ranks properly."

(Sentaari): Aloli says, "In size and flavor, that is."

(Sentaari): Kalinaar says, "Mmmm."

(Sentaari): Ipz says, "There's no competition with the dwarves.. They're clearly not as beautiful as I."

Comprehension flashes across Ayanala's face.

Ayanala's eyes twinkle enchantingly at Ipz.

(Sentaari): You say, "Well.. the first bite of a meal is often with the eye."

(Sentaari): Kalinaar says, "No quite ugly in fact... but plump, marbled and delicious."

Pushing up from the ground, Ipz struggles as he says "Two Drill Brother!"

Kalinaar throws up his hands and cheers wildly for Ipz!

(Sentaari): Ipz says, "They just want to stare at my backside! They're clearly in cahoots with the Abbess!"

(Sentaari): Kalinaar says, "That little rump? Nonsense."

(Sentaari): You say, "Yes. Just imagine the cuts a skilled butcher could make."

(Sentaari): You say, ".. You still have your knives right, Speaker?"

(Sentaari): Ipz says, "It is pretty cute!"

Bending his elbows as he lowers himself back down, Ipz pushes back up as he shifts his eyes to the others around him. "Fifteen Drill Brother!"

Prior Kalinaar Irontusk says to you, "Make sure he finishes. I must take my leave for now."

Kalinaar smirks at Ipz.

Prior Kalinaar Irontusk says to Ipz, "No quitting!"

Kalinaar's soul retreats after some quick murmurs of self-reflection.

Student Ipz Akuhei says to Kalinaar, "Don't do that! He can't count!"

You have emoted: "Three." Ander corrects Ipz, giving a slight nod to Kalinaar, his arms folding around the back of his head.

Your mentor, Prior Kalinaar Irontusk, has left the realm.
Kalinaar is enveloped in translucent fire for a moment and is gone, his soul safe until he returns to Aetolia.

Mumbling to himself about the unfairness of how imps are treated, Ipz lowers himself down to the ground before pushing back up. "Four Drill Votary!" He struggles to say as sweat begins to form on his brow.

You have emoted: "Come on!" Ander encourages in a low tone, "If you keep up this rate, the Chaos Court will be defeated before you finish!" he states, clapping his hands together.

Muttering to himself about using testicals as punching bags, Ipz lowers himself down as he pushes up with a slight weeze. "Five Drill Votary!"

Ayanala rubs the back of the babe curled snug against her chest within the cloth wrapped securely around her torso under her kimono. "Now now, Ipz, surely this isn't too much for you."

Sister Ayanala Elistar-Vitroth, Blood Monk says to Ipz, "As Voice, I'll need all the strong, able bodied men and women to help defeat the Chaos Court minions. I do hope I can count on you at that time.""

Ayanala smiles at Ipz.

You have emoted: Ander looks up to Ayanala with a slight smile before returning his regard to Ipz, "You are going to be ready to fight them, aren't you?" asks simply, "This is not going to stop you, is it?"

Responding to the two, Ipz says "My work speaks for itself. I bring the pain!" With that, he lowers himself down and pushes back up. He does this with his new found vigor another ten times, each said with the correct numbered count as he does so.

Collapsing to the ground with a slight groan, Ipz says "We should break for lunch! My little imp body can't do this on an empty stomach!"

Sister Ayanala Elistar-Vitroth, Blood Monk says, "Ah. Moment."

Ayanala leaves to the north.

You have emoted: Ander drops into a low crouch, prodding Ipz in the side, "Goodness. If you need this much looking after when the battle comes, you might slow us down, Student."

Ayanala ascends the stairs leading from the gates of the monastery.

Ayanala beams broadly.

Ayanala drops a sweet and spicy platter of candied anchovies.

You have emoted: Ander drops himself into sitting, spreading his hands behind him as he looks up at Ayanala with a slight grin.

"Hey!", Ipz states with glee. "There's a lesser! We need to give aid!"

His tail swaying behind him, you say, "If you finish in time. We do not want to miss a battle for your sluggishness."

Ipz sucks thoughtfully on his teeth.

Sister Ayanala Elistar-Vitroth, Blood Monk says, "How many does he have left?"

You say, "Five. Less than a quarter."

Looking at the anchovies with obvious disgust, Ipz quickly does the last five, counting out loud as he goes.

You have emoted: Ander notes Ipz's' look at the anchovies, throwing his head back and laughing. He pushes himself into standing, "Good. All done!" he states, clapping his hands together.

Rolling onto his back, Ipz says "You all clearly hate me.." With that, he quickly kipups onto his feet, his stance changing as he does so.

Ipz's aura of weapons rebounding disappears.
Lowering his torso closer to the ground, Ipz adopts a stalking pose.

Chuckling quietly, you ask, "You will not make that mistake again in a hurry, right?"

Student Ipz Akuhei says to you, "You're clearly enjoying this way too much, Votary."

You say, "Oh, of course. I hope to be a Teacher in my own right in the near future."

Ipz beckons to those around him.

Ayanala gives a mysterious green custard to Ipz.

Sister Ayanala Elistar-Vitroth, Blood Monk says, "Well done!"

You smile with a wink and say, "Consider it an opportunity for me to work on my own abilities."

"Mmmm..." Ipz softly utters.

You begin to follow Ipz.

You allow the form of the Dragon to fill your mind and govern your actions.

Student Ipz Akuhei says, "Speaker?"

[Depart for lesser!]
Between what is said and not meant, and what is meant and not said, most of love is lost. - Khalil Gibran


  • This was great and I wish I didn't have to go midway through. Ipz is funny and I missed that little potato while he was gone. 
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