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I've been messing around more with nexus when I can't be on my pc (waiting for the mechanic to finish on my truck for example) and I was wondering if anyone has any tips on building an effective defup reflex package for it. I don't want to reinvent the wheel if I don't have to, and it's always nice to save a bit of time in the process.


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    I don't use Nexus, but I suppose my defup method is usable across the board.

    I have a defup alias, which runs: stand`deathsight`touch allsight`insomnia`sip levitation`thirdeye`nightsight`eat stimulant;qeb recall @mount`order @mount follow me`mutate

    ...basically all my non-BAL/EQ requiring defs.

    (` being my CONFIG SEPARATOR character)

    Once I get the 'Your active class has been switched to *' message, I run an if check for my current classes. In this case, when it sees my class is Shapeshifter, it sends: qeb unwield left`qeb unwield right;dodge melee

    Then I run down a few of my shapeshifter defs (triggering each def to QEB (next def) upon def gain line), and one I gain Heatsight, REVERT and go back to my primary class, where it runs that Your active class trigger again. Currently, it's Teradrim, so...: dodge melee;qeb wear splintmail

    Then once again, upon each successful message (in this case, wearing splintmail), I QEB (next balance/equil requiring def) and chain it along.

    Yes, this requires a fair bit of triggers, I'm fairly certain it's inefficient, but it works.

    Oh, and if I want to remain in Shapeshifter, I chain the rest of the shapeshifter defs on the 'you already have Heatsight' line.
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