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I've been messing around more with nexus when I can't be on my pc (waiting for the mechanic to finish on my truck for example) and I was wondering if anyone has any tips on building an effective defup reflex package for it. I don't want to reinvent the wheel if I don't have to, and it's always nice to save a bit of time in the process.


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    I don't use Nexus, but I suppose my defup method is usable across the board.

    I have a defup alias, which runs: stand`deathsight`touch allsight`insomnia`sip levitation`thirdeye`nightsight`eat stimulant;qeb recall @mount`order @mount follow me`mutate

    ...basically all my non-BAL/EQ requiring defs.

    (` being my CONFIG SEPARATOR character)

    Once I get the 'Your active class has been switched to *' message, I run an if check for my current classes. In this case, when it sees my class is Shapeshifter, it sends: qeb unwield left`qeb unwield right;dodge melee

    Then I run down a few of my shapeshifter defs (triggering each def to QEB (next def) upon def gain line), and one I gain Heatsight, REVERT and go back to my primary class, where it runs that Your active class trigger again. Currently, it's Teradrim, so...: dodge melee;qeb wear splintmail

    Then once again, upon each successful message (in this case, wearing splintmail), I QEB (next balance/equil requiring def) and chain it along.

    Yes, this requires a fair bit of triggers, I'm fairly certain it's inefficient, but it works.

    Oh, and if I want to remain in Shapeshifter, I chain the rest of the shapeshifter defs on the 'you already have Heatsight' line.
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    Defup is super easy to build in Nexus. You just want to make an alias for defup and add all of your defs underneath. If there is bal\eq time, make sure to put a wait ~seconds and make it less than the def, then follow with 'qeb .

    Tek is onto a good start, but with my system I literally only have a trigger to change class and a trigger to defup in order to get the maximum deffing process. It's possible, but it takes a bit of time to put in.

    I have a Discord channel that shows basics if you want. HMU with a message in game with your Disc and I'll add you in. I know that others have a GMCP made, but I'm not really good with that. If you enjoy building with boxes, I can help there.
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    You only use nexus @Ayuna
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    Yep. Since I'm always on the go, it would be rare to be able to use Mudlet, so why not get good at coding Nexus. I just need the time to sit down and plug everything in for combat.
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