Kaelnor and Bestest Bud

Seeking person to play Kaelnor's best bud from his childhood years.

Background: They came from a clan of people somewhere in the frozen parts of Aetolia, there was a real 'survival of the fittest' mentality that the people had going on. Kaelnor went along, while the friend disagreed and they spoke and argued about it many times as they grew up. Kaelnor went to Bloodloch when he reached maturity. And the bestest bud went SPirit side.


  • Kalinaar is from a now extinct tribe of very primitive Trolls that lived in an isolated portion of the tundra. I've yet to flesh out who made that tribe extinct but I was leaning toward a way to work Bloodloch into it.

    Sounds like there would be some easy ways to tie these two stories together but then again, I'm not known to sit around and RP a whole lot so it would depend on how much active RP you're looking forward to. 
  • They weren't war-like, they were just like. Hunters, mostly.
  • ALTHOUGH. This reminds me, other connections are welcome.
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