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<pre>2/13/2019 at 18:27
Tiur, the Gnosis
Valentine's Day

Hooray for love!

All day February 14th, webs of EXACTLY two people hunting together will get double experience. Go out, be cute together! Get covered in blood as one. See your enemies driven before you, hear the lamentations of their women... TOGETHER.


PS. Web math is weird for XP, so don't try to outmath me with how it doesn't look like double. The code is literally xp*2, it just gets split up based on your respective levels. Enjoy!

Penned by my hand on Quensday, the 13th of Slyphian, in the year 478 MA.</pre>


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    Meat Boquets and Elopatron the magnificent. Because I know at least one person curious about it.

    For real though, couples bashing all day! Gon be fun tryin to find things to kill!
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    Rhyot said:

    This is so unfair!! I have no one to hunt with on my level!!!

    Rhyot keeps sucking the light out of the room and I keep bringing it. This would -never- work so I'll hunt near you if you stay on the other side of the island!
    Between what is said and not meant, and what is meant and not said, most of love is lost. - K.G.
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